Lights, camera, coding! In the digital age, YouTube isn't just about funny cat videos or catchy songs; it's evolved into an educational powerhouse where curious young minds can dive into the captivating world of computer programming. With an array of channels tailored for kids, learning to code has never been more accessible or fun. Whether your child is taking their first steps in coding or looking to tackle more advanced projects, there's a YouTube channel out there that's just the right fit. Dive into this guide to discover the best kids coding YouTube channels that make programming a delightful adventure!

Explore Kids Coding YouTube Channels

The great thing about YouTube is that kids can enjoy videos on their own time and at their own page. They make a great complementary resource to live coding classes. Check out some of the most popular coding YouTube channels for kids!

1. YouTube

This channel is an extension of the renowned nonprofit's website and offers tutorials, inspiring videos of coding in real-world applications, and interviews with tech personalities. It’s suitable for kids and beginners of all ages.

2. Create & Learn YouTube

This channel features beginner-friendly and intermediate tutorials on a variety of topics, from coding and robotics to data science, ensuring a broad exposure to the tech world. With its recorded expert talks featuring speakers from Intel, Pixar, NASA, and Google, it's a fantastic resource to spark and nurture a child's passion for technology.

3. Scratch Team YouTube

This is the official channel for Scratch, a free block coding platform from MIT designed specifically for younger users (elementary to middle school). The channel provides tutorials, tips and tricks, webinars, and success stories related to Scratch projects.

You can also join a popular free Scratch coding class led live by an expert to learn programming and make fun games and animations:

4. Griffpatch YouTube

This channel is great for project ideas for elementary and middle schoolers. It's created by Griffpatch the Creator of Paper Minecraft & Geometry Dash on Scratch, and provides fun Scratch coding tutorials for beginners, educators and advanced coders alike. Learn how to make exciting games like platformers, scrollers, space shooters, Super Mario, physics games, pathfinding, and tile grids with lists, while learning all the coding basics.

5. Minecraft YouTube

Minecraft's YouTube channel presents a vibrant mix of gameplay, tutorials, and community-driven projects within the expansive Minecraft universe. While the primary focus is on the fun and creativity of building within the game, there are also valuable lessons on Redstone mechanics and modding, introducing youngsters (elementary to middle school) to foundational computer science concepts and logical thinking. And in the Dev Diaries series their developers take you behind the scenes and show you a new side of Minecraft.

For live expert guidance learning Minecraft, join a fun online class for kids:

6. Roblox YouTube

Roblox's YouTube channel offers parents and kids (middle to high school) an immersive dive into the universe of Roblox game creation and interaction. Beyond just gameplay, the channel provides insightful tutorials on game development, allowing budding young developers to grasp the basics of computer science and scripting within the Roblox platform. It also provides a great look into what it's like being a software engineer at Roblox. With its blend of entertainment and educational content, it serves as both a playground and a classroom for tech-savvy youngsters.

For live expert guidance learning Roblox, join a fun online class for kids:

7. Unity YouTube

Great for high schoolers, Unity's YouTube channel offers a comprehensive look into the world of game development using the Unity platform. Discover a wealth of tutorials and demonstrations, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, teaching teens how to create, animate, and optimize their own games. Beyond just the fun of game design, these videos offer youngsters a hands-on introduction to computer science principles, problem-solving, and the technical intricacies of crafting interactive digital experiences.

8. Khan Academy Computing YouTube

On Khan Academy's YouTube channel, you'll find a series of structured lessons in computer programming and computer science principles, making complex topics digestible for high school minds. Through interactive tutorials and clear explanations, kids can embark on a journey from understanding the basics of coding to delving into more intricate computational challenges, all at their own pace.

9. The Coding Train

Hosted by Daniel Shiffman, this channel offers coding challenges and tutorials primarily in JavaScript and P5.js. While some content may be advanced, his fun and energetic teaching style can engage and inspire high schoolers interested in coding.

10. KidsCanCode

This channel provides tutorials on game development (Pygame) and Python programming. It's structured and tailored for high schoolers, making complex topics more digestible.

Enjoy Kids Coding YouTube Channels

Here are a few steps to maximize learning with YouTube.

  • Start with the Basics: Begin with the above channels' introductory coding tutorials on YouTube tailored for kids. Channels like Khan Academy offer structured lessons that introduce foundational coding concepts in an engaging manner. By starting with these beginner-friendly videos, kids can grasp the essentials before diving into more advanced topics.
  • Engage with Projects: Many of the coding YouTube channels above offer project-based tutorials, like creating a simple game or animation. Kids should actively follow along, pausing the video when needed, and coding alongside the tutorial. This hands-on approach not only reinforces learning but also gives a sense of accomplishment as they see their creations come to life.
  • Join the Community: Beyond just watching videos, kids can immerse themselves in the coding community by uploading their own videos (this live online Canva class teaches kids how to make their own YouTube videos to show off their coding projects). Often, fellow learners share their experiences, solutions to common problems, or additional resources in the comments of videos too (unless the channel is enrolled in the YouTube Kids program which doesn't enable comments. Engaging with the community can provide additional support, inspiration, and motivation as kids continue their coding journey.

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