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Explore Magical Turtles, Frogs, and More

Grades 1-10

What makes a turtle a tortoise? Is that frog a toad? In this fun livestream online event, your student (Grades 1-10) will join a Director of Education from The Amphibian Foundation, and take a look at the biology and make up of turtles, tortoises, frogs, and toads! Your child will have a chance to meet live examples of these animals, as they discover the amazing characteristics these creatures possess. Even if you can't make the live event at this time, sign up and we'll send you the recording to watch anytime you'd like.

Explore Google Maps with Google Expert

Grades 3-10

Does your child want to know how maps work in our daily life? Meet the Head of Google Maps Platform Developer Relations, and explore the cool technologies behind maps! Your child from Grades 4-10 will learn: 📍 Where maps are used, especially in games! 📍 How maps work, e.g. how to find the best direction 📍 Practice your knowledge with hands-on activities from Google 📍 How you can contribute to Google maps Sign up to save your spot for FREE today, and have fun!

Top STEM League Summer Camp Fair (Parents Event, Kids Welcome)

Grades K-12

Learn everything you need to know about the 2021 Top STEM League Online Summer Camps! We are a group of carefully selected, award-winning kids' programs partnering together to bring you the best online summer camps. These programs have earned 5-star ratings from hundreds of parents, have a strong track record in their respective communities, and a couple have even demonstrated their master skills on TV! Pick from 7+ breakout rooms to hear first-hand from awesome teachers, and ask any questions you have! Here are the breakout room areas: - Coding, AI, Robotics, and More - Creative LEGO Skills - Art and Digital Design - Professional Scholastic Chess - Quantum Physics for Kids - Build and Run Minecraft Cities

How to Become a YouTuber

Grades 2-10

Do you want to become a YouTuber? The first step is to learn how to create exciting videos that captivate your audience. In this class we'll go over a few key techniques that can be used to keep your viewers coming back for more. These techniques include learning how to trim video, adding the appropriate music, and how to overlay text. By the end of class you'll have a video that is ready to upload to your YouTube channel! Feel free to bring your own video clips (especially video of your coding!), but we will have some samples for you to experiment with if you prefer. Creating social media platforms such as Youtube must be 13 years and older. This class will not teach students how to start a Youtube channel, but will only teach them how to create great videos that they can use in their existing or future Youtube channels. If students consider creating a Youtube channel, parents must be by their child for guidance. Officially, YouTube forbids children under the age of 13 to create their own accounts, and children between ages 13 and 17 are only allowed to open accounts with parental permission. Parents are allowed to create their children a Youtube channel. It is important that parents monitor and help their children when creating a Youtube channel.

Online Coding Fair - Planet!

Grades 2-10

Do your kids love planet or outer space? Do they want to tell their stories about it with coding? Join this coding fair, and get inspirations from advanced students who use their favorite coding tools to create animations, games, or apps about planet! We encourage kids to use Scratch, Python, Minecraft, or any of their favorite coding tools. After the event, you will find your child more motivated to create with coding!

Learn Scratch Coding with Kahoot!

Grades 3-7

Join us for a fun-filled hour to play a set of Kahoot! games and review coding concepts students have learned in Scratch coding classes. We will play 3 levels - starting from level 1, all the way to Level 3. Everyone is welcome to join. You can play Kahoot! from a phone, tablet, or computer. If you would like to learn more about Scratch, you could join our free intro classes to get started. Sign up here Join, have fun, and learn!

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