In the bustling metropolis of Toronto, with its diverse neighborhoods and vibrant communities, the demand for tech education is on the rise. From the historic charm of the Distillery District to the trendy streets of Queen West, opportunities to help students dive deep into the realm of coding are just around the corner. So today you'll discover the best Toronto kids coding classes online and in-person to find out how to make websites, apps, develop games, and much more.

Check out upcoming free computer science events for kids led by tech experts: past events have featured guests from Pixar, NASA, Intel, and more!

Toronto Coding School for Kids

Programming classes aren't just about writing code; they're about shaping young minds to think logically, solve complex problems, and prepare for a technologically-driven future. By enrolling in kids coding courses today, students not only gain a competitive edge but also harness skills that will prove indispensable in the evolving global landscape.

Looking for the perfect starting point for your beginner? Start with entry-level courses in subjects as diverse as block coding and NASA science to web design, that don't require any previous computer science experience. Create & Learn's coding classes stand as a top choice for parents seeking a comprehensive and engaging coding education for their kids in Toronto.

What sets Create & Learn apart is its curriculum crafted by tech experts and educators hailing from renowned institutions such as Apple, Intel, Google, Harvard, MIT, and Through both inquiry-based and project-based learning in live online classes led by experts, students are empowered to apply their coding knowledge to real-world projects.

Your child benefits from learning under the guidance of a dedicated team of experienced US-based instructors who provide personalized support in small class sizes (maximum of 5 students), ensuring every student gets the attention they need to excel. Recognized by industry giants like Minecraft Education, Roblox, Meta, and applauded by platforms like HulaFrog, ActivityHero, and SMASH, Create & Learn's coding classes come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get started with popular beginner classes including:

1. Scratch Ninja: Grades K-9

Learn core coding concepts, and use a wide range of fun Scratch features such as motion, sensing, and clone. Have fun as we build animations or games in every session. Younger students will enjoy ScratchJr (k-2), while older students can join Accelerated Scratch (5-9).

2. NASA Science: Grades 1-4

Fascinated by Mars and aliens? Explore the mysteries of outer space with fun projects. Learn about many fun areas including rockets, the International Space Station, the Solar System, and a lot more.

3. Budding Digital Artists: Grades 1-4

Have fun being creative with a variety of interesting digital art projects from patterns to architecture and stop-motion! In this class students will learn to appreciate great design in their daily lives, while exploring many different types of art mediums.

4. Minecraft Redstone Engineering: Grades 2-5

Embark on a creative journey to build incredible machines, light shows, automatic doors, and even flying contraptions with powerful Redstone. Explore the intricacies of circuits, switches, and sensors, while learning real-world engineering principles.

6. Canva for Kids: Grades 3-6

Create beautiful graphic designs and videos with beginner-friendly Canva. Learn how to add elements, fonts, effects, and more in Canva, before finding out how to drag and drop design elements and even animate them.

7. Modern Website Design with WIX: Grades 5-12

Learn how to design beautiful websites! Starting from the basics of how to use WIX and how to structure your website, to designing the layout, choosing color schemes, and even creating a web store with products.

8. Python for AI: Grades 5-12

A starting point for high schoolers looking to learn coding, Python stands as a high-level coding language favored by industry giants such as Netflix and Google, and is often used in web development, game design, app creation, machine learning, and much more. This class not only covers the fundamentals of Python coding, but also places a strong emphasis on the elements of Python most relevant to Artificial Intelligence, including data structures and libraries.

Start with Free Kids Coding Classes in Toronto

These small group free coding classes include a live online experience, and awesome teachers that set every child up for success. Discover the magic in technology and have fun when your child gets started today! Choose from beginner-friendly Scratch and Python, or build your student's existing coding skills by learning Minecraft engineering or about artificial intelligence.

Toronto coding schools for kids online

Explore Toronto In-Person Coding Classes for Kids and Teens

If you're looking for an in-person coding for kids experience, here are a few coding schools around the Toronto area that might help based on parent reviews.

1. Codezilla Camps

310 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada M4K 2X4

Choose from brain-boosting Science (STEM) or Coding camps available at multiple locations. Either way kids (ages 5-10) will enjoy small-size camps and big time fun! Whether it’s an app or a video game, kids will learn how to bring it to life.

2. Toronto Public Library

1432 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada  M4L 1Z6

Join the library for a fun hour of circuitry or robotics. Each week students work on fun projects to learn about electricity or block coding. Get creative with Snap Circuits, Dash and Dot robots, or Sphero robots. For ages 6 and up.

3. University of Toronto

35 St. George St. Toronto, ON, Canada M5S 1A4

University of Toronto's Jr. DEEP Coding is a crash course that provides students in grades 5-8 with the opportunity to master the basics of coding. They will be introduced to various coding languages and explore how to create their own programs, with an emphasis on coding logic, programming functionality, and theory.

Explore more coding platforms for kids.

Join Coding Classes for Kids and Teens in Toronto

Starting coding is a pivotal investment in kids' future, ensuring they are well-prepared and adaptable in a world where technology is at the forefront of innovation and progress. 75% of future jobs will require advanced digital skills by 2030. Furthermore, six different studies show that children who study computer science perform better in other subjects! Invest in a future where your kids are equipped to excel in various fields, from technology to arts and sciences. Start today with a free Scratch coding class.

Teachers and educators - Book free virtual classes for your students (groups of 10+) any time of the year. We serve all schools and community organizations, and have even partnered with SMASH and Meta's Engineer for the Week to teach students across the US. Just pick the activity you're interested in for your class (from these 10 fun options) and contact us at