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Minecraft Coding Class Online

Minecraft Code to Mod Class

Learn to code games, stories, and buildings in Minecraft
  • Grades 4-8
  • 2-3 students group class
  • 55 minutes per session
  • Live online class
Trial Class $15 Only

Join fun online Minecraft programming classes

Turn your child's love of playing Minecraft into real-world coding skills with this fun online Minecraft programming class full of exciting challenges and projects. Students will learn how to make a Minecraft mod, and how to program games, stories, buildings, and anything else they want to make happen, and see it come alive in the Minecraft game.

Coding in this live online class is done through a drag-and-drop interface similar to Scratch. But we teach much deeper computer programming skills commonly used in advanced text-based programing languages. This course is a great next step for kids who have mastered Scratch and would like to continue to learn more advanced coding. All of our online classes are led by instructors who are passionate about teaching kids' coding, with no more than a handful of students per group. Join us to experience the fascinating world of coding Minecraft for kids!

Students who are new to coding should take Scratch Ninja first to set the coding foundation. For students grades 2-4, we also recommend doing Minecraft Modding Quest after Scratch Ninja, before taking this class to ensure the best learning experiences.

  • Intro to Intermediate Minecraft Modding
  • In this Intemediate Minecraft Modding intro class, we introduce students to the platform for coding on Minecraft. It is easy to use and very powerful. We will complete two fun challenges in this class. They will also start building their very first mod! This is an advanced coding class for grades 4-6. In this intro class, we will not code on Minecraft itself but will use an emulator instead, because it takes a lot of time to enable coding for Minecraft. However, in Parts 1 - 3 of this course, the code will run on Minecraft software. Sign up today to start learning Minecraft coding.

  • Part 1 - Minecraft Code to Mod - Level 1
  • Minecraft Code to Mod - Level 1

    In this exciting Minecraft coding class, students will have a great time learning to create and mod for their favorite game - Minecraft! Their code will spawn their favorite creatures, build cool structures, and create games to challenge others. Students will master important programming concepts such as functions, loops, variables, just to name a few, taking a big step forward toward developing their computer science skills.

  • Part 2 - Minecraft Code to Mod - Level 2
  • Minecraft Code to Mod - Level 2

    In Part 2 of this Minecraft coding course for kids, we will cover more advanced coding concepts such as functions with inputs and outputs, array, string, and more. Students will also learn more advanced modding techniques in Minecraft, and build both single-player and multi-play games. We encourage students to apply their own creativity and build projects that reflect their own passion using the core computer science knowledge they'll gain.

  • Part 3 - Minecraft Code to Mod - Level 3
  • Minecraft Code to Mod - Level 3

    In Part 3 of this Minecraft coding class, we cover the most advanced coding concepts that the platform has to offer, such as objects and libraries. We will also practice the techniques of learning coding by reading other people's programs and documentation. The projects we build will be far more complex. It is capped with a Fortnite-like game!

Featured Teacher

Gilad Canes

Gilad Canes

Gilad Canes has a BS in Computer Science and has 7 years of experience teaching children. He loves seeing the passion and drive when a student doesn’t understand something at all, but is an expert by the end of the class.
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    2-3 students group class
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    4.5 class pack credits
  • Computer - Mac
    Windows PC
  • Must be very familiar with Scratch with at least 20 hours of Scratch coding experience or completed Create & Learn Scratch Ninja I and II classes. Require Windows or Mac computer. Program does not work on Chromebook. No Minecraft license needed.

Kids & Parents Love Our Classes

My son tried the free class for Minecraft and loved it. We decided to sign him up for the summer camp and he looks forward to the class every week. The teacher is awesome and she makes it fun!

Mandy R.

The instructors are great and the small interactive classes make it easy for my son to learn at his own level! He loves it!

Leigh-Anne W.

My son loves the coding classes offered by Create & Learn. Small groups and lots of attention. The instructor is a wonderful teacher. My son has learned so much about coding and making his own games. He always looks forward to his next class.

Angelina B.

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Grades 2-4
Grades 2-4

Today Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the world. In the game, players can create and break apart various kinds of blocks in three-dimensional worlds. And they can do it all with their friends! With Minecraft coding, kids can turn all their ideas about how they wish the game would be, into reality. Create & Learn's free Minecraft class and Minecraft camps are a great way to open their eyes to a whole new world, while building core coding skills that can equip them for the future.

What's the difference between Minecraft Modding Quest and this class?

We offer two Minecraft modding classes, this class (Minecraft Code to Mod) and Minecraft Modding Quest. They both teach Minecraft modding. The two classes use different tools and there are no overlap in projects either.

Minecraft Coding Quest is designed for grades 3-6 who have learned Scratch coding and want to apply coding skills to building Minecraft mini-games and also learn additional coding concepts. It uses Minecraft Education, which has built in coding tool, that is nicely integrated and easy to use.

Minecraft Code to Mod uses Minecraft Java edition and Learn to Mod. Students need to pull 2 different platforms together. The coding there is more advanced and the tool is more complex to use. Even though it also uses block based coding, eventually, the way to use the blocks are very similar to coding in Javascript, so they are harder too. This is why Minecraft Code to Mod is for grades 5-9. Younger students may take Minecraft Code to Mod after they have done Minecraft Modding Quest.

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