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It sure is a different holiday gift giving season for 2020 so why not make this year the year you give the gift of learning how to code, to create, and to have fun with classes such as Scratch Ninja, AI Explorers, My First Mobile Apps? We know there are many gift options for kids but it’s important to consider this vital fact–learning lasts a lifetime!

Learning Lasts a Lifetime - Coding Classes for Kids

With our expert teachers, the children in your family will not only learn how to code but also how technology is forming the fabric of our lives. Here are just a few options among our many fun, online classes for the little coder in your family.

Coding Classes for Grades 2-3

We know our littlest learners are inherently creative and Information is all around us in many forms. How do technology tools shape the way our youngest digital natives communicate, share, and interact? Our youngest creators need to know!

Children with little to no prior coding experience will enjoy Scratch Ninja, learning how to code animations, imagine and bring to life a storyline with a protagonist and antagonist, designing the scenery and adding music to shape the mood.

With new coding skills developed in Scratch Ninja, your child can move up to our Junior Robotics course, learning to code a robot to move, sense, life and more, all in a virtual world. No robot needed!

Coding Classes for Grades 4-6

In our Circuit Wizards: Intro to Arduino, your child will learn the in's and out's of electronics, informing how robots work and sensors react.

And, what better way to build expertise and help to ready the children in your life for the future? Students learn how the latest AI technologies work such as self driving cars and face recognition with our AI Explorers course. Kids will grow up to inform and shape AI and Machine Learning and it’s important for them to explore the latest technologies and learn what they can and cannot do.

 Free Intro Class - AI Explorers - Grades 4-7 

Coding Classes for Grades 6-9

From learning about the inner workings of the internet in Build Your Web, to designing then mapping fan growth on their newly built website with data visualization in Data Superpower, your middle schooler will become quite the innovator!

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And for the advanced coder in your family? Your child will be able to build dynamic content and interactions with their fans and take that learning to Android mobile development in our Java Primer with Android course.

Java Primer with Android - Classes for Kids

Your child is shaping the future of technology as a digital citizen so why not foster technology creation rather than just consumption? Buy a gift card for this holiday season, and join our free introduction classes in Scratch, Minecraft, Data Science, Python, and more. Or check out all 16 courses we offer, from beginner to mastery, where every child can find topics they love.

Create & Learn is on a mission to power up your child’s future with courses in AI, Robotics, Data Science, and more. Designed for children grades 2-9, classes are delivered virtually with live, expert instructors. Lessons are interactive, foster creativity, and make real life connections across industries so your child can explore the latest technologies and have fun!