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Unity Intro - Install & First Game

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Unity Intro - Welcome

Welcome to Getting Started with Unity

Introduction and Install

Have you ever wondered how professional game developers create games that have such sophisticated features and looks? They use game engines.

Unity is a leading game engines in the world and is behind many popular games, such as Crossy Road, Among Us, Angry Birds, and many more. Moreover, it is well-suited for 2D and 3D games and has become a powerful tool for VR and AR development as well.

Our full Unity Game Development Class teaches students the core techniques of developing both 2D and 3D games in Unity. It covers a wide range of topics from character control and coding (in C#) to asset management and a lot more. Students will be building several games throughout the class.

This tutorial will help you get started and prepare you for the full Unity course. We’ll first guide you to download Unity Engine and set it up. Then, we’ll help you navigate the interface to use some of its most useful features and tools to create a 2D Platformer as shown in the picture below! Depending on your computer configuration, setting up Unity Engine can be challenging. If you feel you need help from a teacher to set it up, you can sign up for a Unity Trial class to get help from a teacher.

If you are new to coding, we recommend starting with one of the more foundational classes before taking on Unity, which is a lot more complex. Here are the foundational classes we recommend:

Now, if you believe Unity class is the right level for you, let's get started!

Sign up for the Unity Game Development Class whenever you are ready.

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