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Supercharge Your AI Skills with Class

Learn customizing language models with experts
  • Grades 6-10
  • 2-20 students group class
  • 125 minutes per session
  • Live online class
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We are excited to partner with again to pilot one of their upcoming classes. Students will get to learn this brand new class material before anyone else, and their feedback will help millions of other students. How cool is that!?

Generative AI is creating a fundamental shift in society. It is impacting almost every industry, creating new opportunities for productivity, while also introducing new challenges to how these industries impact society. As Generative AI becomes more powerful, the career skills of the future will increasingly become about harnessing that power. is excited to introduce students to this new frontier of artificial intelligence. This course is for grades 6th - 10th students who have learned block based coding. No prior AI experience is required. 

Important Notes:

This special class is set up differently from our regular classes:

  • Class will be taught by a facilitator from

  • There will be up to 20 students in the class

  • Classes run for 2 hours a day for 4 days a week, for 2 weeks starting from July 15th (click on the Enroll button below to see detailed schedule). Your child should attend both weeks.

  • Please sign up only if you can attend all sessions, as we rely on students' feedback to improve classes (There is no refund or make-up classes if you miss sessions.)

The class fee collected will be donated to help students in need with their STEM learning. For low income families, if you qualify for a free lunch program at school, you may apply to take this class for free by sending an email to and copying one of your school admins on their official school email. 

We look forward seeing you soon!

  • Customizing Language Models
  • This Customizing Language Models classes aims to unpack the “magic” of Generative AI with a foundational understanding of how text-based large-language models work. Using new labs and tools integrated into Code Studio to customize the function of a language model, students use techniques such as prompt engineering, retrieval, and adjusting the output parameters of a model to help complete specific tasks. Students learn how these customizations augment or change the underlying structure of an LLM, and they learn which methods are most appropriate for the kind of result they are interested in. At the end of their learning, students apply their knowledge by customizing a personally relevant chatbot to speak about a topic they are interested in.

  • $75 (8 Sessions)

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