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NextGen Education

Founded by a Whole Child & Real World Education expert, Ph.D. in Education, and international consultant for the U.N./World Bank project.

We provide innovative cross-curricular literacy (e.g. STEM writing, E-book),digital media (e.g. Animation, Smartphone Filmmaking) and designing (e.g. 3-D printing, engineering design) online live classes through design thinking, PBL (project-based learning), experiential and inquiry learning, and CBE (competency-based Ed). We give a discounted group rate for Create & Learn students.

Our teachers and mentors are accomplished traditionally published authors, leading professionals, and university teachers who have graduated from/taught at universities such as Harvard, UC Berkeley and UT Austin with 15+ years' of experience.

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Sample student work: Sci-Fi and Future Fiction; STEM writing

NextGen Education New York Times STEM Writing Contest

NextGen Education New York Times STEM Writing Contest

  • Grades 5-11
  • Why does snow sometimes turn red? Can Saturn’s rings help to reveal what’s happening in the planet’s core? In the annual New York Times STEM Writing Contest, students can choose an issue or question in science, technology, engineering, math or health, then write an engaging 500-word explanation for a general reader. The winners' essays will be published on The New York Times Learning Network.

    Join these 4-week classes, taught by published authors and university teachers graduated from/teach at Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley and UT Austin! Your child will write and revise an essay, so that they will be ready to submit to the contest by the deadline (Feb 15, 2023). They will also be able to submit to publish in the NextGen Edu online journal!

    For Age 11-17.

    Students will:

    --Find a STEM-related question, concept or issue they are interested in

    --Explain a complex and interesting science, math, engineering or technology concept to a general audience, using the Science Times column Trilobites as a model

    --Learn from last years' winners

    --Write an exemplary STEM essay, get individualized feedback and submit to the contest We’ll cover the most important elements of STEM writing considered by the NY Times STEM writing team:

    --How to hook the reader: strategies for engaging readers and teachers from the opening paragraph

    --Explain why a topic or an issue matter in a larger context

    --How to incorporate information from the sources: quoting and paraphrasing experts and research

    Curriculum co-designed by STEM experts, Google computer scientist & senior software engineer, and Dr. Jiang Pu, founder of NextGen Edu.

    Class size: 4-8 students

    Cancellation and rescheduling policy: This is a one-time class. Students may swtich to other NY Times STEM writing classes if spots are available. If no spots are available, you will receive credit toward another/future ongoing class, camp or learning experience at NextGen Edu. Additional written feedback: Our teachers will provide invidualized feedback on student writings. If your students need additional supervsion after the class is over, please email us for the request. We will provide 1-on-1 written feedback for the writing part. Professor Man, Ph.D. in Physics from Princeton Univ., will help review the content of student essays.

  • 60 minutes per session
    4 Sessions
  • $158 (4 Sessions)
  • 2-6 students group class
Sci-Fi and Future Fiction Writing Class (5 sessions)

Sci-Fi and Future Fiction Writing Class (5 sessions)

  • Grades 3-8
  • "Science Fiction is the bridge between science and art." Calling all young scientists! Do you have a wild imagination? Do you want to explore Mars with your favorite robot rover or do a time travel through a black hole? Have you ever wondered what the world will be like in 2050 or 2100? Come discuss the techniques used in some of the best science fiction, and create stories only you can write! May the force be with you!

    Sci-Fi class taught by published authors and university teachers graduated from/teach at Harvard, UC Berkeley and UT Austin. We will play fun writing games to let our creative juices flow, work on story settings, structure, character creation, plot based on scientific principles and facts, exciting beginnings and endings. By the end of the camp, students will have designed sci-fi or future fiction in the format of a beautifully designed multimedia E-book! They will also be able to submit to publish in the NextGen Edu online journal! Each student will receive a 114-page young sci-fi and future fiction writers' packet before the class

    Class size: 2-6 students

    Sample student work (more to be added soon): Sci-Fi and Future Fiction

    Reschedule and cancellation policy: Camp is reschedulable. Refunds will be given for cancellations requested two weeks or more in advance of camp or class, or if classes are cancelled by NextGen Education due to unforseen circumstances. For cancellation requests received less than two weeks before camp or class, you will receive full credit towards another camp or learning experience.

  • 60 minutes per session
    5 Sessions
  • $168 (5 Sessions)
  • 2-10 students group class
Mystery Writing

Mystery Writing

  • Grades 5-10
  • About the Instructor:

    Susan M., Masters in Education from Stanford University.

    She has three credentials: California Teaching Credential in English, Administrative Credential, Cross-cultural, Language, and Academic Development credential

    About the class:

    Together, we’ll learn the vocabulary and steps of writing mysteries.  We’ll develop a detective, create a setting, and choose between two options:  our own mysteries for the detective to solve or one mystery –such as a missing artifact or crime --where we can each pursue a separate clue. We’ll sprinkle in other essential choices, then we’ll set out on our individual writing journey. Either path, we’ll share our writing and review how the details of our own story reveal the critical parts of storytelling.  Through the process of giving and receiving feedback with panache, we’ll practice the best tools for revision.  Then we’ll polish our contribution and create a combined story that satisfies any mystery lover!

  • 60 minutes per session
    5 Sessions
  • $198 (5 Sessions)
  • 2-10 students group class