Autumn is here and, as the leaves start falling to the ground, it marks the end of the summer and a return indoors. Some kids have a break during late September, while others are homeschooled and in need of fresh material to start their new school year. These live online fall break camps are the perfect way for kids to spend the week learning and having fun. Let's explore some fun Thanksgiving camps.

Explore Some of the Best Fall Break Camps

Fall break camps come in all shapes and sizes. There are those for total beginners and those for experienced coders. Keep reading to find out about the best fall break computer science courses for kids.

Fun Fall Break Camps for Elementary School Children

From a fun introduction to coding to exploring outer space, find the perfect camp for your elementary school student.

1. Scratch Junior Fall Camp

While building interactive stories and games, in this live online fall camp your child will be introduced to the basics of coding concepts, solve problems, and most importantly, they will create and apply their imaginations! Scratch Junior is designed by the team behind MIT’s Scratch (the most popular beginner programming platform) and makes it even more accessible for younger kids. These live online camps make learning coding fun, even for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders - so they're the perfect first step to learning computer science.

Grades: K - 2

Best for: A very easy introduction to coding concepts

2. Scratch Ninja Fall Camp

MIT’s Scratch is a great platform for introducing kids to coding because it uses digital LEGO-like block building to bring code to life. If your child has expressed an interest in gaming, the Internet, and social media, then learning about the concepts that make these things run can be super fun and fulfilling for kids. Learning coding is less about the specifics of any language, but more about learning logic, syntax, and core concepts like loops, variables, and scripts. Your child will learn in small camps with a live, professional teacher in a virtual environment that focuses on inquiry-based learning to promote critical thinking and independence.

Grades: 2 - 5

Best for: Beginners who want to learn how to make a game in the first class!

3. Nasa STEM Fall Camp

From Black Holes and Gravity to the phases of the Moon, these Nasa STEM camps explore fascinating facts about outer space. Kids love learning about the life cycle of stars and how much they would weigh on Jupiter versus on the Moon. In each session, students will learn cool new things about space and science, and then build small projects and play fun games to strengthen their learning.

Grades: 1 - 4

Best for: Future astronauts and science fiction lovers

4. Minecraft Redstone Fall Camp

Minecraft needs little introduction. As the best-selling game ever, chances are your kids love Minecraft. One of the more challenging parts of the game is using red stone ore to program machines, factories, and automated programs within one’s Minecraft world. In this fun virtual camp, your child will learn how to incorporate more advanced blocks such as redstone, pistons, and observer blocks to build holiday lights, automatic doors, and even flying machines inside Minecraft. Your child will also learn about real-world engineering and computer science, such as how sensors and circuits work, time controls, and binary.

Grades: 2 - 5

Best for: Minecraft lovers and kids who like building things

5. Budding Digital Artist Camp

Would your child like to draw fun optical illusions and learn the art and fun science behind them? This live online camps covers a wide range of digital art topics and basic techniques so your child will get a chance to try many different digital art mediums. Students will enjoy creating a fun art project every session, and learn to appreciate great design in their daily lives, such as patterns and symmetry, in addition to exploring emotions and feelings, and learning about art basics such as color palettes.

Grades: 1 - 4

Best for: Creative kids who enjoy art

Awesome Fall Break Camps for Middle School Children

From game development to smart devices, find a camp to make your student's creativity blossom.

6. Accelerated Scratch Camp

According to educational research studies, middle school pupils who are new to coding perform better when they begin with blocked-based programming languages such as Scratch. This condensed Scratch coding camp introduces students to all of the essential coding ideas while building their creativity. Scratch coding empowers students to make cool games and animations right away!

Grades: 5 - 9

Best for: Kids who want to learn coding but don’t know where to start

7. Create with ChatGPT

This interactive course offers students an enjoyable experience while gaining a deep appreciation for this fascinating technology. Students will learn how to think systematically and critically by planning fun activities with the assistance of ChatGPT, which promotes the development of important executive functions. Additionally, they will enhance their creative writing skills by utilizing ChatGPT to develop storylines, create character profiles, and master sentence structuring for impactful messages. The course goes beyond using ChatGPT as a chatbot and provides students with the opportunity to code their own ChatBot using ChatGPT as a foundation. Moreover, the course emphasizes the ethical considerations surrounding the use of ChatGPT and AI.

Grades: 4 - 8

Best for: Beginner-friendly for kids interested in cutting-edge technology

8. Minecraft Code to Mod

With the help of this engaging online camp in Minecraft programming, your youngster may convert their passion for the game into practical coding abilities. Students will learn how to create a Minecraft mod as well as how to program games, tales, buildings, and anything else they wish to see in the Minecraft game come to life. The drag-and-drop coding interface used in this live online lesson is comparable to Scratch. However, we impart considerably more sophisticated computer programming abilities that are frequently employed in text-based programming languages.

Grades: 5 - 9

Best for: Kids who have prior Scratch coding experience and who enjoy Minecraft

9. Beginner Roblox Game Coding

Does your child love Roblox, or the thought of creating their own unique games? In this fun live virtual class students will learn the foundational coding skills to create their own games in Roblox, the popular gaming platform with over 40 million games! This class is designed for students to become equipped with foundational Roblox coding skills without having to use the standard and very complicated game development tool most commonly used for Roblox, Lua. Learn how to go all the way from setting up your workspace to creating a dodgeball game, multiplayer games, and even a game inspired by the highly popular infinity run game where players must turn, dodge, and jump to avoid obstacles and gain points.

Grades: 3 - 8

Best for: Kids who enjoy Roblox and making games

10. Canva for Kids

Create beautiful graphic designs and videos with beginner-friendly digital design tool Canva. Does your child want to create beautiful digital cards, posters, slides or videos for their school projects? Now they can make all of these fascinating projects with Canva - a powerful and trendy graphic design platform with a simple interface (and creating an account is free)! Your child will learn about how to upload or search pictures and elements in Canva, and explore a wide range of fonts, sizes, and effects, before learning how to drag and drop design elements and animate them.

Grades: 3 - 6

Best for: Kids who enjoy art

11. AI Explorers Camp

From androids to Google Maps, AI has fascinated people for generations. Now more than ever, our world is powered by AI in numerous applications online. In this camp, students are introduced to the most recent AI technology and its applications in a variety of fields. Here are some of the series' high points: Utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning products firsthand, discovering the principles of AI and its practical applications, and recognizing what AI can and cannot achieve, and why.

Grades: 4 - 7

Best for: Kids interested in Robotics and smart devices

Discover the Best Fall Break Camps for High Schoolers

From a popular real-world programming language to building mobile apps, find a fall break camp your high schooler will love.

12. Python for AI Camp

Python is a high-level coding language utilized by businesses like Netflix and Google for machine learning, app development, web development, game development, and many other things. In addition to teaching adolescents and teenagers the fundamentals of Python programming, this live online camp places a major emphasis on Python's data structures and libraries, which are crucial to the field of artificial intelligence. This is the ideal small group lesson to begin if your teenager is interested in investigating more complex code writing and computer science programming languages.

Grades: 5 - 12

Best for: Kids who want to know one of the most in-demand programming languages

13. Coding with Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio is a fantastic next step for students who have some prior familiarity with block-based coding frameworks such as Scratch. Here, utilizing a built-in 3D design tool and coding interactions with the environment, your child may construct their own game world through a combination of configuration and scripting/coding. The course begins with basic coding concepts like loop and conditional to familiarize students with text-based coding before moving on to more complex ideas like variables, arrays, and more.

Grades: 6 - 12

Best for: Kids who love Roblox and are looking for a challenge

14. Mobile Coding for Apps and Games

In this live online fall camp, students learn event-driven programming and how to create fun mobile apps from scratch. Students will also practice their computational thinking skills and do a deeper dive into Computer Science concepts such as loops, events, conditional logic, and much more. The campuses a block-based programming platform, however, the coding concepts and environment are very sophisticated. This platform is used by many to develop real commercial applications!

Grades: 4 - 7

Best for: Kids who want to make their own mobile apps

15. Modern Website Design with Wix

This fun hands-on class teaches students how to build beautiful professional looking websites for themselves, friends, and communities using Wix. This class covers a wide range of topics in Web Design, starting from the basics of how to use WIX and how to structure your website, to designing layout, choosing color schemes, and even to creating a web store to sell products.

Grades: 5 - 12

Best for: Kids who enjoy design and want to make their own websites

16. Build Your Web Camp

Our daily lives revolve around the Internet. But few are aware of how it operates and the potential power it holds. This fall camp introduces students to the intricacies of the Internet, covering everything from creating websites and comprehending how the Internet functions to learning more about the layers of commercial players around the Internet economy. Kids will learn the major languages used for web development: CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Students will start creating their own websites and learn how to build complex web projects.

Grades: 5 - 12

Best for: Advanced coders interested in web development

17. Unity Game Development Camp

The most used gaming engine worldwide, Unity powers many of the most popular 2D and 3D games of the past decade. Many of the most well-known games, like Crossy Road, Among Us, Angry Birds, and many others, were developed with Unity. Unity has evolved into a potent tool for VR and AR production, too. This Unity camp teaches students the core techniques of developing both 2D and 3D games in Unity. It covers a wide range of topics from character control, coding (in C#), to asset management.

Grades: 6 - 12

Best for: Gamers and storytellers

18. AP Computer Science Principles (APCSP) Camp

The College Board offers two AP computer science courses and tests, one of which is called APCSP (AP Computer Science Principles). This camp introduces students to a wide range of crucial foundational computer science subjects, covering binary, encryption, networking, and more. It is a fantastic first step toward understanding computer architecture and systems. The camp, created by knowledgeable AP computer science instructors, satisfies the College Board's specifications for the APCSP test.

Grades: 6 - 12

Best for: High school students and middle school students with an interest in taking Computer Science in college

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We hope you get inspired, both by the changing season and by these exciting fall camps. Whether your child loves gaming, design, or advanced computer science, we have something for everyone. Get started with our free coding classes today to see if a free computer science camps sparks a lifelong interest. See you next time!

Written by Bryan Gordon, a Create & Learn instructor. After ten years of working as an English teacher, Bryan began studying Math and Computer Science over the past few years. Aside from writing and teaching, he likes cooking, gardening, playing guitar, and hanging out with his cats, Baguette and Wally.