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Seasonsby Frances L
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Online Coding Fair: Season
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It will give you a hint about what season it is, and you have to guess which season it's talking about.

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    The chatbot asks a few questions e.g. what is your name, where do you live etc. etc. Then, the chatbot asks you a riddle, and, based on your answer, replies. This is done using user inputs and if statements. I hope you like it!💻 - By Adrij Ray The Code: print("Hi there") print('What is your name?') name=input() print("hello "+name+"!") print('How are you '+name+'?') print('I know that i am feeling talkative today. And I am feeling great') print('Where do you live?') place=input() print('Nice! I live in '+place+' too!') print('How old are you?') age=input() print('Nice! I am '+age+' too!') print('What is your favourite animal?') animal=input('type your answer with no capital letters, spaces or determiners. Also, do not write your answer in plurals.') if animal=="cat": print("Cool! I like cats as well!") else: print('WHAT! Are you CRAZY! You do not like CATS!') print('I am going to tell you a riddle.') print('What sounds like a parrot, Wears a green hat and is orange') riddle=input('type your answer with no capital letters, spaces or determiners. Also, do not write your answer in plurals. ') if riddle == 'carrot': print('How did you get it correct?') print('Oh well. I stand defeated.') else: print('HAHAHA. You did not get it right! I am so happy right now!') print('Anyways, the answer was...drumroll please') print('carrot!') print('Anyways, it was nice meeting you '+name+'! But for now, I am afraid we will have to say goodbye')
     What Friendship is all about
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    The Project is done using python as a coding platform on Trinket, displaying what friendship means to me.