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Software Engineering & Computer Vision ( Pilot Class)

Decoding AI: GitHub Copilot and Computer Vision
  • Grades 7-12
  • 2-20 students group class
  • 75 minutes
  • Live online class
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We are excited to support in their pilot program for the updated AP CSA curriculum.

Software Engineering & Computer Vision will help students bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world applications in software development. Students will gain valuable insights into how modern software engineering tools like GitHub and GitHub Copilot are used in industry-standard practices and will delve into the intricacies of AI and computer vision using Java, areas that are at the forefront of technological innovation.

The ethical and societal implications of AI tools is particularly relevant in the context of current events, where the use and impact of AI in everyday life are topics of global discussion. From self-driving cars to facial recognition technology and personal digital assistants, AI is increasingly pervasive, and the implications of their design, including potential biases, are hotly debated. Through hands-on activities and collaborative problem-solving, students will develop an understanding of these real-world issues, equipping them to participate in these discussions and prepare for potential careers in the field.

The course was developed by and will be taught by Senior Curriculum Developer Jamila and her colleague at

Important Notes:

This is a free class with limited sitting. Please make sure you can attend all sessions before signing up.

Students should have completed the content covered in the AP Computer Science A (Java) curriculum (or equivalent) to sign up. Please send proof of completion to to secure your spot after you have registered. Students that do not have proof of completion 3 days before the class starts will be removed from the class. Proof of completion can be one of the following:

  • official APCSA score from College Board

  • school transcript that includes APCSA or an email from your APCSA teacher

  • certification of completion from an online/offline course provider, e.g. Khan Academy or Coursera

  • Decoding AI: GitHub Copilot and Computer Vision
  • The course covers 2 related topics.

    Part 1 - GitHub and Copilot

    In Part 1 of Software Engineering & Computer Vision, students will learn how to navigate GitHub and explore GitHub Copilot, contemplating its potential and limitations in software engineering. They will critically discuss the impact of AI-generated code on the role of a software engineer and ethical considerations around its usage. Students will use GitHub Copilot to modify or create a program based on an activity they encountered previously in the AP Computer Science A (Java) curriculum and explore how Copilot can be integrated into their development workflow.

    Part 2 - Computer Vision

    In Part 2 of Software Engineering & Computer Vision, students will explore AI models using Teachable Machine, gaining hands-on experience in training their own models and applying them to a range of scenarios. They will also investigate the importance of confidence and accuracy in AI models, considering how adjustments to these parameters impact different applications. Students will learn how to expand the functionality of an existing Java program using AI and integrate a model they train into the program, using Copilot as a pair programmer to help them implement new features.

  • $0 (Single Session)

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    Grades 2-4
    Grades 2-4

    Q: Why do I need to have completed AP CSA program to take this free class

    The class will eventually be an advanced part of the JAVA curriculum as an important application area after students have learned the core JAVA concepts from AP CSA. Students need proper JAVA knowledge.

    Q: I am not available for the time offered. Will there be another class?

    This is a special pilot program we are supporting There is only one pilot class. However, once the curriculum becomes part of the AP CSA curriculum published by, you will have lots of ways to access the materials, e.g. from your teacher, online, etc.

    Q: I want to learn AI, but I don't know Java yet

    No worries. You can learn a lot about AI before learning Java. We offer several fun classes for students at different ages.

    • Create with ChatGPT (grades 4-8) - This recently launched class is for students who are interested in learning more about how to use ChatGPT and how to code ChatGPT itself (yes, you can build your own chatbot with ChatGPT!).

    • AI Explorers (grades 4-8) - Learn latest AI technologies and their applications in a variety areas such as computer vision, robotics, generative aI, as well as AI's social and ethical implications.

    • AI Creators (grades 6-12) - This is our most advanced AI classes and uses Python extensively to learn different AI technologies, including ChatGPT.

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