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Welcome! Are you passionate about computer science education, love delivering high quality teaching and learning programs, and want to join a fast growing startup company in the Edtech space? If so, read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

At Create & Learn (, we provide top quality live online Computer Science classes for thousands of students all around the world, grades 2 through 9. More than just teaching children to code, our cutting-edge curriculum delivers on a wide spectrum of computer science education, is ready to use and uniquely designed by technology experts from Google, Apple, and more.

We are also the largest 5 star rated kids coding program on Facebook nationwide.

Computer Science Workshop FacilitatorSMASH Academy


In person preferred - UC Berkeley (Berkeley), Morehouse College (Atlanta), Spelman College (Atlanta), University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), and Northeastern University (Boston)

Online position is available as well

About SMASH and Our Philosophy:
  • SMASH is committed to increasing racial equity in K-12 computer science (CS) education and the next generation of our workforce by building interest, knowledge, and aspirations in computing among underrepresented identities in the field.
  • After operating for more than 20 years and inspiring thousands of students of color to pursue careers in STEM, the SMASH Board has spent the better part of 2022-2023 reimagining SMASH in alignment with educational and economic shifts.
  • In this next phase of the organization, SMASH aspires to engage even more students from underrepresented backgrounds through a more intensively CS-focused curriculum and across a wider variety of formats. Innovative in-person and virtual programs aim to provide early exposure to CS concepts and careers to students of all ages, with deep-impact programming specifically for high school students.
  • Programming will continue to center on SMASH Academy, a three-week, cost-free, residential on-campus summer experience which helps students develop critical thinking, civic and social awareness, and leadership skills. Initially available at five partner sites across the country, this next phase of Academy supports rising 11th and 12th graders in developing CS skills and credentials.
  • With the support of partners, SMASH plans to offer additional in-person experiences for high school and college students with Hackathons and Open Innovation Challenges, which will provide early exposure to computer science (CS), empower youth to address pressing community challenges through CS, design thinking, and rapid prototyping.
  • To bring the SMASH experience to a national audience, we also plan to develop digital programs to support students nationwide in developing their CS knowledge and support their college and career navigation journey. SMASH digital resources will be open to students nationwide, while in-person programming serves students throughout the Bay Area, greater Atlanta, Detroit, and Boston regions.
  • This is a pivotal time for SMASH as SMASH builds on the success of our programs. Working at SMASH is about rapid growth, grit, personal commitment, accountability, and courage to challenge the status quo. If you have what it takes to change the computer science landscape, we want to hear from you.
  • SMASH is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization operating under the umbrella of the Kapor Center family of organizations.
About Create and Learn:

As a CS Facilitator you will be working with the Create & Learn platform. Create & Learn offers top-quality live online Computer Science classes for thousands of students all around the world, grades 2 through 12. More than just teaching children to code, its cutting-edge curriculum delivers on a wide spectrum of computer science education, is ready to use and uniquely designed by technology experts from Google, Apple, and more.

Position Description
  • Reporting to the Create & Learn, the Computer Science Workshop Facilitator will play an integral role in delivering and sustaining the transformative learning experience that SMASH Scholars need to pursue, persist, and succeed in CS. Computer Science Workshop Facilitators will facilitate a group of around 25 scholars through project-based learning.
  • The CS Workshop is a scholar-centered course that allows scholars to develop CS skills by way of projects and challenges. Scholars will work in various configurations including whole-group, small group, and individually while solving coding challenges using basic skills in Scratch or Python. In addition to facilitating scholars’ development of CS skills, facilitators will support scholars in understanding the importance of CS as a work readiness skill and ways in which CS applies to scholars’ career interests. Strong CS Workshop Facilitators will empower scholars to take ownership of their own learning and teach through inquiry rather than providing answers for scholars. This is a shift from the traditional model of education and requires letting scholars lead, and stepping in to guide in the right direction when necessary.
  • This is a 3-week (July 5th- July 19th) assignment, with an additional commitment of training prior to launch. Facilitators will need to embrace and model flexibility, adaptability, and a solution-oriented mindset. Strong preference will be given to candidates with the ability to conduct in-person teaching in Berkeley, CA, Atlanta, GA, Ann Arbor, MI, or Boston, MA.
  • As this role has a virtual component, we expect staff to provide the following -- their own personal computer (desktop or laptop) that has a working webcam, speaker and microphone for video conferencing capabilities (i.e. Zoom, Google Hangouts, Cisco Webex); reliable Internet connection (at least 25 Mbps download speed); and quiet workspace for virtual programming.
  • All staff and scholars will be required to comply with the SMASH COVID-19 policy for in-person programming. Currently, staff working in-person are expected to test at least once each week they are working in-person with colleagues. Additionally, we encourage testing before and after in-person company and non-company sponsored events and travel. All staff and scholars must also comply with any site specific COVID-19 requirements. Site specific requirements will be shared as they become available and are subject to change. If a quarantine mandate is enforced by local government, university, or SMASH, all SMASH Academy programming will be held virtually.
  • SMASH reserves the right to revise, delete, and add to its COVID-19 policy at any time, with or without notice. Nothing in the SMASH COVID-19 policy creates a contract or changes the nature of the at-will employment relationship.
You must be available for all training and program dates.
  • Onboarding & Teacher Training: Provided by Create + Learn (Ongoing)
  • SMASH Staff Training: 7.5.2024 (Site-specific, In-Person)
  • SMASH Academy: 7.8 - 7.19.2024 (Site-specific, In-Person)
  • Note: If you are interested in facilitating more than one workshop, please see other job opportunities at
What you will do
  • Attend Training (see dates above)
  • Adhere to Structure of Curriculum Provided by Create and Learn
  • Facilitate CS Workshop Sessions
  • Two 1.5 hr sessions 5 days/week
  • Alternate between whole group, small group, and individual facilitation
  • Facilitate workshops with a focus on learning through inquiry
  • Take attendance and communicate absences with Program Director and/or Program Coordinator
  • Keep track of time
  • Ensure technical logistics are in order
  • Guide conversation between participants, ensuring all voices are heard
  • Manage the space to ensure outcomes are met for the day and that the group is on track relative to larger outcomes and goals for the summer
  • Continuously assess scholar learning, provide feedback, and pivot as needed
  • Log student achievement data on a weekly basis
  • Ensure Completion of scholar assignments
Required Attributes:
  • Collaboration: Exceptional communication skills; professionalism; excellent time management and organizational skills; timeliness and dependability; ability to have difficult conversations
  • Relationship Building: Respect for individual differences of everyone in the room; humility; patience when addressing situations; ability to listen to multiple perspectives
  • Problem Solving: Remain curious, innovate, iterate, and quickly pivot as needed; keep activities on task and think creatively in the face of unexpected events; consider multiple perspectives in all situations
  • Resilience: Approach situations with a growth mindset, adapt, and reflect to ensure desired outcome(s) are met; sense of urgency
  • Life-long Learner: Willingness to model learning and figure out content alongside scholars; open to feedback; learning from what scholars have to offer
What you bring:
  • Experience teaching Computer Science
  • Proficiency in Python and/or AI, with a minimum requirement of at least one semester of college-level courses or equivalent experience
  • Commitment to SMASH’s mission; willingness to embrace goals/values is essential
  • Demonstrated experience and success facilitating workshops with 40-45 participants (preferably at high school level)
  • A belief that ALL scholars are capable of growing and achieving as learners
  • Previous experience with adopting and adapting to new technologies through self-guidance and video tutorials
  • Results-driven; work around potential obstacles to ensure all goals are met and deliverables are completed by the end of program
  • Desire to teach with technology and improve technological skills as needed
  • Effective class management skills to lead a class of high energy students
  • Demonstrated effectiveness working with low-income, first-generation college youth of color in diverse fields a plus
  • Experience in afterschool/camp setting/leading a classroom preferable
  • Flexibility in your availability for training dates and event dates
  • Spanish fluency a plus
  • Virtual learning experience a plus
Application Information:

Apply for this position below and ensure you can make the training and program dates (see table in above section of Position Description).

The application includes a place to upload your resume and cover letter and to provide written responses to specific prompts. This position will close when filled.


The hourly compensation for this position is estimated to be $25 - $35/hour depending on experience. Should the employee miss any hours or days of work, the daily and therefore total compensation will be adjusted accordingly. If your assignment ends earlier than we anticipate for any reason, your compensation may also be reduced accordingly. These policies are subject to variation based on specific circumstances. By our acceptance of this SMASH facilitator role, you will be hired as a teacher at Create & Learn and may choose to teach Create & Learn other online classes at the same hourly rate prior and/or after the SMASH program. Additional training (paid) may be required to teach Create & Learn classes.

Statement of Non-Discrimination:

In keeping with our beliefs and goals, no employee or applicant will face discrimination/harassment based on: race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, age, gender, marital/domestic partner status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, or veteran status. Above and beyond discrimination/harassment based on “protected categories,” SMASH also strives to prevent other subtler forms of inappropriate behavior (i.e., stereotyping) from ever gaining a foothold in our office. Whether blatant or hidden, barriers to success have no place at SMASH.

We value a diverse workforce: people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.