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Advanced Scratch Class

Accelerated Scratch Class

Fast-paced introduction to coding: build games, stories, and animations
  • Grades 5-9
  • 2-5 students group class
  • 55 minutes per session
  • Live online class
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Studies have shown that middle school students who are new to coding do better by starting with blocked-based coding such as Scratch. This compressed series of advanced Scratch classes introduces students to all of the key coding concepts in just 12 sessions, and prepares them for more advanced computer science courses.

Unlike many coding classes where kids are handed a sheet of paper and asked to follow instructions, with our small classes' interactive setting and inquiry-based teaching style, teachers lead students who are taking early steps in coding through an enlightening process of creating, critical thinking, problem solving, and mastering computational thinking skills. Discover the fun and start creating!

  • Accelerated Scratch - Intro to Coding for Teens
  • In this free Scratch coding class, your child will learn how to use Scratch, practice core coding concepts, and build an impressive project in just under an hour. It's great for both middle schoolers and high schoolers. You'll see their confidence and interest in coding soar!
  • Part 1 - Accelerated Scratch 1
  • Accelerated Scratch 1
    This class covers most of the foundational computer science and coding concepts Scratch has, such as loops, conditional, variables, and sensing. Students deliver a project in each session ranging from animations and games to graphic designs and storytelling. Students will be challenged to be creative and solve tough problems, while learning deeper computer science concepts.
  • Part 2 - Accelerated Scratch 2
  • Accelerated Scratch 2
    In this part II of the Accelerated Scratch coding series, we cover the more advanced coding concepts in Scratch, such as functions and lists, while continuing to explore cool features Scratch has to offer such as cloning. Students will work on a new relatively complex projects in each session including animations, games, and storytelling. As with all of our classes, there is lots of focus placed on creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and fun!
  • Part 3 - Accelerated Scratch 3 (Advanced)
  • Accelerated Scratch 3 (Advanced)
    During the culminating class of the Accelerated Scratch coding series, you will combine all of the coding concepts and Scratch features you've learned into building very complex, advanced Scratch projects. Students will practice implementing all the tools from Accelerated Scratch 1 & 2, and have the option to build their very own unique game with guidance from the instructor.

Featured Teacher

Jennifer Thornton

Jennifer Thornton

Jennifer Thornton has a BS in Biology and has 17 years of experience teaching children. As an experienced STEM teacher, she enjoys sharing her love of Science, Technology and Coding with students through Scratch and Vex Code. Create & Learn allows her the opportunity to share this love with even more students around the world!
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  • For middle schoolers that are new to coding.

Kids & Parents Love Our Classes

My son is enrolled in the Accelerated Scratch 1 course, and is enjoying himself and learning at the same time. The teacher delivers the course in a friendly and encouraging way, giving the class confidence to experiment and try out what they are learning. The classes are very useful at keeping my son focussed and thinking! Also Create & Learn makes available a number of trial courses on a free of charge basis, which enables potential students to find the right course at the right level to join.

Patricia E.

My daughter really enjoys the Scratch class where she gets to learn coding. She looks forward to it every week. The teachers really do a great job. I am so happy I signed her up with Create & Learn.

Lisanne J.

My daughter is loving her Scratch lessons. The instructor does an amazing job teaching the concepts, checking for understanding and making sure the kids are using their creativity. She goes the extra mile by emailing us after each class with an optional assignment to take on a bit more challenging coding exercise and a great recap of the key concepts learned during the class. Create & Learn truly cares! Give them a try, you won't regret it.

Sandra L.

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Scratch coding is a beginner-friendly coding language with a super user-friendly interface. It was designed by MIT and helps new coders concentrate on the logic of programming, without worrying about typing errors. Get started learning coding with personalized guidance from an expert in live online advanced Scratch classes like this one, and Scratch camps. With a structured curriculum that ensures skills build on each other, and projects that provide hands-on experience during each lesson, you'll be thrilled by what you can build!

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