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Scratch Coding for Kids

Scratch Ninja Class

Code games and animations with beginner-friendly Scratch coding
  • Grades 2-6
  • 2-5 students group class
  • 55min - 70min per session
  • Live online class
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Fun Scratch coding for kids class

In this fun and creative class, we introduce students to the wonderful world of coding using Scratch, a platform developed by MIT. Students will use colorful drag-and-drop blocks that are intuitive and easy to use to create stories, games, and animations. We cover essential coding concepts such as conditional, loop, variables, and much more, while also exploring the intriguing features Scratch offers, such as motion, sensing, and clones.

At Create & Learn, we believe an essential goal for your child to learn coding is also to develop computational thinking, creativity, and critical thinking. With our project- and inquiry -based learning approach, our online classrooms are very interactive, as teachers lead kids through an enlightening process of creating, logic, and problem solving. Given the class size of up to 5 students (much smaller than most other programs), every child will enjoy a lot of personalized attention from their teacher.  

We highly recommend young learning who are interested in coding start with Scratch. It will help them gain a solid computational thinking foundation and excel in other coding environments such as robotics,  Minecraft coding, Python, and more in the future. Our complete award-winning Scratch course has 5 levels (Parts) and each part include 4 sessions. Part 1and 2 are 55 minutes per session; Part 3 to 5 are 70 minutes per session because the projects are more advanced. Students who are new to Scratch coding should start from Part 1. If your child has learned some Scratch before, he/she may be able to start from Part 2. Please refer to the description below for details. 

Students will learn fundamental coding concepts while building fun projects such as animations, stories, games, and a lot more. Regardless of what your child is excited about, they will surely find a way to express their interests and build their creativity with Scratch!

Join us for coding fun with no bounds!

  • Free Intro to Scratch Coding
  • In this free Scratch class, learn the basics of how to use the Scratch block-coding interface. Experience our fun live online class with an awesome teacher. Enjoy programs created by other students, and work together to build a fun game of your own!

  • Part 1 - Scratch Ninja 1 - Early Adventures
  • Scratch Ninja 1 - Early Adventures

    We start from the very basics of Scratch, so no prior coding experience is needed. Students will learn core coding concepts such as sequences, loops, and conditional. We will also cover a wide range of Scratch specific capabilities to make things move, sense, and groove! Every session, we'll create something amazing – animations that sparkle, games that challenge, and stories that unfold on screen.

    If your child is already familiar with basic loops, conditional, sensing, motion, events, and clone concepts in Scratch, they may skip Part 1 and start from Part 2.

  • Part 2 - Scratch Ninja 2 - Creative Games
  • Scratch Ninja 2 - Creative Games

    In Part 2 of our Scratch course, your student will be challenged to be creative and embark on an exciting journey - creating a cool interactive game with bouncing balls, conquering a wizard tag game, building animations, and even navigating and customizing a jungle adventure, all aligned with their unique interests. Amidst the thrill, your student will learn important coding concepts such as variables and more advanced usage of conditionals, events, cloning, and sensing. With each session unveiling fresh and thrilling projects, your child's coding journey will be as exciting as it is enriching. 

  • Part 3 - Scratch Ninja 3 - Create with AR & AI
  • Scratch Ninja 3 - Create with AR & AI

    Part 3 of this Scratch class for kids ensures students get lots of practice with and master key coding concepts all while making awesome projects. We will also learn some of the coolest capabilities of Scratch such as using a camera to do an AR game, text to speech, and creating AI music. Your child’s confidence will build as they even unleash their creativity to tell stories, solve puzzles, and explore different places.

  • Part 4 - Scratch Ninja 4 - It is Showtime!
  • Scratch Ninja 4 - It is Showtime!

    Part 4 of this Scratch coding course covers the most advanced programming concepts that Scratch has to offer such as list/array, defining your own blocks (functions), and enabling complex game/project features via messaging and cloning. We continue the cadence of the one fun project per session, even though projects become more complex. Class time focuses on learning new advanced coding concepts as well as building out key components of the projects. In order to complete each project, students will typically need to spend about an hour after each session to finish all the features.

    Part 4 and 5 classes are 70mins per session.

  • Part 5 - Scratch Ninja 5 - Advanced Game Building
  • Scratch Ninja 5 - Advanced Game Building

    This is the most advanced Scratch coding level for kids. The focus is on making connections across all of their previous learning, while layering in additional challenges in coding, problem solving, and creativity. We will be building a variety of fun arcade-game inspired projects where students can add their own twists based on their personal interests. Students are expected to complete the project after each class, so we can focus class time on the most challenging part of the game building. We are sure you will be amazed at what your child can do with Scratch coding!

Featured Teacher

Kristy Manuel

Kristy Manuel

Did you know that when you fail - it's a good thing!? I learned many years ago that FAIL stands for First-Attempt-In-Learning. That's one of the reasons I love supporting students to learn coding! Coding is a great way for students to develop confidence and curiosity as they learn to problem-solve and experiment with their code. My classes are an environment to try new things and to grow! Due to the ever-increasing speed at which technology changes, I love exploring along with my students and love when they show me something new! Bringing people and computers together has always been my passion. I’ve spent 15 years with both students and staff in an elementary school in Silicon Valley to enrich and develop the technology program for grades K - 4. I taught fundamental computer skills classes that included coding, robotics, creative art, and much more. I watched shy students blossom as they were able to show off their tech talents to the class. In one of my favorite classes, we brought our skills to life as we built the California Missions using the popular computer game - Minecraft!
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  • Students need a computer to this class. Mac/Windows/Chromebooks are all fine. iPad can not be used because it lacks key features. Part 1 and 2 classes are 55min per session, Part 3-4 classes are 70min per session.

Kids & Parents Love Our Classes

We are super happy with every aspect of Create & Learn. My daughter was able to take 2 intro classes to see if she likes the topics and content (she loved both and the teachers!) She is taking Scratch Ninja and we are looking at more classes. The instructor is a wonderful teacher. More than that, the personal feedback and attention for the students and parents, the immediate response to questions and advice is amazing. Truly recommending Create & Learn.

Natalie F.

My son tried out the free class and he loved it. So, we signed up for the full Scratch Ninja class. I have been really impressed with my son's instructor. She goes above and beyond to ensure that my son and the other students in the class get a good understanding of the materials and concepts covered in each class. I highly recommend Create & Learn!

Richard A.

My son is currently taking Scratch Ninja 2 and he is really enjoying every session. I love how every session makes his creative juices flowing. The instructor is an amazing teacher too. She is very helpful and very patient too which is a total bonus. I highly recommend this to every kid who enjoys computers and games and of course for those who like to think through creativity.

Charmaine A.

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What is Scratch coding? Everything you need to know

Scratch coding is a free block-based coding platform designed by MIT that allows you to create your own games, stories, and animations. On Scratch, you can program many different types of projects, such as a Magic Pen, Wizard Tag Game, or even platform games. Scratch for kids is designed for students ages 8-16, but can be used by everyone.

Scratch is a great tool for kids to learn programming because it’s a visual programming language. That makes it unlike Python and Javascript, which are written languages, meaning children type out all their code. With Scratch you can create online projects by connecting a series of coding blocks, and share your creations with the online community.

Blocks include event blocks, Scratch motion blocks (for movement), looks blocks (for changing shapes and colors), control blocks (for managing logics of your code), and more. So you can create all sorts of fun animations, games, and stories!

Answers to common questions about Scratch coding

1. Is Scratch coding free?

Yes, the Scratch website is completely free. Your child can go there anytime and start coding! Scratch does not offer any curriculum though. So kids will have to figure out how to learn it on their own. There are also books and YouTube videos that teach students Scratch. The easiest way for your kid to get started on Scratch is to join our Free Scratch Intro class live online with an awesome teacher. We have taught thousands of students Scratch coding over the years.

2. Is Scratch real coding?

Scratch is real coding, even though it is easy to learn.

3. Should my kid learn Scratch before Python?

Yes, your child can start learning Scratch before Python, because they can focus on learning computational thinking, which is the core principles of coding, without having to worry about syntax. Scratch is a block-coding language, meaning that children code by dragging and arranging logic “blocks” onto a canvas. While its applications are ultimately more limited than Python, Scratch shares many coding fundamentals such as loops, conditionals, and variables.

4. Is Scratch good for beginners?

Yes, Scratch is fun coding that’s good for beginners. For children with little-to-no experience, Scratch is a great place to start to learn the basics of coding. What's great is that you are unable to make typos with this method, ensuring less errors.

5. When should I join the Scratch Coding Club?

It's best to join our Scratch Coding Club after completing Part 2 of Scratch Ninja. Scratch Coding Club stays at the same level of skill as the end of Scratch Ninja 2. In the club students get to practice applying their skills and better develop their understanding of key principles, before later continuing on with Scratch Ninja 3. The added experience of the club is particularly helpful and highly recommended for younger students such as those in Grades 3 and Grades 4. The club also teaches students cool things such as how to use the camera feature, and even text to speech!

Explore Scratch coding online quick links

Here are a few helpful ways to continue your MIT Scratch learning journey.

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