Create & Learn Monthly — The AP Exam — Another Great Reason to Learn Computer Science Early

Your kids’ Computer Science learning can be translated directly to college admission more so than ever as more and more students take the Computer Science AP exam. Huge progress has been made in recent years which offer strong evidence of its popularity. However, big gaps still remain for female and minority students. We took a look at the 2018 AP Exam Computer Science results and have summarized the key insights for you. Speaking of college admission, there are more competitions in computer science also, because of how desirable it is. And can kindness really be a skill we can all learn? Find out in our May 2019 Monthly Newsletter! Join our classes to learn more about the state-of-the-art technologies — coding, artificial intelligence, and more.

Despite Progress, Significant Gaps Remain for Females & Minorities in Computer Science AP Exams

(Create & Learn)

The AP (Advanced Placement) exam has been gaining traction in regards to the number of tests being taken each year. We looked at the Computer Science test numbers to see what interesting information it offers. There is a ton! Take a look at what we found in our latest article here.

What it really looks like to be a computer science hopeful

(The Daily)

Computer Science (CS) is one of the most practical and economic major to go into in college, with basically a guarantee to get a job right away. But with great job security after graduation comes great competition. Naturally, it is highly competitive to get into. So what does this mean for our children looking to merge into the field, and how can you help? Find out here.

Kindness Is a Skill

(The New York Times)

Nick Shepherd/Ikon Images, via Getty Images

What does it take to be kind? And can it be learned? Specific scenarios bring out different sides of who we are and how we handle them. Each situation is explored with a unique perspective, and how we can be the most kind we can. Find out what we can do in regards to kindness and how to build that skill set here.

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