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Minecraft Coding Quest 1

Grades 2-5

Let the fun begin! We start from the very basics of the coding concepts in this fun-filled class. Students solve puzzles by coding an agent in the Minecraft game to move, take actions, and react to the environment. They are also given the opportunity to build open ended puzzles on their own. We will cover core coding concepts including sequence, conditional, loop, and more. All the puzzles and projects are designed by our curriculum experts exclusively for Create & Learn.

Minecraft Coding Quest 2

Grades 2-5

Students start to spend more time building open ended projects in level 2 which allow them to expand and be creative even more easily. We also advance to teach intermediate coding concepts such as variables, event, and function. Using Minecraft as the platform, students can code to place and break blocks, build structure, spawn animals, develop mini-games, and a lot more. They will feel empowered. Not only can they play Minecraft, they can create their own favorite games as well!

Minecraft Code to Mod - Level 1

Grades 5-9

In this exciting Minecraft coding class, students will have a great time learning to create mod for their favorite game - Minecraft!. Their code will spawn their favorite creatures, build cool structures, and create games to challenge others. Students will master important programming concepts like function, loop, variable, just to name a few, taking a big step forward toward developing computer science skills.

Minecraft Code to Mod - Level 2

Grades 5-9

In this level 2 Minecraft coding course for kids, we will cover more advanced coding concepts such as functions with inputs and outputs, array, string, etc. Students will also learn more advanced modding techniques in Minecraft and build both single player and multi-play games. Same as all of our classes, we encourage students to apply their own creativity and build projects that reflect their own passion using the core knowledge.

Minecraft Code to Mod - Level 3

Grades 5-9

In this Unit 3 of Minecraft coding class, we cover the most advanced coding concepts that the platform has to offer, such as objects, libraries. We will also practice the techniques of learning coding by reading other people's programs and documentations. The projects we build will be far more complex. It is capped with a Fortnite like game. :)

Coding with Roblox Studio 1

Grades 4-8

We introduce the basics of Roblox coding while building fun games in this first unit. Most students have likely not interacted with complex coding environments like Roblox Studio, which has two big aspects of it - building and scripting. We will learn workspace, objects, and how to configure properties of the objects such as color and texture. We will also start learning Lua, the text-based scripting language used in Roblox. This is often the first text-based coding for many kids. Students will learn how to code with Lua and apply conditional, loops, and variable concepts.

Coding with Roblox Studio 2

Grades 4-8

One of the most powerful aspects of Roblox coding is the ability to create multiplayer game experiences quickly. In part of this Roblox coding series, students learn how to build multiplayer games so they can invite their friends to play their games together which is fun and motivating! We will also go deeper on coding concepts with Lua scripting to learn functions and event handling, while continuing to reinforce previous programming concepts.

Unity Game Development - 1

Grades 6-12

The focus of this class is on 2D game development. Students will be introduced to Unity and become familiar with the structure, layout, and different components of the software. We will build a 2D platform game where players can control the movement of the sprite and direct its interactions with the environment such as colliding with obstacles and hazards. Some examples of game development components we cover include assets, mesh renderer, collider, rigidbody, and animations. In addition to becoming familiar with the Unity editor and workflow, students will also learn how to create C# scripts and do some simple programming. By the end, students will be able to call basic functions, then declare and tweak new variables to modify the results of those functions. Students will gain a foundational knowledge of programming in C# and will feel confident that they can implement new features on their own with this knowledge.

Unity Game Development - 2

Grades 6-12

In part 2 of our Unity Game Development series, students will build their first 3D game in Unity. This involves learning more advanced features of the Unity platform and continues to gain their skills on C# programming. Some specific topics covered include: - Configuration and navigation of 3D Scene - Projectile speed, projectile arc, target collide destroy - Score - hit/miss, bullseye - Particle effects, layout design

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