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Does your child want to create their own games, animations, and stories? Do you want to keep their interest in learning coding, or maybe encourage them towards the next level? Join the fun Online Coding Fair for free and get inspired from other coding fans from all over the world. There will be plenty of aahs and wows! You will find your child more motivated to code and create their own projects after this fair.

How To Make Your Own Kahoot!

  • Grades 2-9
  • Looking for fun Thanksgiving activities for kids? How about making cool Kahoot games by themselves! Kids love playing Kahoot as an online game-based learning platform in quiz form. But in this fun event, students will learn to create their own quizzes! Your children can choose an area they are passionate about, and create a Kahoot game that can include images, video and more. It is an excellent way for kids to present their knowledge, and play their own games with friends. Sign up for free today, and have fun!
  • 60 Minutes Per Session
  • Dear parents, please sign up for a Kahoot! account for your child before the class. You can choose “personal” or “student” account -> input your email, a username, and your child’s birth date. For children under 16-years-old (13-years-old in US), they need to log in with the username instead of the email. Sign up for free at:

Learn Scratch Coding with Kahoot!

  • Grades 3-7
  • Join us for a fun-filled hour to play a set of Kahoot! games and review coding concepts students have learned in Scratch coding classes. We will play 3 levels - starting from level 1, all the way to Level 3. Everyone is welcome to join. You can play Kahoot! from a phone, tablet, or computer. If you would like to learn more about Scratch, you could join our free intro classes to get started. Sign up here Join, have fun, and learn!
  • 55 Minutes Per Session
  • The 4 sessions in each class cover different content. But content in different classes are the same. Feel free to sign up for multiple classes if your child would like to review the same content multiple times.
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