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Customized learning
Customized learning
Find a path your child will love with 30+ computer science subjects rated 5-stars by parents.
Award-winning curriculum
Award-winning curriculum
Recognized by Minecraft Education, Meta's Engineer for the Week, Roblox Education, ActivityHero, SMASH, and Hulafrog.
100% satisfaction guarantee
100% satisfaction guarantee
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We are super happy with every aspect of Create & Learn. My daughter was able to take 2 intro classes to see if she likes the topics and content (she loved both and the teachers!) She is taking Scratch Ninja and we are looking at more classes. The instructor is a wonderful teacher. More than that, the personal feedback and attention for the students and parents, the immediate response to questions and advice is amazing. Truly recommending Create & Learn.

Natalie F.
Scratch Ninja

My son tried out the free class and he loved it. So, we signed up for the full Scratch Ninja class. I have been really impressed with my son's instructor. She goes above and beyond to ensure that my son and the other students in the class get a good understanding of the materials and concepts covered in each class. I highly recommend Create & Learn!

Richard A.
Scratch Ninja

My son is currently taking Scratch Ninja 2 and he is really enjoying every session. I love how every session makes his creative juices flowing. The instructor is an amazing teacher too. She is very helpful and very patient too which is a total bonus. I highly recommend this to every kid who enjoys computers and games and of course for those who like to think through creativity.

Charmaine A.
Scratch Ninja

My son is enrolled in the Accelerated Scratch 1 course, and is enjoying himself and learning at the same time. The teacher delivers the course in a friendly and encouraging way, giving the class confidence to experiment and try out what they are learning. The classes are very useful at keeping my son focussed and thinking! Also Create & Learn makes available a number of trial courses on a free of charge basis, which enables potential students to find the right course at the right level to join.

My daughter really enjoys the Scratch class where she gets to learn coding. She looks forward to it every week. The teachers really do a great job. I am so happy I signed her up with Create & Learn.

My daughter is loving her Scratch lessons. The instructor does an amazing job teaching the concepts, checking for understanding and making sure the kids are using their creativity. She goes the extra mile by emailing us after each class with an optional assignment to take on a bit more challenging coding exercise and a great recap of the key concepts learned during the class. Create & Learn truly cares! Give them a try, you won't regret it.

"My girls have loved the Scratch Junior class. The teacher is very patient and the girls are really enjoying it. I can see their curiosity into coding growing."

- Cassie H.
Scratch Junior

Thank you very much to the instructor, for having the patience to teach my kids. My son loves Create & Learn very much! He learned a lot about computers and the classes were really fun, and also can inspire children.

Eva P.
Scratch Junior

The instructor is so nice and patient. My daughter loves this program so much, I can't believe she could do coding by herself after only 3 sessions! It is a great program for the early beginners!

My son tried the free class for Minecraft and loved it. We decided to sign him up for the summer camp and he looks forward to the class every week. The teacher is awesome and she makes it fun!

The instructors are great and the small interactive classes make it easy for my son to learn at his own level! He loves it!

Leigh-Anne W.
Minecraft Mod

My son loves the coding classes offered by Create & Learn. Small groups and lots of attention. The instructor is a wonderful teacher. My son has learned so much about coding and making his own games. He always looks forward to his next class.

Angelina B.
Minecraft Mod

Trained, experienced, qualified teachers. Affordable fees. My boy is enjoying and taking interest in these weekly coding classes. He is taking a beginner class and learning the things fast. I truly recommend Create & Learn.

"Our teacher was wonderful and so supportive. She moved at a great pace and was very knowledgeable. My daughter had a great time! Thank you!"

- Christine L.
Junior Robotics

My son is really enjoying this course and seems to be learning a lot. Most importantly he's excited about learning.

Quentin H.
Junior Robotics

My son recently started his coding class with Create & Learn and he loves it. Instructors are patient and teach in a way that's makes my son want to learn more and he really enjoys his classes and looks forward to it every week.

My son really enjoyed his lessons. It is hard to get him engaged in much, but when he said he really liked the free lesson I immediately signed him up for more classes. They have great instructors and communicate effectively.

My daughter is learning coding through Create & Learn and is having a great time while learning. She continues coding even after the class has ended!

Highly recommend - one of the best coding classes so far! My kid loves it. The Create & Learn team is very helpful in working out options & schedules....& go out of their way to work things out. I give it 5 stars any day!

Shruthi T.
Python for AI

Very good course. It is the first time for my child to participate in this course. It is very novel and interesting. The teacher is very good. My child likes it very much.

"The teacher was very clear in his expression and provided help when the students needed it. The content of this Python class series looks attracting to me. After the class I asked my kid's feeling about the class, who told me it was so much fun. I will consider registering for a camp or another online course."

- Yuan Z.
Python for AI

My kid is having a blast with the class. It's a fun way to introduce her to coding. She's learning so much and you can really tell the instructors care about your kid succeeding and having fun in the process! Highly recommend!

Megan H.

Two thumbs up - MOST VALUABLE classes that my kids have ever taken! I was thrilled when I first heard about Create & Learn through a friend as I wasn't aware of any STEM program that would tackle big data and AI from the perspective of elementary-school-aged children. I was eager to sign my 8-year old boy and 10-year old girl up for classes, and wow, those classes were exceptional - unparalleled to anything they have taken in the past.

Jamin Y.

My 9 year old/3rd grader tried coding before in a big setting. She didn't like it as she was getting lost. She then tried Create & Learn and loved it! Small class is the way to go! She looks forward to her classes each week, much more so than her school work.

Connie H.

My son is 8 years old and absolutely loved his class. Not only was he captivated and proud of the games he created, but also the teachers were incredibly knowledgeable and did an excellent job of explaining concepts to the kids. It was fun to watch my son create instead of consume on the computer.

Megan K.

My daughter loved this class! I love seeing how proud she was of herself of what she was able to create. Her teacher was so communicative with us parents and let us know what she was learning and homework to help her continue learning. She was also extremely patient and clear in her direction and so helpful.

Samantha P.

I don't know how your program does it. You have amazing teachers. My son has done 6 classes with you. He loves every teacher.


"My son really enjoys the coding class. The classes are well organized and the teacher is very patient with special way to talk to young coders. Definitely one of the best coding class my child attended."

- Kai Y.

I am very impressed with Create & Learn. The instructor is a wonderful teacher and so patient with my son. My son is exploring coding and learning how to create logical commands. Thank you for a great experience!

Corrine D.

This is a great way for my 7-year-old to discover and learn coding on Scratch. His teacher is very patient and organized and the program is progressive and fun, introducing a new project at every lesson. We are very happy with it!

Haydn Z.

All the staff and teachers at Create & Learn are super knowledgeable, patient and professional. My daughter enjoyed her Scratch class and looks forward to completing her homework immediately after every class!

Howard B.

My daughter and her best friend just finished their class. They're planning to attend the next units in the series as well. The instructors are very nice teachers. The course is challenging and interesting. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Shanshan Z.

The curriculum was well designed and taught methodically. I was impressed that within a week, my children both became Scratch savvy. Most importantly, they developed a strong interest in coding, and continued to work on projects after class without being asked to do so.

Jamin Y.

My 10 year old son tried the AI explorers class this Spring. As parents who work in tech, we realize that kids his age don't have the mathematical foundation to understand the algorithms. Our goal was to expose his to various applications and possibilities that AI can unlock. The course and the teacher did an excellent job covering a breadth of fun and relatable examples, including image recognition, training AI to play games, and creating music.

Parul G.

"My daughter has had two Scratch Ninja classes and she really enjoyed them. The teacher is professional and really cares. Both classes lasted longer than 55 mins because she made sure every student gets what's being taught and finishes the project."

- Stephanie C.

Both the course and the teacher are beyond EXCELLENT! My son is truly inspired! For a 10 year-old to be learning this quite complex and advanced topic (Cloud Computing), the teacher has made it really fun and easily comprehensible. How lucky are we to have such a high-caliber teacher with an MIT background? But most important of all, he teaches from the heart - my son can tell. He wishes so much to study with this teacher again!


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