Want to make really cool, creative Scratch games? Need some ideas? Today we’ll explore some of Griffpatch’s Scratch projects from a platformer where you have to eat all the right fish to a challenging Mario-style game with checkpoints! We’ll also cover some helpful video tutorials over on Griffpatch’s YouTube channel that can provide extra inspiration and step-by-step instruction. So let’s see what Griffpatch Scratch has been up to!

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Explore awesome Griffpatch Scratch projects

Check out cool simulators, platformers, and video-game inspired projects. Try beating them, and making remixes of your own.

1. Level Eaten

In this fun platformer game, you just walk into and eat all the blocks the same size as yourself. You can level up by clearing all of those blocks. Then keep going to complete all the levels!

2. Get Over It

Compete to get the fastest time, to show up on the front menu! Use your mouse to control Scratch Cat's hammer. Push, Drag and Throw yourself up the level in your quest to "Get Over It".

3. Famished Fish Game

Use the mouse or cursor keys to control your hungry fish. Eat up all the fish smaller than yourself. As you grow, then you can move on to larger prey!

Famished Fish Game in Scratch coding

4. Snail Platformer

This is a cool game drawn with a pen! Help your snail collect his favorite purple snail treats. To make him go faster, click the Fast Forward button at bottom left.

5. Geometry Dash

This fun dash has three levels to beat and three coins to hunt. Try to get through the whole course complete with triple spikes. Use [Space], [W], [Up], [Ctr] or click the mouse to jump.

6. Sand and Water Simulator

This is a sand and water simulator. Why can't we push sand around? This project was made to run quickly by using lists of active sand to only process the sand that is moving. Forgive the lag if you start trying to hurl lots of water around, as it is a much tougher build.

7. Bubble Scratch Game

Play this game by shooting colored bubbles up the screen (matching three of the same color). Levels with star bubbles are completed as soon as all the stars have been popped, otherwise clear all the bubbles. There are nine fun levels to beat!

Bubble game in Scratch

8. Scratchsnapped Adventure

This is a Mario-Style game but based on Scratch Cat - and it includes checkpoints. Can you beat all three levels based on the first levels of the New Super Mario Game? Walk, jump, crouch, slide and more.

9. Terraria

For those who haven't played Terraria before, your first job is to use the ax to chop down trees, craft a workbench, kill a slime, craft some torches, begin mining underground for stone and ores, etc. If you are running out of wood, plant the acorns for new trees. When digging, if the mouse is far away from your player, then auto dig is enabled to make things easier. When crafting, hold down the mouse over an item to craft many of them before dragging into your inventory to confirm.The entire world is drawn using sprite costume stamping with the pen extension.

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10. Atmospherical Test

Try flying your ship around the planet and in space! Use the cursor keys, or your mouse to control the ship. This project is all about simulating orbital gravity with planet and atmospheric rotation including a rotating body of air (rotation air resistance). As you hover around the planet you will notice the stars are moving. Fly away from the planet and you'll see the planet rotate!

Discover the coolest Griffpatch Scratch games on YouTube

Ready for a fun challenge? Griffpatch even has step-by-step tutorials on his YouTube channel you can follow to create your own game in Scratch. From a cool space hunter game to enhancing all your games with a fancy number counter, check out some of his most helpful videos below.

1. Simple Maze

Ever wondered how to generate a random maze? Code a simple project using Scratch coding to make a random maze drawing using tiles and stamping. Find out how to prevent corridor overlap, manage routing around objects, backtracking, and more. Finally, see how to add a simple user controlled character to gamify the project!

2. Space Game

Learn how to build a simple, fast paced space shooter in Scratch based on the classic arcade game Asteroids, but with Lemons! Begin with player movement and the firing of lasers. Then handle enemy Lemons, collisions, and the splitting of the lemons. Then venture into awesome explosion flashes, screen shake, and more!

Lemon space shooter game in Scratch

3. Code a Platformer Game

Want to learn how to code a platformer game in Scratch? Learn player animation, advanced wall sliding and jumping, sloping platforms with automated player foot placement, moving platforms that can push the player around, and a lot more! Start by laying the groundwork and getting things moving with a basic "Guy" character.

4. Ball Projectile Physics

Find out how to create a bouncing, rolling ball, and projectile physics in Scratch. Learn everything you will need to know for simple yet realistic ball motion, gravity, collision, bounce, friction, momentum and of course rolling down slopes of any angle. Do it a fun way by creating a tank that can fire projectiles around a hand-drawn level designed in the paint editor. Plus, see how to fix bitmap collision errors to get your project running really well.

5. Raycasting Game

See how to make a simple 3D game (Raycaster) in Scratch. Build a level arena/maze and learn how to code player movement including arrow keys and WASD for strafing. Wall collisions are also handled, and you’ll dig a bit deeper i to how to best handle getting snagged on a wall.

6. Joysticks

Do you want to make your games mobile friendly? Learn how to code an awesome reusable mobile joystick (thumbstick) by following this tutorial. Once coded you can backpack the controller script and drop it into all your favorite games!

7. Number Counter

Do you think the Scratch Variable reporters look old and boring? Find out how to liven things up by learning to code a number counter using clones and any font costume you can find or draw yourself! Then drop it into any project!

8. Health Bars

Learn how to make an easily reusable health bar sprite that can be dropped into almost any scratch project with minimal coding. You’ll see how to create the Health Bar sprite, how to draw the costumes required, and how to add it to your games.

9. Pen Effects

Learn to use Pen Extension and Stamping to create an awesome outline and shadow effect in Scratch. That means you can quickly transform any sprite or platforming level with a fun 3D-like scene popping effect You’ll even see how to outline a sprite using the Pen.

Pen effects in Scratch coding

10. Car Steering

Want to create a realistic top-down car simulation in your Scratch games? Find out how to code to simulate a front wheel drive car and articulated truck with Scratch's built-in blocks. You’ll even discover how to make a Scratch Car Game of your own to play and share.

Try making Griffpatch Scratch tutorials and games

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