While creativity tops the list for why coding for kids is so important, coding is also important for students because it helps to increase confidence. Because coding empowers students with skills such as creativity, problem solving and persistence, it also helps them more confidently face a variety of opportunities. If you're looking for ways to help your fifth grader learn computer science, while ensuring they have fun, we've pulled together a few great (and many free) resources for coding for 10 year olds. From self-guided videos, to free expert-led classes, you're sure to find something to spark their interest!

Get started with coding for 10 year olds

First, find out the answers to common questions parents of 10 year olds have about beginning to learn coding.

Can a 10 year old learn coding?

Yes a 10 year old can learn coding. Students who are 10 years old have the excitement to learn coding skills. At this age, most students are already familiar with basic computer skills from playing games such as Minecraft or Roblox. Since you are familiar with Minecraft or Roblox, learning to code should be a great hobby and provide excitement for students who are 10 years old. Not only is coding fun, but also it is an excellent skill to learn that encourages problem solving, creativity, and deep thinking.

Which programming languages are best for a 10 year old to begin with?

By far the best languages for students who are 10 years old who are interested in coding would be any block coding (also known as drag-and-drop) languages. Scratch and LearnToModMinecraft are some of the best drag and drop languages but there are tons of other languages that support drag and drop as well!

Drag-and-drop languages are preferred for new learners because of how visual it is to code. Coding in drag and drop provides the fundamentals of computational thinking while not having to worry about the code to type out. Drag and drop coding can be compared to solving a puzzle!

If you are already familiar with Scratch and other drag-and-drop coding, then Python, Javascript, and Roblox Lua, are excellent coding languages to advanced to next. These are excellent languages because of how versatile they are. Javascript is practically used everywhere, and Python is also very popular for AI and many other computer science fields. All of these languages can also be great for game development as well.

Top free coding programs for 10 year olds

Now that we have an understanding of some of the best languages to learn, listed below are some of the best coding classes for 10 year olds!

1. Create & Learn’s free coding classes

Here at Create & Learn we offer tons of free coding classes so you can find out which class and coding language is right for you! All of our classes are taught by experienced teachers in those languages and are designed by experts from Google, Stanford, MIT, and more. Each of our free classes allows you to build a basic project to learn coding essentials.

2. Codecombat

Codecombat is a game-based learning environment that allows you to learn text-based code while playing a fun rpg! They offer free material in Javascript and Python which are very popular languages.

3. CodecAcademy

CodecAdemy is an excellent resource for self-guided new learners wanting to learn a typed coding language. Codecacdemy offers tons of free resources for many different languages. If you are familiar with typed languages and want to learn more about coding without the help of a live expert to answer your questions, Codecademy is a great choice.

Best coding classes for 10 year olds

Explore a wide range of fields and far reaching topics, with our computer science curriculum designed by experts from Google, Stanford, and MIT for 10 year olds. There are also pathways you can chose to follow based on your child's interests such as Young Inventors, Game Creators, Coding Essentials, and more. With live online classes for 10 year olds you can code games and animations, build mobile apps, discover how AI works, and compete with virtual robotics! Here are some parent favorites.

1. Scratch Ninja

Find out how to build fun games and stories using simple block-based coding. Students will choose their own themes based on their interests in this live online, expert-led class, while learning new coding and Scratch capabilities.

Best for: Beginner coding

2. Minecraft Code to Mod

Learn to code games, stories, and cool buildings - and bring them to life in Minecraft! In this live online class, coding is done through a drag-and-drop interface similar to Scratch. But we teach much deeper computer programming skills commonly used in advanced text-based programing languages. This course is a great next step for kids who have mastered Scratch, and would like to continue to learn more advanced coding.

Best for: Kids who enjoy gaming or need a bit of a challenge

3. Junior Robotics

This Vex robotics virtual world class teaches students how coding is used in robotics through fun, hands-on projects. Students will learn how to navigate robots through in a virtual environment and gain a deeper understanding of how robots can be used to solve problems through many real-world examples.

Best for: Kids who might enjoy seeing a physical representation of their work

4. Beginner Roblox Game Coding

Does your child love Roblox, or the thought of creating their own unique games? In this fun live virtual class students will learn the foundational coding skills to create their own games in Roblox, the popular gaming platform with over 40 million games! This class is designed for students to become equipped with foundational Roblox coding skills without having to use the standard and very complicated game development tool most commonly used for Roblox, Lua. Your student will go from learning all about how to use their workspace to creating their own dodgeball game, multiplayer games, and even a game inspired by the highly popular infinity run game where players must turn, dodge, and jump to avoid obstacles and gain points.

Best for: Kids interested in Roblox coding and game design, with some previous Scratch coding experience

5. Internet Safety

Learn all about computer security and how to use the internet safely in this live online class. Explore a wide range of topics related to computer security, modern computers, and the Internet. This will be the most exciting cybersecurity class for kids with real-world applications, delivered through a combination of project and inquiry-based learning. Students will enjoy fun videos, games, and security tools, as well as build projects of their own.

Best for: Internet basics and any child using a computer

Start coding for 10 year olds

Now you know that 10 year olds is the perfect age to start learning to code! There are also plenty of free materials available for you to find out which language is the best starting point, or the best way to up-level your skills. To jump right in, learn how to make a sprite jump in Scratch with our free tutorial.

Written by Create & Learn instructor Andrew Harper. Andrew has always had an interest in coding, and after he got his degree and certification in education, he realized that he could be a coding teacher! From there, he started researching and learning a lot on how to integrate computational thinking into education. His dream is to one day create educational software, materials, board games, and video games that encourage students to apply critical thinking and STEM foundations to improve their classrooms and communities. He always tells his students, “ if you can imagine it you can create it in code!”