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AI Class for Kids

AI Explorers Class

Discover how AI fuels self-driving cars, face recognition, and other advanced technologies
  • Grades 4-7
  • 2-3 students group class
  • 55 minutes per session
  • Live online class
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From R2-D2 in Star Wars to Transformers, artificial intelligence (AI) and robots have fascinated children for generations. Now AI is more pervasive than ever and is closer than ever to impacting many parts of our lives. With the latest developments in technology, AI and machine learning can now beat the highest ranking Go players, compose music, read medical images better than average doctors, and so much more. Join our small group sessions to explore the amazing world of artificial intelligence! If you just want to getting a feel about learning AI, check out a free AI event.

In this fascinating series of AI classes for kids, we introduce students to the latest AI technologies and their applications in many areas. Here are some highlights of the series:

  • Hands-on experience with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning products

  • Learn how AI works and real world AI applications

  • Understand what AI can and can not do, and why

  • Build your own AI system

Students will also get plenty of opportunities to apply their creativity and critical thinking skills.

Save your spot now to have fun with AI!

  • AI Explorers - Introduction (free event)
  • From self-driving cars, humanoids to AI generated art and ChatGPT, AI is one of the fast growing areas in technology. What is AI? What are some of the cool things it can do? Join this event to learn fun cutting-edge AI applications created by companies like Google and Nvidia. Your child will enjoy lots of group discussions, interaction with the instructor, and hands-on projects.

    We run this free event regularly and the same content is covered every time. To explore deeper about AI, checkout our small group courses:

    • AI Explorers (grades 4 - 9) - a broad overview of a variety AI applications and technologies, such as computer vision, Chatbot, robotics, and generative AI.

    • Create with ChatGPT - (grades 4 -7) - learn how to use ChatGPT as a tool for panning, brainstorming, and creating your own chatbot.

    • AI Creators (grades 6-12) - deep dive to learn how to code AI applications covering in Python.

  • Part 1 - AI Explorers 1
  • AI Explorers 1

    This is the first class in our fun and engaging series that introduces students to the world of AI. Students will start to learn the key concepts of AI, and moreover, get first-hand experience with cutting-edge AI applications for image recognition, chatbots, machine learning, and more, all in an age-appropriate way. We also build a small image recognition program in the class. With our small class size, world-class curriculum, and team projects, kids will also enjoy ample opportunities to exercise their creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.

  • Part 2 - AI Explorers 2
  • AI Explorers 2
    This is a continuation of our AI Explorers 1 class, perfect for students ready to explore more areas of AI. For example, we discover how humans and AI can work together, and how AI is able to win over human masters in games. Plus we build a small AI system that plays games! We will also go deeper into AI and robotics, and introduce deeper AI technical concepts. As always, this class features plenty of hands-on experiences, creativity, and fun.
  • Part 3 - AI Explorers 3
  • AI Explorers 3
    This is the last of our AI Explorers series of classes, where we will build on what we learned in previous classes and go deeper into how AI systems are built. In this lesson, we will examine and develop a deeper understanding of Neural networks and dimensionality. The hands-on activities will allow your child to interact with the latest AI systems, build their understanding of AI, and open up their imagination when it comes to how AI can be applied in different aspects of lives. We will also take a look at the social implications created by AI.

Featured Teacher

Sangita Nath

Sangita Nath

Sangita Nath is a Computer Science Engineer with a passion for teaching. In her classes, she teaches a concept and makes sure the students understand and apply it. It gives her immense pleasure to see her students having an "aha moment" when they figure it out that they can make amazing things with coding. She is happy to make a difference in her students' lives by introducing them to the magical world of coding!
AI Explorers - Introduction (free event)
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Grades 2-4
Grades 2-4

Common questions about AI learning and classes for kids

Discover everything you need to know about artificial intelligence for kids.

What is AI in simple words?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the art of teaching computers or robots how to think. It's the training process of making a computer learn. It can potentially lead to smart automation.

How do I teach my child AI?

Online courses, such as our AI classes for children and artificial intelligence camps, that immerse students in AI are one of the best methods of learning AI. With our small group classes, your student gets personalized attention while discovering real-world applications of AI, and working on projects that bring the concepts to life immediately. You can reinforce the learning with your child by showing them AI in use around your home or out in the world, and asking them how they think it works. For younger students (Grades 2-5), we recommend beginning with our Hello Tech class.

What other AI classes do you offer for kids?

Create with ChatGPT is another great AI class for students regardless of whether they enjoy coding or not. With the right guidance, ChatGPT can be one of the best learning resources for students. It can also help them develop critical thinking, executive functions, and creativity. In this fun and informative course, students will start to learn how to use ChatGPT more effectively, understand its strengths and weaknesses, and develop important skills to master this very valuable tool.

Our advanced AI course is AI Creators, which are mostly coding focused. And we will go deeper in the technology side as well coving Convolutional Neural Networks, GAN, etc. Taking this class requires Python

All of our AI classes put a strong focus on real world applications and state of art technologies. We continue to update them as new technologies emerge.

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