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Explore Magical Turtles, Frogs, and More

Grades 1-10

What makes a turtle a tortoise? Is that frog a toad? In this fun livestream online event, your student (Grades 1-10) will join a Director of Education from The Amphibian Foundation, and take a look at the biology and make up of turtles, tortoises, frogs, and toads! Your child will have a chance to meet live examples of these animals, as they discover the amazing characteristics these creatures possess. Even if you can't make the live event at this time, sign up and we'll send you the recording to watch anytime you'd like.

Explore Artificial Intelligence with Google Expert

Grades 4-10

Is your child fascinated by AI and robots like R2-D2 in Star Wars or Transformers? Can we be friends with AI one day? Now AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere - AI can now beat the highest ranking Go players, compose music, read medical images better than average doctors, and so much more. In this exciting event, your child will meet the Co-Head of Google's People + AI Research Center to explore the human-centered AI in the future. Sign up to save your spot for FREE today, and have fun!

Explore Google Maps with Google Expert

Grades 3-10

Does your child want to know how maps work in our daily life? Meet the Head of Google Maps Platform Developer Relations, and explore the cool technologies behind maps! Your child from Grades 4-10 will learn: 📍 Where maps are used, especially in games! 📍 How maps work, e.g. how to find the best direction 📍 Practice your knowledge with hands-on activities from Google 📍 How you can contribute to Google maps Sign up to save your spot for FREE today, and have fun!

From Ocean to Supercomputers - The Journey of Computing

Grades 4-10

Do your kids know even the fastest computers today are made from sands in the ocean? Meet Rebecca, the Vice President at Intel, to take your child on a journey of computing - from Ocean to Supercomputers, and it is FREE! In this fun event, your child from Grades 4-10 will learn: 🏝 How sand is turned to chips and then computers ☁️ How lots of computers work together to provide cloud computing 🌎 Environmental aspects of cloud computing and data centers Rebecca leads the organization that influences every aspect of Intel’s cloud platform solutions, and she is on Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list of most influential people in technology. She also graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Sign up to save your spot for FREE today, and have fun!

Explore Self-Driving Cars with Google Expert!

Grades 4-10

Does your child love cars? Do they want to know what cars will look like in the future? Explore self-driving cars with a Google expert and have fun - for FREE! In this exciting online event, children grades 4-10 will learn: ✅ About all the cool features of future cars with no drivers 💪 And explore how Computer Science creates much more powerful cars. 💻 Plus, students will get inspired by the state-of-the-art Google technologies for future cars. Book your child's virtual seat today, and be prepared for the future!

How the Airbnb Website was Built (with Airbnb Expert!)

Grades 4-10

Does your child want to know how the amazing Airbnb website was built? Meet an Airbnb expert and explore the latest technologies behind travel magic nowadays, like websites and cloud computing! In this class, your child (Grades 4-10) will learn about: ✈️ What Airbnb, is and what it is like working at Airbnb 🖥 Airbnb website infrastructure such as Frontend, Backend, Dataflow ☁️ How Airbnb stores tons of data globally using Cloud Computing 🙋 Fun hands-on activities with Airtable to test your new knowledge Sign up to save your spot for FREE today, and have fun!

Wonders of Wildlife - A Tech Adventure

Grades 4-10

Does your child love animals and nature? We share our beautiful planet with whales swimming in the ocean, eagles soaring in the sky, lions guarding their prey, and butterflies landing on flowers... More and more, technologies are being used in preserving the wilderness and protecting our planet. In this fascinating talk, Dr. Dave Thau, Global Data and Technology Lead Scientist at WWF (World Wildlife Foundation), will show us how cutting edge technologies such as AI, Big Geospatial Data, and Remote Sensing are used to protect forest and wildlife, and introduce us to some really cool projects. Join this fun talk to learn more about how scientists study nature and check out some tools that let your nature loving child explore on their own.

Code Games with Game Expert at Unity

Grades 4-10

Your child probably spends a lot of time playing games, right? 😏 Why not encourage them to build their own games and make an awesome career out of it?! 🎮 In this live online event, your child from Grades 4-10 will meet a game expert from Unity, one of the biggest game companies in the world. Students will explore how to create a car-driving game with Unity Bolt, a cool coding tool, and also learn about how to become a game developer. The expert’s recent work includes developing and optimizing Nintendo Switch ports, real-time multiplayer VR experiences, and simulation with the Microsoft Hololens. Sign up for the free event today, and have fun!

Top STEM League Summer Camp Fair (Parents Event, Kids Welcome)

Grades K-12

Learn everything you need to know about the 2021 Top STEM League Online Summer Camps! We are a group of carefully selected, award-winning kids' programs partnering together to bring you the best online summer camps. These programs have earned 5-star ratings from hundreds of parents, have a strong track record in their respective communities, and a couple have even demonstrated their master skills on TV! Pick from 7+ breakout rooms to hear first-hand from awesome teachers, and ask any questions you have! Here are the breakout room areas: - Coding, AI, Robotics, and More - Creative LEGO Skills - Art and Digital Design - Professional Scholastic Chess - Quantum Physics for Kids - Build and Run Minecraft Cities

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