It’s officially October, and we are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month here at Create & Learn! Several of our teachers reflected on what this month means to them. Our CEO was featured in a recent article, parents left us some awesome reviews, and so much more happened this past month! See what they are talking about by joining one of our free Introduction classes and read on to learn more about what we’ve been up to here at Create & Learn.

Teacher Feature: #HispanicHeritageMonth

We have several teachers here at Create & Learn that took the time to reflect upon Hispanic Heritage Month and their own stories, specifically with the tech industry. Rosanna told us about her experience being a mother with a desire to learn to code, and how she continued to come back to it despite experiencing imposter syndrome. Noe, aka Señor Renaissance, was awarded Teacher of the Year for proving that online learning is a viable and sustainable option for teaching. Fausto is a former finance analyst who was convinced he would never follow in his father’s footsteps as school principal. But the value of education imparted to him by his Dominican parents led him to teaching.

TechNews4Kids Highlight

In one of the most recent articles shared on our TechNews4Kids page, we learn how computers are helping to judge tennis, baseball, gymnastics and more. Find out more here!

Parent Reviews

Thank you for the parents who have shared their feedback! It helps us keep improving our program. Find out what they're talking about by signing up for one of our introduction classes. :)

Top Shared Facebook Post

Data Science for Everyone Starts in Kindergarten: Strategies and Initiatives from the American Statistical Association

"The American Statistical Association’s (ASA) answer to ensuring that students are prepared for the world they will enter is to begin data science education in kindergarten." Read more here.

New Class Alert: Discovering AI

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere around us and shaping a lot of the decisions we make every day. It is both fun to learn about and important to understand how it is present in our everyday lives! Take the plunge into the fascinating world of AI with this course, which will help you explore various topics in the field of AI. Best of all, you will get to discover AI with hands-on activities and by training your very own AI models! Sign up here.

We’re in the News!

Jessie Jiang, CEO at Create and Learn.

Our CEO and former Google product director Jessie Jiang was recently featured in Silicon Republic, discussing why she set up Create and Learn to teach children about coding and computer science. Check out the interview here!

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