Ready to learn by coding? Just like cooking from a recipe, learning by coding means picking up new skills and knowledge through doing. Whether you're looking to introduce coding to a young child, guide a teenager into more advanced projects, or tackle real-world problems as an adult, learn by coding methods offer interactive lessons and engaging challenges to make the process not only educational but also fun too. So today we'll explore ten different platforms - some free and some paid - for all skill levels, that might make the perfect starting place for your programming education. We'll also reveal a handy tool every beginner coder can benefit from!

For live expert guidance learning by coding, join an award-winning Create & Learn online class, and work on real-world applications while getting all the help you need.

Learn By Coding: Get Started Today

From colorful Scratch blocks to fascinating game platforms and interactive tutorials, find the best learning path with this handy guide.

Create & Learn interactive coding classes

1. Create & Learn Live Online Classes

Live Classes, Curriculum by Tech Experts, Wide Range of Topics, Suitable for Kids and Teens of All Ages, Project-Based Learning

Remember those Aha! moments when everything just clicks? With Create & Learn, those moments come often. Picture this: Instead of just watching pre-recorded videos, you're in a live class with an instructor who's not only a coding whiz but also someone who's passionate about teaching. The platform offers a diverse range of topics, from the basics of coding to advanced subjects like artificial intelligence. And here's the game-changer - every lesson is centered around creating a project. So, instead of memorizing abstract concepts, you’re building something tangible, something you can be proud of. Whether it's an animation, a game, or a mini-robot, by the end of each class, you've not just learned, but you've also CREATED. This hands-on approach and a lively inquiry-based learning method is what sets Create & Learn apart.

  • Do I need any prior coding experience to join Create & Learn? Not at all! Create & Learn offers courses for complete beginners to seasoned coders looking to expand their skills, and provides an optional certificate upon completion of each class.
  • How interactive are these live classes? Highly interactive! You can ask questions in real-time, receive feedback, and share your progress with the class during class.
  • What if I miss a class? No worries! Your lesson can easily be rescheduled right within your account.

Most students begin with live online Scratch Coding, Minecraft Engineering, Website Designing, or Python Programming classes. Get started with a free intro coding class to experience the difference! Or there are even interactive tutorials to follow with an AI coach, such as this Roblox one.

Scratch website

2. Scratch

Free, Suitable for all ages, online, visual-based programming

Ever thought about dipping your toes into the vast ocean of coding but felt intimidated by the syntax-heavy languages out there? Enter Scratch coding! This unique, visual-based programming platform often reminds folks of playing with digital LEGO bricks. Instead of typing out complex code, you'll be dragging and dropping colorful blocks to make things happen. Don't be deceived by its playful appearance; while Scratch is beloved by kids, it's equally powerful for adults to grasp the fundamentals of logical thinking and algorithmic design. By using Scratch, you not only lay a strong foundation for coding but do so in a fun, interactive way. It's like learning to ride with training wheels before hopping on the coding highway with high-speed languages!

  • Is Scratch just for kids? Absolutely not! While it’s popular among the younger crowd, adults find its visual approach a refreshing way to understand coding concepts.
  • Do I need to download anything? No, Scratch is an online platform. Just sign up for free and start creating projects in your browser.
  • Can I move to more advanced languages after Scratch? Of course! Scratch is a springboard. Once you're comfortable, you can dive into languages such as Python or JavaScript with greater confidence.

To get started, learn how to use Scratch. Then tackle these fun Scratch exercises and beginner Scratch challenges.

For live expert guidance every step of the way, join an award-winning live online Scratch coding class designed by professionals from Google, Stanford, and MIT: Scratch Junior (K-2); Scratch Ninja (Grades 2-5); Accelerated Scratch (Grades 5-12).

Minecraft Education Edition

3. Minecraft Education Edition

Interactive, Gamified Learning, Suitable for kids, teens & adults, online

If you've heard of Minecraft, the sandbox game that took the world by storm, there's a good chance you think it's all about building virtual worlds, fighting off creepers, and going on daring adventures. But did you know that Minecraft has an educational sibling? Minecraft Education Edition is designed to introduce coding in a hands-on, interactive manner. Imagine learning to code by actually building structures, automating tasks, and interacting with virtual creatures. It’s not just about putting down bricks; it’s about making those bricks work for you through coding! By immersing yourself in this virtual environment, you’ll learn the ropes of coding logic, algorithms, and even some game design without even realizing it. It bridges the gap between fun and learning, and it's an unbeatable way to combine leisure and education.

  • Isn't Minecraft for kids? While it's popular with a younger audience, many adults also love playing it.
  • Do I need prior Minecraft experience? Not at all! You can dive in as a newbie. However it's recommended you have some previous coding experience, such as with Scratch.
  • How does it differ from traditional coding? Traditional coding can be text-heavy and abstract. With Minecraft Education Edition, you'll see the immediate impact of your code in a vivid, interactive virtual world.

You can get started by exploring hundreds of lessons created by educators around the world.

For live expert guidance every step of the way, join an award-winning live online Minecraft coding class designed by professionals from Google, Stanford, and MIT: Minecraft Redstone Engineering (Grades 2-5); Minecraft Modding Quest (Grades 2-5); Minecraft Code to Mod (Grades 5-9).

Roblox Studio

4. Roblox Studio

Interactive Game Development, Suitable for All Ages, Online, Free

You might've overheard youngsters discussing Roblox, the platform filled with numerous imaginative games. But did you know there's a powerful creation tool behind all that fun? Enter Roblox Studio: a space not just for kids, but for everyone to dive deep into game development and coding. While most coding platforms have you typing away at abstract codes, Roblox Studio lets you build entire worlds and see your code in action! You're not just coding; you're creating experiences for others to enjoy. It's akin to painting, but instead of brushes and canvas, you've got code and virtual 3D space. And the cherry on top? If your game gets popular, you might even earn from it! It's learning, creating, and potentially profiting, all wrapped up in one delightful package.

  • Isn't Roblox just a game? While Roblox hosts games, Roblox Studio is the backbone that enables users, including adults, to create those games. Think of it as the workshop behind the magic.
  • What if I have zero game development experience? No worries! Roblox Studio has a plethora of tutorials, and you'll find your footing in no time. However we recommend having some text-based coding experience such as Python or Javascript first.
  • How is it different from traditional programming environments? Roblox Studio is more visual and immediate. You code, create, and then play – all in real-time.

Please note that Roblox also requires a relatively powerful computer in order to run. Learn how to get Roblox Studio here. And then try making an obby in Roblox.

For live expert guidance every step of the way, join an award-winning live online Roblox coding class designed by professionals from Google, Stanford, and MIT: Beginner Roblox Game Coding (Grades 3-8); Coding with Roblox Studio in Lua (Grades 6-12); Advanced Roblox Coding (Grades 6-12).

Raspberry Pi Foundation Resources website

5. Raspberry Pi Foundation Resources

Hands-on approach, Suitable for all ages, Hardware + Software learning

At the crossroads of hands-on hardware tinkering and the vast world of software programming lies Raspberry Pi Foundation's Tutorials. Imagine a scenario where you're not just coding on a screen, but you're bringing your code to life with physical devices, lights blinking, and gadgets whirring - that's what these tutorials offer! Unlike most platforms that keep you limited to virtual simulations, Raspberry Pi dives into the tangible world. It's like building your mini-robot or custom computer system. These tutorials merge the excitement of crafting something tangible with the intellectual stimulation of coding. It's this blend that makes Raspberry Pi stand out. Not only do you learn the "how-to" of coding, but you also get to see its real-world applications unfold right before your eyes. Now, isn't that a compelling reason to pick it up?

  • Do I need a RaspberryPi device to start with the tutorials? While many tutorials are enhanced with the device, there are several which you can start without the hardware, giving you a feel before you invest.
  • Are these tutorials suitable for someone with zero coding background?Absolutely! They cater to a range of expertise levels, including beginners.
  • What programming languages do RaspberryPi's Tutorials cover? Primarily Scratch and Python, but they also touch upon others depending on the project and its requirements.
  • Can I integrate other tools or gadgets with my RaspberryPi? Yes! RaspberryPi's versatility means you can pair it with various other tools, amplifying the learning and fun.
Trinket website for learning Python coding

6. Trinket

Beginner-Friendly, Browser-Based, Free and Paid Versions, Live Code Sharing

Python is often lauded as one of the easiest coding languages to pick up, and within the realm of Python IDEs, Trinket shines as an accessible star. Why? It’s all in the browser! No downloads, no complex setups. You type, and there it is – your code springs to life right before your eyes. For those who like seeing the fruits of their labor without delay, Trinket offers an almost instantaneous gratification. Plus, with its unique live code-sharing feature, you can show off your work to friends or seek help in real-time.

  • Do I need to install anything? Not at all! Trinket runs straight in your browser, making it hassle-free.
  • Is it suitable for absolute beginners? Absolutely. Trinket is designed to be user-friendly, providing immediate feedback to help newcomers understand and learn.
  • Can I work on projects with others? Yes, with Trinket's live code-sharing feature, collaboration is a breeze.

To get started try Python exercises and Python projects, such as drawing with Python turtle graphics.

For live expert guidance every step of the way, join an award-winning live online Python coding class designed by professionals from Google, Stanford, and MIT: Python for AI (Grades 5-12); Data Science with Python, Pandas, and ChatGPT (Grades 5-12).

Hour of Code tutorials from website

7. Hour of Code Tutorials

Free, Suitable for All Ages, Web-Based, Interactive

Ever thought, "I wish I could learn coding, but I just don't have the time?" With's Hour of Code Tutorials, that excuse just won't fly anymore! Imagine starting your coding journey with just an hour: 60 minutes is all it takes. These tutorials are crafted to provide a smooth introduction to the world of coding, making them perfect for anyone who is just dipping their toes in. They're web-based, so you won't have to fumble with installations or setups. And they're interactive. As you go along, you're not just reading or watching; you're doing. The Hour of Code stands out by being concise, hands-on, and, above all, fun. Dive in, and in just an hour, you'll be amazed at how much you've learned and achieved.

  • Is it truly beginner-friendly? Absolutely! The tutorials are designed to accommodate people with zero coding experience.
  • Do I have to commit more than an hour? Not at all. The beauty of the Hour of Code is its brevity. But if you get hooked (and there's a good chance you might), there's plenty more to explore on
  • Can I use it on my tablet or smartphone? Yes, the tutorials are optimized for computers, tablets, and smartphones, so you can learn on the device that's most convenient for you.

Get started by picking your favorite tutorial to try. Explore 10 fun Hour of Code classes you can also join for live expert guidance.

W3Schools website has an interactive editor

8. W3Schools

Free, Web-Based, Comprehensive Coverage, Try-it-Yourself Editor

W3Schools is like the ultimate cookbook for budding coders. From web design to back-end programming, this platform offers meticulously crafted tutorials (like recipes!) that simplify complex concepts into bite-sized, digestible lessons. W3Schools offers a variety of interactive tutorials such as HTML and CSS tutorials, JavaScript and Front-end Tutorials, Server-side Scripting and Databases, and more. Unlike many other platforms, W3Schools provides a unique "Try-it-Yourself" feature. Think of it as tasting the batter before baking the cake. You can edit code examples and see the results in real-time, ensuring you grasp concepts fully before moving on.

  • Is W3Schools suitable for complete beginners? Absolutely! W3Schools starts from the very basics and gradually introduces more advanced topics. We recommend having previous coding experience with Scratch for younger students.
  • Do I need to install anything to start learning? No installations required. Just open the website in your browser and start learning!
  • Is it only for web development? While W3Schools is renowned for its web development content, the platform also covers other programming languages and technologies.
Blockly Games by Google website

9. Blockly Games by Google

Free, Suitable for all ages, Visual coding, No prior experience required

Dive into the magical world of coding with Blockly Games by Google! It's like building with LEGO blocks, but in a virtual space. Instead of typing out lines and lines of code, you'll snap together jigsaw-like blocks to create programs. It's a unique approach, similar to Scratch, that transforms complex coding concepts into playful and interactive puzzles. From basic puzzles that teach the logic behind programming to more advanced games focusing on algorithms and other core coding principles, Blockly offers a diverse range of challenges. The best part? You'll be so engrossed in solving the puzzles that you'll forget you're actually learning how to code!

  • Do I need any coding background to start with Blockly Games? No, Blockly Games is designed for everyone, regardless of their coding experience.
  • Can I use it on mobile devices? Yes, Blockly Games is browser-based and works well on most modern browsers and devices.
  • How long does it take to complete all the games? It varies by individual, but with seven games to explore, you can pace yourself based on your comfort level.

10. Codecademy

Interactive lessons, Covers multiple languages, Suitable for beginners to advanced, Free basic courses with premium options

At Codecademy, you're not just reading about coding; you're doing it using their unique online platform. Every lesson is interactive, ensuring that your hands get as much practice as your brain. Whether you're curious about Python, JavaScript, or even Data Science, Codecademy has got you covered. You’ll even get AI-driven recommendations on what you need to review to help keep you on track. The diverse community, real-world projects, and hands-on approach set Codecademy apart from other platforms. So why wait? Get coding and unlock a world of digital possibilities!

  • How beginner-friendly is Codecademy? Extremely! Codecademy offers courses tailored to beginners, ensuring a smooth learning curve.
  • Can I work on real-world projects? Absolutely! Codecademy's Pro version offers real-world projects to give you hands-on experience.
  • Is there any support if I get stuck on a lesson? There are community forums where you might find some help.

Pro Tip: Try Using a Text Editor

Because you'll be jumping right into coding as you learn, we also wanted to let you know about one other type of tool that might help. Be sure to check out code text editors which can help you write clean code faster! Many  text editors include features to make coding easier such as color coding, auto-complete, find-and-replace, code lookup, and dark mode. Some of the most popular editors for beginners include Sublime Text, Notepad++, and Emacs.

Learn By Coding

Learning through coding opens doors not just to the tech realm but also fosters a unique way of approaching problems and challenges. It's less about speaking a computer's language and more about refining our own cognitive toolkit for the broader challenges of life. Get started today with one of these great platforms, and enjoy the rewarding feeling of learning something new.