Looking for online coding tutors? We've got you covered. Today, we’ll help you select a great one-on-one online coding tutor that will motivate your student, and help them succeed in their computer science career - and life! We'll share five popular online coding tutors for kids and teens, and reveal the pros and cons of each program, as well as the price.

Discover coding tutors online for kids and teens

Personal coding tutors are a great supplement to your child’s regularly scheduled programming classes. The breadth and depth of topics covered in a given programming class will doubtless leave your student with some questions. In these situations, a tutor can be a great resource for filling knowledge gaps or just pushing your learner to take some further steps in their own education.

When evaluating a tutor, think about your child’s learning style: if your student does well with auditory listening, find a tutor who can match this style. On the other hand, if your student likes to be active and participate in class, try to find a tutor who can match their energy level and engage with them on a personal level.

Explore the best coding tutoring online options

Discover five coding tutoring programs that might work well for your student.

1. Create & Learn private coding tutoring

The best thing about Create & Learn's award-winning private coding lessons is the quality of the curriculum, which is designed specifically for kids and teens. The curriculum offered by Create & Learn is made by professionals working in the industry from Google, Apple, Airbnb, and more, and makes sure your student will gain a strong foundation and have proper lesson pacing. Furthermore, all of the instructors are US-based, background checked, highly trained, and have more than three years of experience in their fields. Create & Learn also offers tutoring in all sorts of subjects from design to math!

Ages: 5-18

Pros: Choose from over 30 different computer science topics. Lessons will be adapted to your child’s learning style. And you will have the same instructor each week, unless you’d like to request another. There's tons of flexibility so you can sign up for as few or as many lessons as you’d like. You'll also enjoy the satisfaction guarantee, ensuring your child is guaranteed to have fun and learn.

Cons: There are so many options to choose from! Your student might get a bit overwhelmed at first. Depending on their age, try starting them off with a popular beginner-friendly subject such as Scratch coding.

Price: $60/hour

Explore more private tutoring options here!

2. Wyzant tutoring

Wyzant is an online tutoring platform with tutors who can cover almost any discipline. The program works by listing all the tutors available for your given topic and allowing you to preview their profile. It could be a helpful solution if your student has a specific problem they need help working through.

Ages: 18+

Pros: Wyzant is truly one-on-one tutoring; you can select a tutor from the listings who seems to suit your learner’s needs. You can also work around your personal schedule, by easily sorting teachers by days of the week they're available.

Cons: With such a wide open platform, there is the possibility of some scammers, though by and large, the company has a great reputation. The teachers are not all background checked.

Price: $40/hour- $150/hour as it varies, depending on the tutor you select

3. CodeMentor private lessons

CodeMentor follows a similar model to Wyzant, in that individual tutors post their own rates and their fields of expertise. However CodeMentor is focused solely on coding instruction. CodeMentor's teachers see the requests posted by customers, and then can apply to those where they have the expertise. Based on responses, students can select a teacher who fits the bill for them. It's a nice solution for when your child needs help with a specific coding challenge.

Ages: 18+

Pros: Many of the tutors are working professionals.

Cons: You have to create a free account to even see the instructor options. Many of the tutors are working freelancers, which may put their skills at a high price.

Price: Varies, depending on tutor

4. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors provides tutoring in math, writing, languages, exam prep, as well as some computer science for older students. Varsity Tutors holds their tutors to high standards and makes sure each one is certified in their area. Learners can browse a list of tutors, but Varsity Tutors actually selects the tutor for you.

Ages: 5-18

Pros: Tutors come from all over the world, and this may serve as an opportunity for your student to engage culturally. You only have to give 24 hours notice before cancelling a session.

Cons: As stated above, some of the tutors may reside outside of the English speaking countries. No certification is required for the English language.

Price: $50-$95/hour, depending on tutor

5. iDTech

iDTech prides themselves on personalized learning and really strives to customize the learning experience for your learner. However they also provide themed packs for students who may not necessarily know where they want to take their learning.

Ages: 7-19

Pros: There are 17 coding topics to pick from. And you can take a discovery lesson to try the private experience easily.

Cons: When teaching emerging technologies, there have been reports that tutors may not possess the maximum qualifications.

Price: On average $399/week

Online coding tutoring subjects

Not sure which coding subject your student should begin with? Here are some of the most popular private online tutoring subjects that students enjoy learning and getting personalized help with.

1. Scratch coding tutoring

Learn how to code cool games and animations quickly, with an awesome beginner-friendly programming language that has a drop-and-drop interface. Your student will learn essential coding concepts, while putting together code online in an experience similar to building with LEGOs.

Ages 5-18, Beginner-Advanced

Best for: Beginners of all ages

Get started: Scratch Junior (Grades K-2) | Scratch Ninja (Grades 2-5) | Accelerated Scratch (Grades 5-9) - just click "Schedule your own private class"

2. Python coding tutoring

Learn a top real-world programming language used at companies from Netflix to Spotify with private lessons led by an expert. Conquer Python syntax, variables, loops, functions, and built-in data structures. Find out how to design and code your own Python program from scratch.

Ages 11-18, Beginner-Advanced

Best for: Teens interested in computer programming

Get started: Python for AI (Grades 5-9) - just click "Schedule your own private class"

3. Minecraft coding tutoring

Learn to code games, stories, and cool buildings - and bring them to life in Minecraft! These private Minecraft programming lessons are great for kids that have an interest in gaming, which can drive their interest in modding, as they can make all their creative ideas about what would make the game better a reality.

Ages 8-18, Beginner-Advanced

Best for: Kids that love Minecraft

Get started: Minecraft Modding Quest (Grades 2-5) | Minecraft Redstone Engineering (Grades 2-5) | Minecraft Code to Mod (Grades 5-9) - just click "Schedule your own private class"

4. Roblox coding tutoring

In this unique live interactive class, students will learn how to use Roblox Studio to create customized worlds and code mini-games. Find out how to build multiplayer games where players interact with in-game characters with some simple intelligence. Conquer advanced Roblox coding concepts such as tables, and have fairly complex use of variables and functions.

Ages 9-18, Intermediate-Advanced

Best for: Kids and teens interested in game development

Get started: Beginner Roblox Game Coding (Grades 3-8) | Coding with Roblox Studio (Grades 6-12) | Advanced Roblox (Grades 6-12) - just click "Schedule your own private class"

5. Mobile coding tutoring

Learn event driven programming and how to create fun mobile apps from scratch. Explore how to employ text, device sensors, and even the camera to build projects and games that involve image recognition, word games, and riddles!

Ages 10-18, Intermediate-Advanced

Best for: Kids and teens interested in making mobile apps

Get started: Mobile Coding for Apps and Games (Grades 4-7) - just click "Schedule your own private class"

Why online coding tutoring versus in-person tutoring?

Online tutoring offers advantages that in-person tutoring does not. Online coding tutoring makes it easy to never miss a lesson, because you can connect from anywhere with Internet access. It also ensure you can learn from some of the greatest teachers, because you’re not limited by geography. All of Create & Learn’s private coding instructors are US-based, background checked and are highly trained with more than three years of experience.

  • Learn from the comfort of home
  • No time wasted on travel
  • Learn from the best teachers in the US

Enjoy online coding tutors for kids and teens

You’ve now had the opportunity to sift through some of the most promising tutoring platforms and a bit of advice on how to find the right tutor for your student. Up next, learn more about the basics of coding for kids.

If you feel your student is ready to start learning and dive into a course, sign them up for one of our free intro coding courses today! There's no risk in trying.

Written by Create & Learn instructor Jack Stewart. Jack experiences the world through travel and storytelling. He incorporates his travels into his creative works including coding, story writing, and game design. He aspires to impart to his students the tools they need to also bring their creations to life.