Let's explore some of the best girls coding camps to enjoy this summer - that put diversity, especially when it comes to getting more girls into coding at the forefront of their educational mission.

Did you know that women dominated the computing and programming industry up until the late 20th century (read all about famous women in computer science)? What happened in the last 50 or so years is a story for another day. But the fact of the matter is that we live in a time where girls are drastically underrepresented in one of the fastest growing and most influential fields in our society.

Since coding is simply a language of logic, no one of any gender is more or less predisposed to be good at it. The only thing we see holding girls back these days is the (relatively new) stereotype that "programming isn't for girls." When someone even thinks that they won't like something, they're much less likely to try it in the first place. We're on a mission to change that bogus stereotype, and we're going to start by helping you find the perfect summer camp for your student!

Join Fun Girls Coding Camps Online

Here are some of the best girls coding summer camps to check out for your elementary, middle, and high school students. Many of these camps are award-winning, and offer online as well as in-person sessions.

1. Create & Learn Girls Coding Camps

Create & Learn's summer coding camps offer a unique and engaging opportunity for girls to dive into the world of technology and innovation. Designed with young learners in mind (ages 5-18) by professionals from Google, Stanford, and MIT, these camps cover a wide range of topics from basic programming and robotics to more advanced courses in artificial intelligence and game development - all using real-world applications.

Taught by experienced instructors passionate about STEM education, the camps provide a supportive and fun environment for girls to explore their interests, develop critical thinking skills, and unleash their creativity through hands-on projects. Participants leave these online camps that run for 3-5 days, with a deeper understanding of how technology works, the confidence to continue exploring the digital world, and even have the skills to make an impact on their community. Most girls begin learning coding with Scratch camps: Scratch Junior (K-2); Scratch Ninja (2-6); Accelerated Scratch (6-9). And students can request any camp for their own group of girls to enjoy together. Begin with free session to get started!

2. Girls Who Code Summer Camp

Girls Who Code offers two free virtual Summer Programs that are great for beginners, all while building a supportive community of sisterhood. Choose from a two-week Summer Immersion Program to learn game design in live virtual classrooms or a six-week Self-Paced Program to explore some of the biggest topics in tech independently. These Programs offer incredible benefits including professional connections, financial grants, tech support and much more.

Please note that the 2024 Summer Programs Application general deadline has passed. However, students can still complete their online application to be directly added to their Waitlist.

3. Kode with Klossy

Designed for all applicants who identify as women, gender nonconforming, or trans, ages 13-18 — regardless of previous computer science experience —Kode With Klossy camps are a series of free 2-week coding-intensive camps designed for students of traditionally underrepresented genders in the STEM fields. Their best-in-class curricula aim to not only teach students the fundamentals of coding, but also spark a lifelong passion for STEM. Scholars will complete the program with a new skill set and an incredible community of inspiring alumni to learn and grow with. Camps run from June 3rd to August 16th, 2024, and are held both in-person and online.

Top Free Girls Coding Camps This Summer

1. Free Accelerated Scratch for Girls

The free camp session allows a middle schooler to get comfortable with Scratch through a cool project, all in just an hour! There are no prerequisites, and is the best place to start for a middle schooler who is quite new to coding. Students get familiar with the Scratch interface, which balances storytelling, animations, games, and personal creativity all through block-based coding logic. This free class is an intro to the Accelerated Scratch curriculum which is designed to engage students to learn core coding concepts through fun animations and game projects.

2. Free AI Explorers Event for Girls

It’s no understatement that AI has increased immense interest in today’s world from sports all the way to even art. This free AI Explorers live online event gives middle schoolers a hint into what AI is all about, and if they are ready to engage in this 3 Level course! With fun videos and thought-provoking camp inquiry, this fun event allows students to dabble with the intuition of AI in an age-appropriate, intuitive style.

3. Free Python Programming for Girls

Python is an essential skill in the real world — and especially for middle schoolers, is an amazing stepping stone for a taste of real-world programming. An alternative to block-based coding, this intro camp gives a peak to students about text-based coding syntax, all while learning how to draw/animate in Python. This intro camp familiarizes students with the coding platform, and also is hands-on in encouraging students to build a cool animation at the end of the hour! This camp is apt for students who are ready for the exciting challenge of Python if they are new to coding, or have already dabbled with Scratch coding.

4. Free Girls' Roblox Coding

Roblox is a fun choice for many bright young minds, and is perfect for students who had not had prior experience with Roblox Studio, but have already completed Scratch Ninja 3 or equivalent Scratch coding classes. A very popular curriculum, this intro camp helps students to set up the software, how to navigate, and just feel comfortable with the Studio environment! This is a good choice for middle schoolers as Roblox coding brings with it engagement, thoughtful creation, and a flexible coding environment.

You Might Also Be Interested In Girls STEM Scholarships

Create & Learn's Need-Based Girls' Coding Scholarship: Recipients will enjoy a 50% scholarship on up to 2 parts (8 55-minute sessions) of any class or camp. To be eligible, girls must be United States residents ages 5-18, be recommended by a teacher, be eligible for reduced price or free meals at school, and have a demonstrated interest in STEM. Please email support@createandlearn.us with your reference teacher's name and email address, preferred class/camp, and selected schedule. Limited number of scholarships available based on a first come, first serve basis. Total value of the scholarship is up to $105.

More Summer Coding Camps for Girls

1. Minecraft Redstone Engineering for Girls

Does your child enjoy building in Minecraft? This camp will bring their Minecraft creations to a whole new level while learning about computers and engineering. In this fun camp, your child will learn how to incorporate a set of Redstone related blocks to build light shows, automatic doors, and even flying machines inside Minecraft. They will also learn about real-world engineering and computer science.

2. Girls Create with ChatGPT

This interactive camp offers students a comprehensive understanding of ChatGPT and provides practical guidance on utilizing it effectively. Students will learn how to think systematically and critically by planning fun activities with the assistance of ChatGPT, and enhance their creative writing skills by utilizing ChatGPT to develop storylines, create character profiles, and master sentence structuring for impactful messages. Plus they'll find out code their own ChatBot using ChatGPT as a foundation. The course also emphasizes the ethical considerations surrounding the use of ChatGPT and AI. Ultimately, students will have an enjoyable experience while gaining a deep appreciation for this fascinating technology!

3. Building Smart Devices for Girls

Arduino coding is an awesome way for middle schoolers to delve into robotics interfaces, and being able to design sensing systems and more in the world of electronics! This unique curriculum is apt for children who are excited by circuits, sensors, and wish to learn how to program a simple robot or similar smart technology. With its three-part curriculum, this Arduino camp starts from Ohm’s Law and extends to building even a Light Show, and shows a unique way to apply coding to the tangible world.

4. Mobile Coding for Apps & Games

Mobile apps have taken on the world today, and it is only natural that a middle schooler may wish to understand how such an app is built for the smartphone! Using Thinkable, this three-level Mobile Coding camp teaches students about UI, cloud variables, and incorporates fun projects from riddles, image recognition, word games, and more. Especially for middle schoolers who prefer applying computational thinking to a fun real world application, this camp is a unique way to see where coding skills can be used in a special way. Prerequisites include students having already taken Scratch 2, or being familiar with loops, if/then statements, and variables.

5. Python for AI

Python is a core programming language — an essential skill for the real world. And in middle school, when thoughts are diverse, this camp will provide a real sense of what text-based programming is all about. This 3-part curriculum gradually builds from basics of variables, syntax, functions, and simple data structures, progresses to dictionaries, file input/output, and ends in object-oriented programming basics and holistic project creation. Each camp session balances learning through fun hands-on projects including stories, animations, and games to never let go of the most important thing when learning a new topic - fun. If your child is younger, it is recommended to have previous Scratch coding experience.

6. Modern Website Design with Wix

Websites are thoughtfully designed - from their colors, to their features, to their cool animations. A very popular topic among many middle schoolers who may wonder how to create a website for their clubs or extracurriculars, this camp allows students to learn how to build a website from start to finish with projects! In this fun three-part camp, students are taught how to design a website’s layout and also dive deep into customizing the aesthetics. Engaging with the Wix platform, students build websites on individual topics each student feels passionate about, all while learning about templates, structure, design, site statistics, website flow, and more! With no strict previous prerequisites, a coding background (Scratch) or design background (Canva) is recommended.

Enjoy Online Girls Coding Camps This Summer

In the ever-evolving landscape of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, the inclusion of girls and women is not just a matter of equity—it's a catalyst for innovation. As diverse minds bring fresh perspectives and approaches to complex problems, it's clear that the future of STEM hinges on tapping into the vast potential of half the world's population. Encouraging girls to embrace STEM from an early age not only empowers them with valuable skills and opportunities, but it also ensures a richer, more inclusive, and forward-thinking scientific community. As we look ahead, championing girls in STEM is not just beneficial—it's essential to creating a brighter, more equitable future for all.

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