In the digital age, coding has become a skill that's as essential as reading and writing. But don't worry, learning to code doesn't have to be boring or intimidating! The best online coding platforms and classes for coding have made it easier and more exciting than ever before. Imagine a virtual playground where you can learn programming through fun, interactive lessons, games, and projects. That's exactly what these coding platforms offer. Some classes on coding are even free and led live by experts!

Explore the Best Online Coding Platforms for Programming Courses

Coding classes aren't just about mastering a new skill—they're about diving into a world brimming with opportunities. Already in 2017 studies showed that roughly two-thirds of the highest-paying and fastest-growing jobs in fields like design and marketing now demand computer science skills. Ready to decode the future? Today we'll reveal popular coding classes and award-winning online coding platforms, offering options from beginner-friendly Python courses to advanced machine learning, to make it easy to find the right class.

1. Create & Learn

Online, Interactive, Kid-Friendly, Various Skill Levels, Free Classes Available, Experience Teachers, Designed by Silicon Valley Vets

Do you remember those days when learning something new felt like an adventure? Bring that feeling back! Create & Learn is here to make coding not just another subject but a thrilling exploration. Designed by Google, MIT, and Stanford professionals - especially for children and teens, it's like opening a treasure chest of knowledge, and the best part? You can be a part of that journey! From Scratch to Minecraft, Roblox, and Python, Create & Learn covers various subjects to suit different interests and ages and fuel kids' creativity. Experienced educators guide every step, making learning personal and interactive. Why choose Create & Learn? Imagine learning to code as building a virtual castle, painting a digital masterpiece, or even launching a space mission. Create & Learn turns coding into a magical journey, where your child becomes an explorer, inventor, and creator. Get started with free introduction classes.

2. Codecademy

Online, Self-Paced, Interactive Lessons, Free Basic Plan, Pro Plans Available, Suitable for All Ages

Codecademy is a friendly platform for beginners. It offers interactive lessons in various languages like Python and JavaScript. Codecademy offers interactive, self-paced lessons that make learning to code feel like an exciting adventure. The progress tracking and badges make learning feel like a game. And guess what? You can start for free! So why choose Codecademy over others? It's all about the engaging experience, the flexibility to learn at your pace, and the wide range of courses tailored to your needs.

3. Coursera

University Partnerships, Online, Flexible Schedule, Paid and Free Options, Various Skill Levels

For those seeking a more academic approach, Coursera partners with renowned universities and institutions to offer coding classes that can even count towards a degree. Whether you're a beginner wanting to dip your toes in coding or an experienced developer looking to expand your skills, Coursera's got something for you. You'll find both free and paid courses. Want to dive deeper? There are Specializations and Professional Certificates available too! You can earn a shareable certificate from a prestigious university to show off your newfound skills. So why choose Coursera? It's the fusion of quality education from world-class institutions with the comfort and flexibility of online learning.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy: Free, Online, Self-Paced, Interactive Lessons, Suitable for All Ages and Skill Levels

Known for their educational excellence, non-profit Khan Academy offers coding tutorials designed for young learners and adults. From basic HTML to more complex JavaScript, Khan Academy offers a wide array of coding subjects. Take your time, repeat lessons, or speed through them; it's your journey, after all. Why choose Khan Academy over other platforms? It's the warm, friendly approach, the interactive lessons, and of course, the unbeatable price of zero dollars.

Google CS is another fantastic option for teachers and parents hoping to instruct their young students.

5. Harvard University

Prestigious, Online, Various Difficulty Levels, Paid and Free Options, Certificate Opportunities

Thinking about taking your coding skills to the next level? How about learning from one of the most prestigious universities in the world, all from the comfort of your home? With Harvard University's online programming courses, you're not just learning to code; you're joining a tradition of excellence. Courses range from beginner to advanced, so there's something for everyone. You'll find both free and paid options. Some courses even offer a certificate for a small fee! Many courses are taught by Harvard's renowned professors, offering you world-class instruction.

Enroll in the Best Online Programming Courses

To get started today, check out online coding classes led live by an expert (including free introduction classes). All of our classes are in a small group format (max of 5 students), so your child will enjoy personalized attention and feedback. Our award-winning curriculum is designed by tech professionals from Google, Stanford, MIT, Apple, and, and ensures a comprehensive computer science education across 35+ amazing subjects.

Our teachers are all based in the US with years of experience in their fields, and have been trained in our effective inquiry-based and project-based style of instruction that builds children's creativity and problem solving skills, in addition to their coding abilities. We're proud that our classes have been recognized by Minecraft, Meta, SMASH, HulaFrog and parents worldwide as the Most Loved Virtual STEM program and also won the Best of ActivityHero Award.

Explore the complete curriculum by your student's grade level here: Grades K-2 | Grades 2-4 | Grades 4-6 | Grades 6-9 | Grades 9-12. Below you'll find some of the most popular online coding classes. Upon completion of each course, you will earn a certificate!

1. Scratch Ninja

Scratch is one of the best ways to start coding because it’s a user-friendly language designed by MIT. This live online class starts from the very basics, so no prior coding experience is needed. Students will learn core coding concepts such as sequence, loop, and conditional. They'll also find out how to create a cool interactive game with a ball, conquer a wizard tag game, build animations with moving and talking characters (also called Sprites) based on their interests, and even navigate and customize a jungle adventure - plus so much more!

Older students can begin with Accelerated Scratch, while younger students can start with Scratch Junior.

2. Python for AI

This is a great live online class for older beginner coders! Python is a simple yet popular coding language (it's used by companies such as Netflix and Google) and a great introductory to text-based coding. In this live online class, students earn how to animate and draw with Python. Before conquering core concepts of Python syntax, loops, data types, variables, and a lot more. Plus, kids will learn elements of Python that are relevant to Artificial Intelligence, including data structures and libraries.

3. Coding Mobile Apps and Games

Learn how to create fun apps and games for mobile devices in this live online, small group class led by an expert! The class uses Thunkable, a block based programming platform for professionals. It is easy to use, yet very powerful, and is used by many to develop commercial applications. During class your student will learn all about design layout and the UI of mobile applications. They'll find out how to use different mobile features such as device sensors, touch screen, gyroscope, camera, and more. Plus they'll build projects and fun games that involve image recognition, popular use cases, and fun activities.

4. Modern Website Design

This class covers a wide range of topics in Web Design, starting from the basics of how to use WIX and how to structure your website, to designing layout, choosing color schemes, and even to creating a web store to sell products. Whether you are thinking about doing a website to showcase your own art or hobbies, feature school/community events, publicize your sports teams or clubs, or to help local businesses and non-profit organizations, this class will teach you how to make it. This is a real-world skill your student can use immediately to create any type of website you want.

5. Unity Game Development

Have you ever wondered how professionals develop games that have such sophisticated features and looks? They use game engines - and Unity is the most popular one! Unity is behind many of the most popular games such as Crossy Road, Among Us, Angry Birds, and a lot more. This series of live online, expert-led Unity classes teach students the core techniques of developing both 2D and 3D games in Unity. It covers a wide range of topics from character control, coding (in C#), to asset management. The classes are entirely project-based where students learn and practice the skills as they build fun games.

6. Intro to Java Programming (AP CSA Aligned) Class

This rigorous Java class introduces students to software engineering and object-oriented programming and design using the Java programming language. This curriculum covers a broad range of topics, including the design of solutions to problems, the use of data structures to organize large sets of data, the development and implementation of algorithms to process data and discover new information, the analysis of potential solutions, and the ethical and social implications of computing systems. The class will also thoroughly prepare students for the AP CSA exams offered by the College Board. This class is packed with content. In part one alone, students will complete 16 sessions of 90 min classes covering Object-Oriented Programming, Class Structure and Design, Arrays and Algorithms, Conditions and Logic, and Two-Dimensional Arrays.

Discover more of the best coding classes for kids and teens here.

Free Online Coding Courses for Beginners

Get introduced to computer programming, and begin to discover new interests. From fun beginner languages, to awesome Roblox game development, to more advanced programming that drives real-world innovation - find a great free introduction computer coding class to enjoy as a simple way to start.

1. Free Scratch Intro

Learn the basics of how to use the Scratch block-coding interface live online with an awesome teacher. Enjoy programs created by other students, and work together to build a fun game of your own. For many this is the very first program they have ever built!

2. Creative Minecraft Building

Join this free, live virtual intro event to start creating with one of the most powerful elements in Minecraft - Redstone. Through a series of fun activities and puzzle-solving, students will learn how different power sources such as Redstone blocks, torches, and switches can be used to power blocks around them in different ways.

3. Minecraft Coding Intro: Time Travel

In this fun live online class, we will setup Minecraft Education first and then get everyone started on a self-guided tutorial that teaches basics of block coding on Minecraft. Your child will be introduced to Minecraft coding by completing a series of challenges with code to save the future by solving mysterious mishaps in time.

4. Beginner Roblox Game Coding

Join this fun free intro class to get a taste of what creating Roblox games is like, and start learning Roblox coding! This class is designed for students who have not had any prior experience with Roblox Studio, the official tool for building Roblox games. We help students install and activate Roblox Studio, and go through a step-by-step tutorial to build an interactive Obby game with different shapes, colors, and materials!

5. AI Explorers

Artificial Intelligence has become an increasingly important aspect of modern software design. Now, your child can be introduced to this concept through Create & Learn’s AI Explorers curriculum! Students will learn about AI by creating applications that deal with image recognition, chatbots, and more in this fun live online event.

6. Accelerated Scratch

In this free Scratch coding class, your child will learn how to use Scratch, practice core coding concepts, and build an impressive project in just under an hour. It's great for both middle schoolers and high schoolers. You'll see their confidence and interest in coding soar!

7. Intro to Python

In this free Python coding class, students will take their first dive into coding with Python. Students will learn how to animate and draw with Python, and will build their own story project to create a cool animation.

Join the Best Online Programming Courses: A Doorway to the Future

There are undoubtedly so many online resources and platforms where your child can get information and knowledge about how to code for free. But what happens if they get stuck on a line of code, learn outdated information, or find all it too overwhelming or confusing? They probably won't stick with coding, and they might never want to return to it. The opportunity to foster their passion for computer science might flash by in the blink of an eye!

As the chart below reveals, there are many options for learning kids coding. Live classes offer some of the most compelling benefits when comparing some key factors such as supportive help, interactivity, and thoughtful accurate learning paths that set students up for success.

Live online classes are a great solution for helping your K-12 student explore computer science and discover how it aligns with their interests. They are likely the best shot your student has at gaining real coding skills soon, because passionate teachers will hold students accountable and support them. In addition, live online courses adapt the material to kids' learning styles, they help students when they run into tough problems with their code, and they taking the 'thinking' off your plate with a carefully designed curriculum - so you don't have to plan your student's next step or worry that the content will be out of their reach and overly frustrating.

Learning quickly and accurately in live online classes and camps will best equip your student to gain valuable computer science skills. They are an investment, but they don't have to be forever. For example, here at Create & Learn, you can pick and chose the classes your child enrolls in based on their schedule and interests: which can easily match your child's preferred time engagement and growing passions.

Of course, there's not just one solution for learning something new. Pairing live online classes with additional materials, such as free online websites and apps that encourage self-discovery, is a great way to round out your student's coding education.

Today coding classes are no longer just a hobby; they're a vital skill. Recent studies reveal data analysis, UX design, and cybersecurity are among some of the top in-demand tech skills for jobs already in 2023. Whether you're a parent helping your child navigate this digital world or an adult keen to switch careers, coding classes are the key. They're not just for tech wizards; they're for everyone! So why not take a step forward? Try a beginner's course like our free Introduction to Python class or explore the fascinating world of game development for kids. Remember, coding isn't just a language; it's a superpower waiting to be unlocked. So grab your keyboard, join the digital revolution, and let coding classes open up a universe of possibilities!

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