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Junior Hackers - Smart and Safe on Internet

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Junior Hackers - Smart and Safe on Internet Class

Learn all about computer security and how to use the internet safely
  • Grades 2-5
  • 2-3 students group class
  • 55 minutes per session
  • Live online class
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(8 Sessions)
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Join fun cybersecurity introduction classes for kids

Do your children know what information they should or shouldn't show on social media or video games? Kids are online more than ever before, but do they know how to use the Internet safely and protect their privacy? When students join this introductory class they'll explore a wide range of topics related to computer security, modern computers, and the Internet. This will be the most exciting cybersecurity class for kids with real-world applications, delivered through a combination of project and inquiry-based learning. We'll enjoy fun videos, games, and security tools, as well as building projects of our own.

  • This fun cybersecurity introductory course covers a wide range of topics related to security, modern computers, and the Internet. Students will find out how passwords work and why some are much better than others. And we will build a simple project to demonstrate how fast it is to crack a simple password. They'll learn how viruses work, and why it is important not to download and click on information from the Internet. Be a detective to see if you can see patterns! Plus, kids will discover what information to share and not to share on the Internet, and for what reasons. Before learning how to watch out for signs, and how data are used. They'll even develop a better understanding of how the Internet works. Why can we talk to someone far away over the Internet? Find out! And see how to use a packet sniffer to actually see packets going in and out of your own computer.
  • In unit 2 of this course, we will explore more about different fun aspects of the security and the technologies behind it. Do you know that everything in the computer and on the Internet ends to be 0s and 1s. Yes, that's it! We will start with learning how these two numbers form the foundation of everything we see and experience on computers. We will learn more about Internet and how information get delivered, and what kind of security implication there might be. And finally, we will learn how to keep things secure through encryption and build a fun Scratch project that generates Morse code.
  • $318 $254.40

     20% Off
    (8 Sessions)
  • Scratch coding experience is required for taking these classes. Scratch Ninja is a great class to join to learn Scratch

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