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Roblox Intro with AI

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Roblox Intro - Welcome

Does your kid love Roblox? With our Beginner Roblox Game Coding and Coding with Roblox Studio in Lua classes, your child will be able to create their own games for Roblox in no time.

Beginner Roblox Game Coding class uses block based coding that is similar to Scratch, and is tailored specifically for developing Roblox games. It is a lot more approachable for younger students compared to using Lua.

Coding with Roblox Studio in Lua class is more advanced and teaches Roblox game development using Lua. To get the most out of this class, we recommend students complete Beginner Roblox Game Coding class or Python for AI coding first (ideally both).

For students who are are new to coding, we recommend starting with one of the Scratch classes, to set a strong foundation first, before doing Roblox coding. There are multiple options for learning Scratch based on students age:

Now, if you believe Roblox coding the right level for you. Let's get started!

What to expect:

Today we'll first guide you through downloading Roblox Studio and setting it up. Then, we'll help you navigate the interface to use some of its most useful features and tools to create a simple fun Obby Game! For today, you can create this game without having to write code.

Whenever you are ready, sign up for the Beginner Roblox Game Coding class (or Coding with Roblox Studio in Lua class, if you know Python already).