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Advanced Roblox Coding

Advanced Roblox Game Coding Class

Explore and build complex Roblox games with different themes
  • Grades 6-12
  • 2-3 students group class
  • 75 minutes per session
  • Live online class
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Learn advanced Roblox coding for kids

This advanced Roblox coding class is designed for students who have completed our Coding with Roblox Studio Class, and want to reinforce their knowledge and build more complex games in Roblox. We will also cover additional specific features such as adding audio to games, module scripts which allow you adding powerful features quickly, and more. Students can start from any project in this club, and each project will take about 3-4 session to build. Through different projects and games, your child will explore various ways to apply the coding concepts and tools they have learned in Roblox Studio. You will find your child more motivated to code and excited to play their own games with friends and family!

  • Part 1 - Welcome to My Farm
  • Welcome to My Farm

    In this 3-session project, your child will build their own game in Roblox Studio to sell fruits and fill as many orders as possible! Students start by making different trees, grow and pick fruits from each of them, and open a shop to sell fruits to the shopkeeper. Then they move on to build more complex scenarios such as getting paid, tracking fruits, and handling ripen fruits. In the end, your child will duplicate their trees to build an orchard, make the characters speak, and add background music to make it a complete game!

  • Part 2 - Busy Restaurant
  • Busy Restaurant

    In this 3-session class, your child will create an exciting restaurant serving game in Roblox! Students will use coding concepts and tools to solve various problems in the game - for example, how do customers line up to place orders, or how to handle orders with different ingredients. They need to build the game mechanism for the player to earn points by serving the right orders as fast as possible for customers. A key new thing students will learn in this game is module script.

  • $290$240.70

    17% Off(6 Sessions)
    2.8125 class pack credits
Extra 10% for part 1
  • Before joining this advanced class, students need to complete all units of this Roblox class:

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