Hour of Code activities fuel children's imaginations around the world. Each activity is a one-hour tutorial designed for all ages.

Create & Learn's curriculum is part of the Hour of Code Activities directory. And you can find our awesome resources here. Each activity includes a teacher guide, a student guide, and a Google Slide Deck to guide eager teachers and learners.

Today, we've rounded up a few of our favorites for you to enjoy. So check them out and have a blast!

Discover three great hour of code activities

Here are some excellent options for educators, after school program leaders, and community volunteers to deliver a fun, interactive, ”more than just learn to code” experience this year.

1. Fashionistas of Data Science is an Hour of Code activity

Do your students want to dive into data with style? Check out Fashionistas of Data Science, classes 1 and 2. Created by Create & Learn instructor, Lauren Mauel, students learn how coding and fashion go hand in hand.

2. Data Superpower is a fun Hour of Code activity

Have you noticed all those amazing data visualizations during the election week? Those are the result of data scientists collaborating with artists and coders across many industries. Do your students have a knack for data? And, with classmates who are motivated by creative designs, Data Superpower is for you!

3. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint is a great Hour of Code activity

Or, perhaps your students are climate activists and want to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint. Students in upper grades will get to use Python to make a carbon footprint calculator that calculates footprint based on a short quiz about daily life.

Try Hour of Code activities today

Regardless of which activity you choose, just imagine millions of children all over the world participating in this global movement, inspiring communities to “Learn today, build a brighter tomorrow.”

At Create & Learn, every day is Hour of Code day. Join our free coding classes for kids to get an introduction to Scratch, Python, and more.