Python is a high-level, yet beginner-friendly coding language used every day by companies such as Netflix, Facebook, and Google. It's one of the most popular programming languages for middle schoolers and high schoolers to learn. So today we're going to share the best Python classes for kids and teens.

We've pulled together some Python courses based on reviews and popularity, quality of instruction, and helpful lesson material. For each course we've provided insight into what ages it's best for, the type of class it is, and the price per session. There's even a free Python class to try!

Start the Best Python Classes for Kids and Teens

From a Python class that goes deep on data structures to a course that teaches all about Artificial Intelligence, and a class for Python game development, students are sure to find a class to enjoy. There are options for on-demand classes for those who prefer to go at their own pace, as well as options for those who prefer a live instructor to provide immediate feedback.

1. Intro to Python Coding

This free Python coding class is designed by Google, MIT, and Stanford experts, and is taught by US-based teachers with years of experience in their fields. During this live introduction class, students take their first dive into coding with Python. Students will learn how to animate and draw with Python, and will build their own story project to create a cool animation. This is small group class with a maximum of just 5 students, so you'll be able to ask any questions you have as you learn a new skill.

  • Class type: Live expert instruction online
  • Ages: 10-15
  • Price: Free for 70 minute session
  • Number of students: Max 5
  • Created by: Create & Learn

2. Python for AI

This is the best small group class about Python for beginners. In this live online class, students start to learn core concepts of Python syntax, loop, data types, variables, and a lot more. They will build creative stories, animations, and games. And explore more advanced programing elements of Python such as dictionaries and files, and learn how to employ Python’s powerful modules to build games, stories and real-world data projects. Students will also be introduced to more advanced Python concepts, including data structures such as 2D arrays, as well as using new modules and the API for an AI system.

  • Class type: Live expert instruction online
  • Ages: 10-15
  • Price: $28 per 70-minute session
  • Number of students: Max 5
  • Created by: Create & Learn

Best Online Python Courses for High School Students

These more advanced Python courses are great for high school students looking to build their programming foundation and tackle new challenges.

3. Data Science with Python and Pandas

In this live online, expert-led class, students will start with an introduction to data science and the purpose and features of the Pandas library. Then they will move on to learn about techniques of data cleaning, data processing, and data analytics. In the capstone project, teens will practice and apply all the knowledge and techniques to their own dataset. Students will also explore data visualization using basic graphs and charts in Pandas and the best practices. Finally, students will complete the analytics, visualization, and presentation of their own final capstone projects.

  • Class type: Live expert instruction online
  • Ages: 11-18
  • Price: $28 per 75-minute session
  • Number of students: Max 5
  • Created by: Create & Learn

4. AI Creators

This is a more advanced Python course that really dives into the mysteries of AI. In this small group class, progress through a thoughtful curriculum learning path to start mastering machine learning and create AI apps with Python! Learn how to create simple and practical AI apps using a variety of tools. Achieve a firm foundation in key technical concepts used in coding AI, and creating models representative of a variety of data, including medical imaging datasets (pneumonia, Covid-19, and the like), and so much more.

  • Class type: Live expert instruction online
  • Ages: 12-18
  • Price: $39 per 70-minute session
  • Number of students: Max 5
  • Created by: Create & Learn

5. Python Programming for Beginners Compressed Flex Edition

For those looking to move faster, this is a 6 week course. In this course, instructor Sidney leads students through programming in Python from the ground up using fun and interesting examples. Each module has an in-depth video explaining the concepts and kids work through building programs and examples of the concepts. Students learn about variables, and ways to store and use information in lists, dictionaries, tuples, and other structures, as well as about conditional statements to sort data, and user input and loops.

  • Class type: Recorded videos
  • Ages: 10-15
  • Price: $42 per session
  • Number of students: Max 18
  • Created by: KidSpeakCode

6. Machine Learning in Python with Raspberry Pi & Sensors

In this 10-lesson program taught by Delaware STEAM Academy, students learn how to program in Python to control various electronic modules that connect to Raspberry Pi including LED lights, Buzzers, Servos, Ultrasonic sensors, IR sensors, and more using Machine Learning models. Students even see how to create a song with a buzzer! This class does require physical equipment.

  • Class type: Live instruction online
  • Ages: 11-16
  • Price: $27 per 60-minte session
  • Number of students: Max 12
  • Created by: Delaware STEAM Academy

7. Hello! Python Programming for Kids and Beginners

This on-demand course is a nice option for those who want to learn at their own pace, and don't think they'll have a lot of questions they need an expert to answer quickly. This course is designed to help students and programming enthusiasts who are just beginning to learn programming. Students will follow Sophia and her brother Jacob, as Sophia is introduced to the world of Python programming. Jacob, the elder sibling, is a programming engineer at an IT company, and Sophia is just a curious teenager enthralled by the realm of coding and eager to be an IT engineer herself, just like her brother. At the end of the course, students will be able to do simple calculations, make lists and learn how programming can be put to practical use.

  • Class type: Recorded videos
  • Ages: 11+
  • Price: $19.99
  • Created by: CreateUp Academy

Discover Python Classes for Kids

Why should kids learn Python?

Python is a real-world programming language powerful enough to be used in companies such as Netflix, Google and IBM. As they master this language, kids will learn important logic such as basic Python syntax, conditional branching, built-in functions, loops, and much more. Beyond that, learning Python will help build their problem solving and creativity skills.

What's the best way to learn Python?

This best way to learn Python will vary by student but here are some of the best resources to learn Python. Guided live learning is one of the best ways to learn Python because students progress along a purposeful path, picking up skills that build on top of each other and get immediate feedback from an expert.

Another factor is the student's interests: by tying their Python learning to real-world examples or problems they're trying to solve, teens may find themselves more drawn to the material.

Finally, keeping learning interactive is key. For example, Python games for beginners provide a fun challenge, while practicing new skills helps reinforce learning.

Also using a computer to code in Python is a better way to learn, as opposed to a tablet or phone. The layout and development of Python code are much easier to accomplish with a full keyboard, and most of the commonly used Python tools are more effectively accessed through a computer (also, most apps are not free).

How can I chose the best Python courses for kids online?

To chose the best Python courses for kids online, look for classes created by professionals who have worked in the field, that use real-world applications and provide real-life examples. This ensures that skills built translate out of the classroom and into future careers. It also helps keep the material engaging and fun! A couple additional considerations include: reviews left by parents and students, timing that aligns with your schedule, the ability to get a response from the teacher, and a satisfaction guarantee.

What is Python programming for kids?

Python programming is a high-level, interpreted, object-oriented programming language. Translated into non-CS-speak, Python is a user-friendly language which allows coders to quickly create and run powerful code.

Python is an incredibly versatile language, appearing in virtually every field and industry: data science, software and game development, artificial intelligence, and many others. It’s commonly cited as one of the top languages to learn.

Get started with an easy Python tutorial for kids or explore Python exercises.

What grade is kids Python programming for?

Python is good for beginners in grades 5 or higher (upper middle school or high school). It is an approachable text-based programming language and is widely used in many applications such as AI and Data Science. It is also often the first text-based coding languages for many people, and is a great way to start coding for teens.

Enjoy the Best Python for Kids Classes

Now you know the best Python programming courses for mastering this interesting, real-world language. The easy-to-understand syntax makes it a great next step after you're familiar with Scratch and Minecraft coding. Learn to code Python starting today with our live online classes and Python camps led by an expert, and designed by professionals from Google, Stanford, and MIT!

Up next, discover fun, interactive Python projects and activities that teach kids the basics of the Python programming language.