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Omari T. Jones's Maker Portfolio

Omari T. Jones's Maker Portfolio

Baseball Tournamentby Omari
Baseball Tournament
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This project is about a girl who is a Super Baseball Hero. She's able to shoot down her catchers and destroy them before they get her. If she's caught by one of the catchers, the Baseball girl's game is over.

Finding Bella
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I planned out a storyline. Created scenes using sprites and backdrops. My sprites were coded with input and output messages where my cat Bella was hiding in the city from my dog Lucy.

Snake Cake Head
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Memory Game
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Lydia the Fairy will tell you a series of numbers. After she has told you all of them, repeat each one of them. It will start from 3 numbers total, then 4, then 5.. See if you can beat my smart Fairy!

Find the different dot fast<3
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- Click the green flag to start the game.

- Click the dog with the red dot to show you found the difference.

- Watch the color change

- Watch your timer appear for how fast (in seconds) you found the red dot.

Omari Jones Homework Assignment 1
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Dot 1 I made spin by 90 degrees

Riley -d I made the size change

Kiran-a I made fade in and out