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All of our teachers not only go through a rigorous interview process, but also need to maintain strong teaching records in order to continue tutoring. Tutors are either certified teachers or have strong academic college records or work experience in their subject areas.

Flexible Arrangement

You decide when you want to do tutoring sessions and how often. Your teacher will customize your session content based on your learning requests. Need to switch to a different subject with a different tutor? No problem. Easily renew monthly and cancel at any time.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We're committed to offering the best tutoring experience for you. Get in touch any time with any requests you might have. We will help you find the best fit for your learning goals.

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Enjoy 1:1 learning with great teachers
Pre-algebra Algebra
Pre-algebra Algebra
Enjoy 1:1 learning with great teachers
Enjoy 1:1 learning with great teachers
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Pricing for Private Tutoring


$240 per month

$295 with 75min / session
  • Meet once every week
  • 60 min for each session
  • 4 sessions per month

Meet Our Tutoring Experts

Get to know some of our awesome tutors and their experience!
Gabrielle Cindric
Gabrielle Cindric

Gabrielle earned an Associate Degree in Computer Science, was on the honor roll during college, and she loves helping her students perform at a higher level. Gabrielle has tutored many students, as well as her classmates and peers. She tutors Create & Learn students in elementary school math, including pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry.

Annie Schmitt
Annie Schmitt

Annie has worked with students around the world to improve their confidence and core academic skills. She holds a teacher certification in science, computer science, and elementary math. Annie tutors in elementary math to guide students to unlearn the "I'm bad at math" narrative, and employ effective math strategies.

Namita Manohar
Namita Manohar

As a child Namita loved learning - especially math and science. She studied chemistry at the University of North Carolina before joining Teach for America and teaching high school math. Now Namita works as a software engineer and tutors students in pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tutoring

How is the Tutoring Program different from regular Create & Learn classes?

Regular Create & Learn classes all have a pre-defined curriculum. Even though teachers tailor specific lessons based on what’s best for each particular group of students, the overall class follows the curriculum pretty closely. We hold small group classes for all subjects regularly, and parents can also request for private lessons.

With the Tutoring program, parents/students need to share with the teacher what kind of help they need and goals, etc. Each teacher will decide on his/her own how to best help the student. Typically, the content is created by teachers themselves, not by Create & Learn. Because tutoring sessions are highly customized, they are all private classes.

Q: Should I book a regular Create & Learn class or a tutoring class?

It depends on the subjects and your goals. If your child is just getting started on learning Scratch, Python, Minecrafting code, or any other computer science subjects we offer (see full list of courses here), it is best to start from our regular classes as they use expert designed curriculums that are specifically created for students at these stages. 

If you are interested in subjects that we don’t currently offer in our regular curriculum, such as Math, PyGame, and Photoshop, then the Tutoring program is the way to go. 

If you have completed our regular classes and would like to go even deeper on the subject or want to work on a particular project for personal interests, then definitely sign up for the tutoring program with our expert teachers and go even further with the subject. 

Q: What qualifications do tutors have in order to teach a specific subject? 

As with all Create & Learn classes, we hold high standards on the teaching quality. All tutors also teach Create & Learn coding classes. A teacher qualifies to hold tutoring classes only if he/she has a strong track record with our coding classes and have shown qualifications for the subject areas they are tutoring. The qualifications include a combination of certifications, recommendations/references for relevant work experiences, or transcripts. 

Q: Can I choose a teacher for the tutoring class?

Yes. If you have a particular teacher in mind, you can email to request for the teacher. Otherwise, just choose your class and time options here, we will show you available instructors based on your preferred schedule.  

Q: Can I sign up tutoring for multiple subjects?

You certainly can. The way to do it now is to go through the steps once with the first subject. If you have additional subjects you want to add, just go through the same process again for each subject. 

Q: How does billing work? Can I cancel or pause the program if I no longer need the tutor?

You are billed monthly for the sessions in the coming month. You can cancel the subscription for the coming month (unbilled) anytime by sending an email to If you need to pause or terminate tutoring in the middle of the month after it has been paid, email us at least 1 week before your last session so the teacher can plan it accordingly. 

Q: Do I receive a referral bonus for referring students to the tutoring program?

Absolutely. We are always appreciative of the support from parents. To refer a friend, just login to our website and click on any of the share buttons on the website, or go to your account page to get the link to share with your friends or community.