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Best Python camps for kids and teens

Best Python camps for kids and teens

Join Python coding camps to learn a top real-world programming language used by companies such as Netflix and Google.

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Python is a high-level coding language used for web development, game development, building apps, machine learning, and so much more. If your child is interested in exploring more advanced code writing, our Python camps are an excellent fit. Check out our Python summer camps, and camps for winter, spring, and fall! Camps are offered with all sorts of schedules including 4 days a week, 2 days a week, or once a week.
Python for AI

Python for AI

Grades 5-12

Dive into a Real-World Top Programming Language

Learn More
Data Science with Python, Pandas, and ChatGPT

Data Science with Python, Pandas, and ChatGPT

Grades 5-12

Data Science with Python and Pandas

AI Creators - Computer Vision & ChatGPT

AI Creators - Computer Vision & ChatGPT

Grades 6-12

Start mastering machine learning and create AI apps with Python!

Intro to Computational Biology

Intro to Computational Biology

Grades 6-12

Learn how to use code to decipher your biological code -- understand what makes you YOU

Learn more about kids Python camps for every season: summer camps, winter camps, spring camps, Thanksgiving camps, and New Year camps.

Explore free Python coding camps for kids

Ready to get started with Python programming? In this free Python camp, middle schoolers and high schools can learn how to animate and draw with Python. This camp is held live online, in a small-group setting, and is led by an experienced instructor. During this camp session, students have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers quickly, as they build their own story project to create a cool animation!
Free Intro to Python Coding

Free Intro to Python Coding

  • Grades 5-10
  • In this free Python coding class, students will take their first dive into coding with Python. We will transition from block coding, which they learned in Scratch, to text-based coding. Students will learn how to animate and draw with Python, and will build their own story project to create a cool animation. Like all of our small group classes, this online Python for kids class is led by an experienced teacher. Join us, learn, and have fun!

  • 55 minutes
    Single Session
  • Average 5 Students Per Class
  • Computer - Mac
    Windows PC

What to expect from our online Python camps

Join Create & Learn Python camps to find out how to program your own Python programs from scratch.

  • Easy scheduling: Choose from structured weeklong camps (4 consecutive days) available in multiple time zones.
  • The #1 curriculum: Have fun learning Python with lessons designed by Google & Stanford experts.
  • Earn a certificate: Celebrate with a personalized Certificate of Achievement to mark each milestone
  • Personalized attention: Enjoy a maximum of 5 students per instructor. which means more progress and more play.
  • 100% happiness guarantee: We offer flexible scheduling and a satisfaction-guarantee refund.

Benefits of learning with online Python camps for kids

Online Python camps provide a structured learning path, and live expert instruction to keep students excited and advancing. In a small group setting, your student can collaborate with others, and be confident in asking for help or any questions that arise. Instant feedback from a Python instructor can keep them moving through their code, rather than getting too frustrated. Here are a few ways learning Python coding can benefit your student:
  • Solve problems and collaborate using Python
  • Increase productivity with Python
  • Build creativity with opportunities to make animations and games
  • It's useful for finance, web development, mathematical computing, and much more
  • It's also used in the most innovate fields including AI and data science
  • Python skills translate into a clear lucrative career path
  • Pick up new skills from the comfort of your home
  • Get access to the best instructors from around the world

How to pick the best Python camp for your student

Sometimes parents ask us where the best place to begin learning Python coding is for their student. Here are a few quick tips to get you started in the right camp:

  1. Prior coding experience: The majority of our students begin with our free intro Python camps or Python camp Unit 1. If you have 10+ hours of previous Python coding experience, you can begin with Unit 2.
  2. Budget: Purchasing a complete program such as the Python Program can help you save.
  3. Schedule: Pick a schedule that matches your child's time preferences. If they're a night owl, pick an evening class.
  4. More questions: If you're not sure where to start, you can always email us at, and we'll get you set up.

What is Python?

Python is a popular, general-purpose programming language that can be used to build websites and software, conduct data analysis, and more. It was designed with a focus on making the code very readable and easy to understand. And it uses an object-oriented approach to help students write clear, logical code for projects of all sizes.

Python resources for kids and teens

Jump into the joys of this fascinating programming language with handy Python resources. Check out fun Python exercises to improve your skills, projects to test your hand at, and even a stap-by-step tutorial.
  • Python games for beginners: Explore a few easy Python games for beginners. Read along as we break things down with a step-by-step tutorial for making a simple Python game, too.
  • Best Python classes for kids and teens: We've pulled together some Python courses based on reviews and popularity, quality of instruction, and helpful lesson material - for young students and teens.
  • Best way to learn Python for kids: Find out how to learn Python at a young age in order to have fun and prepare for a successful career!
  • Best resources to learn Python: Discover down some of the best resources for your student, including the pros and cons of each.
  • Fun Python exercises to try: Targeted practice with Python skills helps students learn faster, and retain what they learn. Here we’ve selected a variety of high-quality coding challenges that are appropriate for different levels of Python skill.
  • Python projects for kids: Good Python projects for kids should be creative, educational, and fun! These projects are approachable and have plenty of room for imagination.
  • Python tutorial for kids: Join along as we walk you through building your first animation in Python - a stick figure!
  • Free Python class for kids: Explore a fun free Python tutorial live online class for kids.
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