Create & Learn

Ken Patel

Coding, Game Development, and Space Educator

The son of an aerospace engineer, I took an interest in math, science, and engineering from a very young age. I excelled in these subjects in school, and by 10 years old I developed a passion for coding and for video games. These twin interests eventually led to my first career as professional video game developer, my occupation for more than 15 years.

In 2015, I began my second career as online educator, delivering small-group online classes for school-aged children. This year, I was thrilled to discover and join Create and Learn, where I can focus my educational efforts to the areas in which I am the most knowledgeable and passionate: Coding, Game Development, and Space.

I love leading students to that feeling of excitement and possibility that I feel in the areas have a passion for. And from that place of wonder, I help them build the knowledge, skills, and confidence to explore these areas more deeply... encouraging them to think not just about the known, but also about the unknown... not just about what is, but also about what could be.

"The future belongs to the children... to their wonder, their dreams, and their ambition." I believe this, and I hope to help to the children of this generation create their future.

Rocket Camp

Rocket Camp

  • Grades 2-10
  • Are you excited about outer space, science, or humans going to the moon and Mars? Have you been watching rocket launches and astronaut videos, like those from the popular space company, SpaceX? Well then you probably want to learn more about ROCKETS and this class was designed for you! In this class, you will learn the answers to: * What exactly is a rocket? * When was the first rocket invented? * How does a rocket work? * What kinds of rockets are there? * Can I ride on a rocket? * What might rockets be like in the future? We will start with the history of the rocket, cover rocket fundamentals, and talk about the new rockets being developed today and in the future. A must for any student curious and excited about space exploration!
  • 70 minutes
  • $20
  • 2-10 students group class