Does your state have K-12 Computer Science Standard? Most likely no.

California, known as a technology Mecca, attracting and spawning everything high-tech, announced only recently a k-12 Computer Science standard. Most of states still do not have one yet. Shocking, right(?!) especially considering how important computers are for everyone and the huge job market associated with computers. Moreover, while that is a good start, we, at Create & Learn  believe that it goes way beyond coding. Check out this article to learn more about what California kids will be learning. And then learn more about the importance of learning ICS (inter-discipline computer science) on our TechNews4Kids website.

California adopts first computer science standards for K-12 students


Technology is moving at lightning speed, and, no surprise, our schools are finding it hard to keep up. California finally adopted computer science standards, for K-12 students, though the standards are optional. Computer science education is different than simply using computers in schools. As state board member, Trish Williams said, “…today’s student needs to understand how the digital world works, in the same way they need to know how the natural world works, so they study science, or how the cultural and political world works, so they study history.” Read more here. Also check out’s 2018 State of CS report to learn more about your own state’s efforts.

The Future of Human Work Is Imagination, Creativity, and Strategy

(Harvard Business Review)

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review

Robots are not taking over all jobs. Technology is not meant to decrease the workforce, but to boost productivity. In fact, reports are showing that the range of new job opportunities is growing. Humans are strategic whereas machines are tactical. Technology can do certain things really well, but it can’t do everything. For instance, computers are not so good at goal-setting or common sense, but are great at optimizing. Learn more about what skills will make humans more competitive. Read it here.

Six things parents can do to raise kids to be confident decision-makers

(The Washington Post)

The Washington Post

The Washington Post

Have you ever wondered why your child has such a hard time making a decision? Or do they follow the crowd, not really knowing themselves and never making their own decision? Here is your opportunity to tap into the wisdom of Katie Hurley, a child and adolescent psychotherapist in California. She says there are six solid ways to guide your kids. It is a heart-warming journey that will help not only your children, but yourselves as well. Read the full article here.

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