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Android Development for Teens

Android Game Building with Java Class

Learn Java fundamentals and Android mobile development
  • Grades 6-12
  • 2-3 students group class
  • 70 minutes per session
  • Live online class
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Learn Android development for teens

Our Java class is focused on getting results and building the type of skill set that will enable further exploration in Java. Each class session actively engages students in developing real-world mobile programs on Android platforms using Java. Students will not just be learning about Java, Moblie development concepts, but also applying them to actual solutions. Our small class size means that students will receive the kind of individualized attention and support that is so critical to success in computer science. Begin your Java coding journey!

Please note that this class is best for students who already have solid Java background. If you are new to Java coding, we recommend taking our Intro to Java class first

  • Part 1 - Android Game Building with Java 1
  • Android Game Building with Java 1
    In Java Level 1, students will learn the basics of Java syntax, Input / Output, Variables, Data Types, Loops, Casting, Utility Classes, Random Numbers, Objects, Arrays, Interfaces, Composite objects, and more! We will also build a fun project every session.
  • Part 2 - Android Game Building with Java 2
  • Android Game Building with Java 2
    Java Level 2 builds on the skills learned in Java 1 and introduces the type of Object-Oriented Programming that is critical for success in Android mobile app development. The first half of the course explores and expands on important programming concepts such as ArrayLists and Object-Oriented Programming. In the second half of the course, students will learn to design Android front-ends for the objects and programs they have previously written. With this approach, students will see first hand what it means to develop modular, portable objects, and what software reusability looks like in real life.

Featured Teacher

Brandon Lim

Brandon Lim

When Brandon Lim was in elementary school he began his coding journey by learning Scratch. Since then, he never stopped learning more about code. After hours of teaching himself web and mobile development in high school, four years of majoring in computer science at Johns Hopkins, and multiple coding internships plus my current full time coding job, he is excited to share his deep knowledge and relentless passion for coding with the next generation of technology leaders. He is experienced with teaching coding to students of all ages from elementary school to college. While teaching, he tries to incorporate relatable analogies, emphasize broad concepts rather than recitation, and promote curiosity towards other technologies.
  • $390$323.70

    17% Off(8 Sessions)
    3.75 class pack credits
  • Computer that is less than 5 years old and has at least 8GB of RAM, Optional Mobile Phone
  • Prerequisites - Familiarity with Java. Have taken our Intro to Java class or equivalent

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