2020 is off to a great start for us here at Create & Learn! We were selected as one of the Elite 200 companies who will present at the upcoming prestigious ASU GSV conference! We are also excited to announce our Role Model of the Month, Rik, who is an MIT student that's all about having focus, support, and direction. Read on and see the exciting things we have happening here at Create & Learn! Check out our classes to help your kids start their way to success in a technology world!

What's New

We are humbled to join a group of admirable edTech companies to be part of the ASU GSV Elite 200!

We were announced as one of the ASU GSV Elite 200 companies and will be presenting at the 2020 ASU GSV Summit. The ASU GSV Summit gathers leaders in government, education, and work advancing social and economic mobility by bending the arc of human potential through innovation. Big thanks to all the supports from our teachers, parents, and community, and to all of our students whose passion for learning has been the most rewarding part of of all. Check out our program here. And see you at ASU GSV Summit in March!

Wish us luck!

Parent Reviews

We're excited to share some positive feedback from parents!

Role Model of the Month, Rik (Freshman at MIT)

Meet Rik, our role model of the month and a current freshman at MIT! There, he plans to major in electrical engineering and computer science. He also gets to work in MIT’s Design Lab working on next-level technology and innovations! Find out more about what drives him, his inventions, and his daily life here.

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