We looked at the 2019 AP Exam results and saw an increase in CSP test takers, but significant gaps in female vs. male test takers remain.

The results are in for 2019! We found some interesting statistics and compiled them here.

Last year, we explored the 2018 AP Exams and how we did in the US overall according to Collegeboard.org. More specifically, we looked at the Computer Science A (CSA) and Computer Science Principles (CSP) sections and the numbers we found were encouraging, but we definitely still have more room to grow.

When we looked at the data of test takers from last year compared to this year, we noticed a huge increase in the amount of students that took the CSP exam.

Though the numbers for female students taking the CS exams are increasing, there still remains a significant gap in comparison to the number male students. Female students still account for just 25% of total test takers.

When it comes to racial groups, the numbers haven’t changed much compared to 2018, though it is notable that the hispanic CSP and CSA pass rate has gone down from 54% (CSP) and 46% (CSA) in 2018.

From what we've found, there was 33% increase in CSP test taking, and that number is growing every year. It's important to have your child start preparing early so they don't fall behind. At Create & Learn, students learn state of the art computer technologies, such as AI, coding, and robotics, with experienced teachers that are sure to help your child be prepared -- check out our wide range of classes here!