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Intro to Building Mobile Apps

Grades 4-7

Build your very first mobile app in this fun-filled class and open up a brand new world of possibilities for your child in learning computer science. Students will start learning how to design the layout of mobile apps and code the active components to build a riddle game. This class will also give your child a sense of what it is like to go deeper in developing mobile apps. Sign up for this free intro class for a limited time only!

Mobile Coding for Apps and Games 1

Grades 4-7

In this course, students will learn the basics of the mobile programming environment and how to code their very own apps. They will explore how to employ text, device sensors, and even the camera to build projects and games that involve image recognition, word games, and riddles!

Mobile Coding for Apps and Games 2

Grades 4-7

This unit will build on mobile and computational concepts from the first unit. Students will learn how to build more complex and fun game applications, as well as networking and multi-user apps!

Mobile Coding for Apps and Games 3

Grades 4-8

In this level, we will build 2 fun games, including a multiplayer game, as well as a cool app for you to store our favorite items. The advanced mobile coding concepts we are learning include cloud variables, storing image data, arrays, and more.

Java Primer with Android 1

Grades 6-12

In Java Level 1, students will learn the basics of Java syntax, Input / Output, Variables, Data Types, Loops, Casting, Utility Classes, Random Numbers, Objects, Arrays, Interfaces, Composite objects, and more! We will also build a fun project every session.

Java Primer with Android 2

Grades 6-12

Java Level 2 builds on the skills learned in Java 1 and introduces the type of Object-Oriented Programming that is critical for success in Android mobile app development. The first half of the course explores and expands on important programming concepts such as ArrayLists and Object-Oriented Programming. In the second half of the course, students will learn to design Android front-ends for the objects and programs they have previously written. With this approach, students will see first hand what it means to develop modular, portable objects, and what software reusability looks like in real life.

Java Primer with Android 3

Grades 6-12

In Java Level 3, students apply the skills learned in Java 1 and 2, and are introduced to more advanced Java concepts such as 2-D Arrays and Sets. Students create games and Android apps for their games. This unit will expand on the building blocks of an Android app’s User Interface and how to use Android resources to customize a user’s experience This involves learning XML attributes and the hierarchy of View and ViewGroup objects. Every session will introduce new, useful Java/Android concepts that will help students build super fun games!

Java Primer with Android 4

Grades 6-12

The first part of Java Level 4 will be a continuation of a fun Java console game completed in Java level 3. Students will use their Java/Android knowledge to turn it into an Android game. In the second part, students will continue to gain Android programming experience while building an app from scratch. This unit introduces more Android View components that will help students learn how to build more complex games and applications.

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