Outschool coding classes are live online classes for kids at a variety of different times taught by independent instructors. These group classes are super convenient if you have a certain time you'd like to keep your child entertained. So today, we'll take a look at some popular Outschool coding classes and camps based on parent reviews.

Keep in mind each Outschool teacher tends to specialize in one particular area, so there's no structured learning path for students looking to build their future careers. Many Outschool parents have come to us and asked how to provide more systematic and fun computer science learning for their children, and about how some of the Outschool classes they have done compare to our award-winning classes designed by experts from Google, Stanford, Apple, and MIT. In short: there aren't many different coding topics covered on Outschool, and teacher expertise varies on a case by case basis.

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Outschool Scratch coding classes

Many beginner coders start with Scratch coding classes. Developed by MIT, Scratch coding is a great way to introduce kids to computer programming because it uses simple drag-and-drop blocks rather than complex syntax. That means kids can focus on learning core coding concepts and logic, while not getting frustrated with typing errors.

Here are a few fun Scratch coding class options from Outschool.

1. Scratch Coding Camp: Gaming and Animation for Beginners - Outschool

Learn to code a game or animation in Scratch 3.0 and master the skills in a two-day multi-day camp. Through experiential learning, learners use Scratch scripts to create codes while learning to problem solve and create animations and games, developing skills and mindsets of real life. Through Scratch, learners will develop their 21st-century skills of wonder, curiosity, inventiveness, resourcefulness, collaboration, among other skills!

  • Class length: 45 minutes
  • Ages: 8-13
  • Reviews: 5/5 stars on Outschool

You could also try a free live online small-group Scratch class.

2. Coding Is Cool: The Basics of Programming and an Introduction to Scratch - Outschool

In this 4-week course, students will learn the basics of what coding is and how they can use it to make computers perform tasks, in addition to being introduced to Scratch coding. Kids will learn about best practices for writing code, what bugs are, and how to find/fix them. Students will also see the Scratch workspace and learn some basic functions they can use to create projects. There will be a fair amount of lecture time, but students will have a chance to (and are encouraged to) ask any questions they may have along the way. There will also be some time for students to share their creations if they choose.

  • Class length: 55 minutes
  • Ages: 7-10
  • Reviews: 5/5 stars on Outschool

Also for 10-year olds, try a fun live online small group free intro to Python coding.

If you're not sure Scratch is the right place to begin, here are a few popular Outschool coding classes in other subjects and programming languages.

3. Coding and Robotics - Outschool

In this four-week class, students will learn how to code a virtual Robot with Blockly and Python. Students will learn how to do basic coding using blocks, using Blockly code on an online site designed to manipulating an online VEX robot. During the first class, students will review various VEX IQ blocks, write basic pseudocode, review VEX IQ Components, and define VEX devices. Each week students will write a simple program that changes the online robot in some way. During the third class, students will have the option to build code in Python or just review the Python code created by the Blockly code.

  • Class length: 55 minutes
  • Ages: 8-11
  • Reviews: 4.5/5 stars on Outschool

Your student can also try a semi-private live online Junior Robotics class.

4. Coding for Kids - Minecraft - Outschool

In this three day course, everyone will learn and create code using Blockly to solve Minecraft coding puzzles that build in difficulty. Each day students will enjoy playing coding games, and learn coding skills such as building sequences, loops, and conditions. The instructor will show code based games that will push the meaning of the coding language, and model how to build code through specific challenges. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively to guide others through accomplishing assigned coding tasks. Students do not need any prior computer coding knowledge.

  • Class length: 45 minutes
  • Ages: 7-9
  • Reviews: 5/5 stars on Outschool

Students might also enjoy a live online Minecraft modding class.

5. Video Game Design: Beginner Coding - Outschool

Create and code your own video game for you and all your friends to play. This class introduces students to basic coding vocabulary and techniques. Students don't need to have any previous coding experience. Kids will learn to make games via a simple visual programming language. Students learn programming logic to code characters’ behaviors and reactions to events in their games. Students learn to use the tools available in Kodu to create land, water, mountains, buildings, and more. You must have Kodu which is free but currently only runs on Windows.

  • Class length: 60 minutes
  • Ages: 7-10
  • Reviews: 5/5 stars on Outschool

Get started with a free online Roblox game coding intro class for students ages 9+.

What is Outschool?

Outschool is an education platform founded in 2015 that offers a variety of interactive, live video classes by independent educators.

How do Outschool classes work?

Outschool's live online classes work as live meetings over video chat at scheduled times. A class could meet just once, or many times over a semester. Most classes also involve independent homework before or after the live meetings.

For a student to attend class, Outschool provides a video chat app called Zoom. They send the link to the online classroom for each class. Most classes on Outschool use the built-in tools. For classes with Zoom, you don't need to worry about logging in - it's handled automatically.

Outschool classes are paid as a flat fee up front. Check out Outschool free class alternatives.

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