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Jason Torres

Jason Torres

Programming Instructor

Jason Torres is a Scratch and Python instructor at Create & Learn. He has been a teacher for 20 years, and for 17 of those years he has taught in an online environment teaching different technology courses, including Intro to I.T., Web Design, AP Computer Science and Foundations of Programming. Jason earned his Master's Degree in Instructional Media at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, was voted Florida Virtual High School Teacher of the Year in 2018, and was awarded a Fulbright Teacher Global Classroom award in 2023. When he is not defeating enemies in Hyrule, he is coming in fourth place playing Mario Kart with his three boys.

MakeCode Arcade 1: Introduction to Game Design

MakeCode Arcade 1: Introduction to Game Design

  • Grades 3-10
  • Welcome to MakeCode Arcade, an online program you can use to create fun and unique games! In this class you will use block-style programming (similar to Scratch) to design and create retro arcade games that you can post online and share with others! In this introductory course you will learn the basics of MakeCode Arcade to create four different styles of games and study different elements of game design.

    This course includes four sessions:

    Session 1: Learn the basic building blocks of MakeCode Arcade to help create a chase game.

    Session 2: Discover how to create maps with enemies to create a dungeon crawler\map game.

    Session 3: Create and use projectiles to shoot enemies down before they reach you.

    Session 4: Build a village with your own house and interactive neighbors.

    Each session contains instruction of several foundational programming principles like variables, loops, modules, or condition statements. Students are encouraged to move beyond each project by customizing their game and include advanced game features. Each session provides time for students to share their game and receive and provide feedback to others.

    Are you ready to build an arcade game? Let's get started!

  • 60 minutes per session
    4 Sessions
  • $100 (4 Sessions)
  • 2-4 students group class
  • Everyone is welcome, though experience with Scratch is helpful! Email for information regarding private classes.