Have you ever wanted to design your own posters from family photos? Create custom art based on your favorite characters or memes? Learn about color theory? With these online graphic design camps students of all ages can learn graphic design online.

Even if your child doesn’t end up being a professional designer (although they could!), learning skills in graphic design improves communication skills, creativity, and problem solving skills. Understanding the basics of visual communication is useful in any career path! Explore this list of graphic design camps to see what could be a good fit for your child.

Explore online graphic design camps to learn digital art

Check out some fun virtual graphic design camps for students of all ages from 7-18.  These classes are a great option to learn  live online with qualified teachers or to use self-paced resources for on-demand learning in graphic design. These classes offer fun and engaging options for summer art camps,  indoor after-school activities, or  homeschool art classes.

Graphic design camps for elementary school students

These fun and exploratory online graphic design camps are for students in grades 2-5, and there's even one for grades K-3.

1. Budding Digital Artist

Explore all sorts of art skills and mediums while creating a fun new project every week in this live online class designed for kids grades 1-4. Designed by experts from Apple and Google, this class exposes kids to a wide range of art topics, mediums, and basic techniques so your child will get a chance to try many different things. Students will enjoy creating a fun art project every session, and learn to appreciate great design in their daily lives.

Format: Live online

Price: $17 per 50-minute session

2. Canva Design Skills for Students

Canva has made graphic design more accessible for students, teachers, and non-design professionals of all types. Now your student can learn graphic design and video editing inside this free software. Create a design portfolio that includes posters, cards, videos, and more.

Format: Live online

Price: $89.25/Four 55-minute sessions

3. Character Design Camp

Join us in creating a well-developed character in this summer camp! Students joining will sharpen their character design knowledge by create a character style sheet filled with expression sheets, costume design, and color designs that they will create a final world in for their second project. They will learn about building character figures from basic shape, gestures, facial expressions, and cartoon stylization.

Format: Live online

Price: $248/Five 180-minute sessions

4. Animal Kingdom

Joining us in exploring the world of animals in our Animal Kingdom Summer Camp. Come on an adventure inspired by the little, big world of animals! Students joining will sharpen their composition techniques, lighting, and color contrast by exploring the anthropomorphic characterizations of animals. They will learn about the importance of a strong composition, lighting, while designing their story of what their encounter with their favorite animal would be like.

Format: Live online

Price: $248/Five 180-minute sessions

5. Family Portrait

Do you want to create a family portrait for your own family or your fictional characters? Join this camp to learn how to draw people in different ages from kids, teens, adults and elders. Students will also learn digital drawing and coloring techniques along with art and design principles throughout the camp!

Format: Live online

Price: $248/Five 180-minute sessions

6. Graphic Design for Elementary Students

This KidztoPros camp teaches students best practices for design as they create posters, business cards, animations, and more. Students will work with Krita, a free open source painting program that is used by professional artists. After working with a live teacher over the course of a week, students gain a clear understanding of design fundamentals.

Format: Live online

Price: $225

Graphic design camps for middle school students

At the middle grades level, students are ready to level up and start using professional tools for their design. These camps are for students in grades 5-8.

7. Friends

Join us in creating a group of characters in this summer camp! Students will learn how to draw faces in different angles, different hair styles and different expressions. This is a fun camp that students will create their original characters!

Format: Live online

Price: $248/Five 180-minute sessions

8. The Power of Color

From branding and logos to photography, film, and fashion, color influences every type of design. In The Power of Color class, students in grades 4-8 learn the meaning of colors in design, how brands use color to tell a story, and how color mixing works in digital design. Pair this with lots of hands-on projects, and your child will know the power of color.

Format: Live online

Price: $89.25/Four 55-minute sessions

9. Discovering Design

Students will gain basic core skills to design effectively in two-dimensional design for screens and print in this graphic design camp. Learn how to define and organize color, and how to combine colors to create moods, effects, understanding, and meaning. Students will also have many opportunities to practice using their design sense and visual thinking skills by designing their own projects and receiving feedback each session.

Format: Live online

Price: $89.25/Four -55 minute sessions

10. Intro to 3D Design

3D design is widely used in many areas such as designing cars, robots, animations, and game characters. This class introduces students to the concepts for 3D design and building 3D models. We will be creating a couple of models in every class. Even though the class will only touch on basic skills, some of our students have created amazing projects using what they learned in class. Check out an example here https://tinyurl.com/cb79tsud. In addition, you will have the option of turning the 3D model into lego building blueprints.

Format: Live online

Price: $89.25/Four 55-minute sessions

11. Morning Routine Comic Creation

CalColor partner has partnered with Create & Learn to take kids through an exploration of comic making! Join us to create a story in one page comic in this camp. Students will learn how to use panels to tell a story and narrative illustration techniques. In this camp, we will cover basic perspective, hands and feet anatomy and character design principles.

Format: Live online

Price: $248/Five 180-minute sessions

Graphic design camps for high school students

These online graphic design camps for high school students cover professional tools and techniques fundamental for any designer.

12. Illustration Store / Art Entrepreneurs

Ever wonder about how to get started in running your own little online store? Or how to create patterns that can be applied to pillows, bags, and more? Or wish there was a specific sticker for a moment? This Summer Camp is the perfect way to find some answers! Students joining this camp will be taught how to create patterns – repeating or not – and stickers that they can sell online.

Format: Live online

Price: $248/Five 180-minute sessions

13. Basics of Photoshop

Photoshop is the ultimate tool for image manipulation and creation - you can create anything you imagine!  In this class students learn to navigate Photoshop to create digital collages that express their creativity with layers, masks, blending modes, editing tools, and more. With just 2-4 students per class, each student will receive plenty of individual instruction.

Format: Live online

Price: $80/Four 55-minute sessions

14. Build Your Imaginary World

Inspired from the renown mathematics in the paintings of Maurits Cornelis Escher (also known as MC Escher) and the architecture around us students will embark on creating a mathematical painting of and then their own imaginary architecture. During the start of this camp, students will be introduced to MC Escher, surrealism, isometric perspective, and encouraged to create their own imaginary world with digital medium. They will then take on architecture to create their imaginary dream home that will look functionable and real. Students joining this camp will learn about perspective, the basic functions of architecture, and how to seek reference to create their interesting design.

Format: Live online

Price: $248/Five 180-minute sessions

15. Digital Media with PBS Studios

This YouTube playlist from PBS Digital Studios introduces the art of logo design, film and TV title design, and animation and motion graphics. The topics of interest are perfect for high-schoolers to learn about how their favorite types of media are created and what design considerations are made along the way.

Format: On-demand

Price: Free

Join free online graphic design camps

To get started on creating right away, here are a few more free online graphic design classes.

How to Create a Portfolio with Images, GIFs, and Video

A digital portfolio is an excellent way to display and remember artwork and coding projects your child has created.  Students learn how to create images, GIFs, and video in Canva as they put together their best work into a portfolio.

Character Illustration: Drawing Faces, Figures, and Clothing

Get a free Skillshare membership to try out a variety of graphic design classes. In Character Illustration, students learn to draw characters that are dynamic and full of life.

Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Visual Design

For students who can hold themselves accountable to a schedule, Skillshare classes offer some great on-demand introductory classes such as Graphic Design Basics. Learn to create functional design by seeing examples of the five principles of Graphic Design applied by professionals.

Enjoy online graphic design camps for kids

Learning online is easier than ever, and the resources available are plentiful. There are many places to start creating, whether your student is looking for a live online teacher or curated on-demand resources. Check out some more graphic design activities for kids and learn some important graphic design basics.

Written by Annie Schmitt, a Computer Science Teacher and Teaching Artist from Pennsylvania.  She loves using art, technology, and science together to create exploratory hands-on learning experiences for students in grade K-12.  As a Teaching Artist, she travels to schools and organizations in her state to teach children stop-motion animation, game design, and visual outdoor art.  Annie has taught thousands of students from states all over the U.S. and countries around the world.