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Yanxi Chia's Maker Portfolio

Yanxi Chia's Maker Portfolio

Cross The Roadby Yanxi

Look! My cat got banged by a car. Oh Yes! My cat made it home! Hope you like my project. Thank you Teacher Jean and friends!

Boo Bee, Butter Wee & Fly Bye are playing Tag game in my flower garden. Do you like it? They all are best friends and they are my pet friends.

I created an outer space birthday card for my favorite cat Meow Meow. Do you like my alien? Meow Meow is happy to see my card.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Teacher Jean & all my friends! Ho Ho Ho!

The penguin lives in Antarctica and the polar bear lives in the Arctic. Look! The rabbit lives in the garden and it slowly disappears. Hope you like my project. Thank you. 💗
I put a disco background. I made my rabbit walk and jump. Do you like my chicken walk? Hope you enjoy the show ☺️