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Python Skill Builder with AI

Create cool projects in Python to sharpen your coding skills.
Welcome to Python Skill Builder


Welcome to Create & Learn Python Skill Builder!

Whey you learn a new programming language like Python, it is very important to practice by creating projects. This Python Skill Builder has been created to help students accomplish exactly that!

If you are taking our Python for AI course, you will find that the projects here are mapped to your Python classes so you can use this Python Skill Builder as a companion tool.

If you are new to Python or want to learn more about, check out our Python for AI class where you will learn a wide range of essential Python concepts while making fun projects. Our classes are up to 5 students only and is free to get started.

If you have signed up for Python for AI 1-4, your class registration comes with 6 months of free access to Python Skill Builder. Just sign in to your account, the access will be enabled automatically.

As a new initiative, we would love to hear your feedback. Rate each project or email us directly at, so we can continue to add more fun projects for you.