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Check Out Macintosh 128K By Ritvik Gautam

Macintosh 128K - Ritvik GautamOct 29, 2021, 9:40 AM
Macintosh 128K
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This project is about seeing your first Macintosh 128K. Read the story bellow to understand the environment around you:


"It is January 31 1984, you just finished college, and Apple just released the Macintosh 128K 7 days ago. You decided to order one. 2 days later, your Macintosh arrived! You can't wait to see your first Macintosh! This program is about seeing your Macintosh." (Not included in story ---- >) Feel free to do anything! I added keyboard animation, and a tab. More updates coming soon (or even before soon)!! System 1 also included!!