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Josiah Schubert's Maker Portfolio

Josiah Schubert's Maker Portfolio

Adventures of BOT 2by Josiah Schubert
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Online Coding Fair: Brave
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I made it very easily. I added the code for gravity. Then, I Made him move by arrow keys. Next, I put the code for the portals. I put a script to transport BOT to another backdrop. I added a ground sprite. (That was for gravity too). I also made different costumes for the ground. I Made a stair one to climb on too. I made the rock appear only in that backdrop. I also made the bounce affect and sound. (NO RECORDING!) So I added important things like the potion dumping and the costume changing for bot. I also changed the ground with a hole when BOT activated stone digger mode. I added a cool falling backdrop and made him win the game.