Today we're going to explore the best spring camps online for kids. Prepare to make the best use of your student's time during their upcoming break in March and April. These online camps make it fun to keep learning from home for students in grades K-12, in all sorts of interesting topics from computer science to art. If you already know the subjects you're looking for, check out our fun virtual spring break camps for daily computer science lessons designed by Google and Stanford experts.

Enjoy the Best Spring Camps Online for Kids

From spring coding camps to spring art camps, and more, find something to grow your child's creativity this spring. And give yourself a few hours of uninterrupted "me" time!

1. Scratch coding spring break camps

Help your student build their creativity and problem solving! Beginner-friendly Scratch, Scratch Jr, and Advanced Scratch camps run daily for an hour from March 18th for three weeks, and are a compacted version of our award-winning Scratch classes. Instead of meeting once a week, they meet at the same time everyday, meeting 4 days in a row for each class part. Our curriculum is designed by Google, MIT, and Stanford experts to take kids from no coding experience to building advanced projects in a supportive environment.

Each small-group session focuses on building a new project, and even after camp, our teachers are dedicated to helping students with suggested homework to expand on what they learned. We have a free intro camp available so you can see what it's all about before committing. Save your camper's spot here.

2. Internet safety spring camp

Do your children know what information they should or shouldn't show on social media or video games? Use your child's spring break to ensure they learn all about computer security and how to use the internet safely! In the Junior Hackers camp, students explore a wide range of topics related to computer security, modern computers, and the Internet.

This will be an exciting cybersecurity camp for kids with real-world applications, delivered through a combination of project and inquiry-based learning. We'll enjoy fun videos, games, and security tools, as well as building projects of our own.

3. Minecraft coding spring camps

There are tons of options for learning how to solve puzzles and build games in Minecraft using coding! Younger students can explore the Minecraft Modding camp. In this live online spring break cap, kids will control agents to solve puzzles while interacting with different in-game characters. Next they'll learn core coding concepts such as loop, operations, conditional, events, function, variables, and more. As students get more comfortable with these coding skills, they will also start building more complex structures as well as cool Minecraft mini-games. There's even a free mini-camp students can begin with.

The best option for older students (Grades 5+) is Minecraft Cod to Mod camp. In this daily camp, students learn how to create code that spawns their favorite creatures, builds cool structures, and creates games. Students will master important programming concepts such as function, loop, and variable, taking a big step forward in their computer science skills. There's a free Minecraft camp to start with, too!

4. Canva digital design camp for kids

Create beautiful graphic designs and videos with beginner-friendly (and free) Canva! Does your child want to create beautiful digital cards, posters, slides or videos for their school projects? Now they can make all of these fascinating projects with Canva - a powerful and trendy graphic design platform with a simple interface (and creating an account is free)!

This online spring break Canva camp explores examples of great graphic design and video storytelling. Your child will learn to use the intuitive drag-and-drop tool in Canva to create their own designs, and share their creations with friends or teachers easily online.

5. Python programming camp

Python is a high-level coding language used by companies such as Netflix and Google, and it is also used for web development, game development, building apps, machine learning, and so much more. In the Python for AI camp, your student in Grades 5+ can learn fundamental Python skills as they build creative stories, animations and games.

They'll also explore more advanced programing elements of Python such as dictionaries and files, and learn how to employ Python’s powerful modules to build real-world data projects. Camp will be live online, and led by an expert. The small group setting makes it easy to ask questions anytime. There's a free mini-camp to begin with too!

6. Roblox coding camp for spring break

Does you love Roblox? There are 40 millions games on Roblox and enjoying Roblox is great way for friends to hangout together. So why not go from playing to learning and creating, while having just as much fun? Take a big step forward with your child's Roblox experience by actually helping them learn how to create their own games! In this unique live interactive camp for Grades 4+, Coding with Roblox Studio, students will learn how to use Roblox Studio to create customized worlds and code mini-games.

Students learn how to build multiplayer games so they can invite their friends to play their games together which is fun and motivating! And they can learn how to create a little economy in your game by collecting goodies off a conveyor belt, earning coins, and exchanging for treasures. There's also a free intro camp your student can start with.

7. Robotics spring break camps

Robots fascinate children! Online robotics for kids spring camps provide a fun, interactive, collaborative environment where children can learn coding and AI. During camp, kids learn the basics of coding and programming robots. This branch of coding is really fun because it's a way for kids to see their code bring something physical to life.

With Junior Robotics camps, your student will find out how to code a robot to move, sense, lift, and more - all in virtual worlds! This camp is great for younger students in grades 2 to 4. Children learn how to train robots to do tasks. In Robot Adventures, older students, use AI, data science, and coding to program robots online in an immersive world.

8. Create with ChatGPT

To put it in the simplest form, ChatGPT is an AI product created by OpenAI that you can converse with and ask an incredibly wide range of questions from how to cook pasta, to travel recommendations, to coding, to solving calculus problems, and a whole lot more. It is so intelligent that it can pass Google Interviews, AP tests, and Bar exams just to name a few examples.

With the right guidance, ChatGPT can be one of the best learning resources for students. It can also help them develop critical thinking, executive functions, and creativity. In this fun and informative camp, students will start to learn how to use ChatGPT more effectively, understand its strengths and weaknesses, and develop important skills to master this very valuable tool.

9. AI Art for Kids Camp

Have fun making amazing AI art - create imaginary places, cool game characters, concert or sports posters, cinematic movie clips, cars of the future, story book illustrations - anything your child can dream up, they can create! Students will delve into the mesmerizing world of AI, exploring state of art tools such as Adobe Firefly, Canva, DALL·E-3 by OpenAI, and Runway ML in this fun spring camp.

From abstract compositions to vibrant illustrations, each session will empower your child to experiment with diverse styles and subjects. Join us on this captivating journey, give your child the super power to create, and watch as your young artist brings their imaginative visions to life with AI.

10. Mobile App Coding Camp

Every year, many billions of apps are downloaded to mobile phones. However, building high-quality mobile apps has been beyond reach to younger coders. But not any more! Throughout this camp, students learn how to create fun apps and games for mobile devices. It is also a great way deepen your child's computational thinking skills and learn how to apply key coding concepts in different scenarios.

The class uses Thunkable, a block based programming platform for professionals. It is easy to use, yet very powerful, and is used by many to develop commercial applications.

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Join the Best Spring Camps Online

These spring camps are highly rated by parents and kids! We hope you find camp that your child loves, for an unforgettable spring break filled with fun and new learning adventures. If you're not sure where to begin for your child's computer science journey, we'd recommend the beginner-friendly Scratch coding camp for expanding their creativity and their coding skills: