Imagine a world where your child can bring their wildest imaginations to life while picking up essential programming concepts along the way. Sounds exciting, right? Well, that's exactly what Scratch coding offers. A fun, free, and interactive platform that makes learning to code as easy as pie. In today's journey through the enchanting landscape of Scratch, we'll explore a treasure trove of free Scratch programming resources to help beginners hit the ground running and more advanced students challenge themselves.

We'll delve into handy guides that educators can seamlessly integrate into their curriculum and fantastic project ideas for parents that will keep kids engrossed for hours. We'll also highlight activities tailored for different age groups, ensuring that everyone can hop aboard the coding train. Lastly, we'll discover the power of community and collaboration in the world of Scratch.

For live guidance from an expert, join an award-winning Scratch coding class for kids, designed by professionals from Google, Stanford, and MIT:

More advanced students can begin with Intermediate Game Building.

Discover the World of Free Scratch Programming Resources

Dive into the realm of Scratch, where coding is fun and free! Excitingly, over 92 million students in over 200 countries already use Scratch to learn computer science. From online tutorials that transform beginners into confident coders, to resources that make learning more advanced Scratch a breeze, we've got you covered.

1. Scratch Programming Platform

Important Features: Free, Ages 8-16, Online, Interactive, User-friendly

Meet Scratch, the programming platform developed by MIT. It's free and web-based, so no downloads required! Using fun and colorful drag-and-drop blocks, it introduces kids to the basic concepts of coding. Kids from 8-16 can create animations, games, interactive stories and more. They can even share their projects with the online Scratch community, encouraging them to learn and grow together. There's even an entire collection of free Scratch coding cards you can download and print off, to learn the same coding concepts. You might be wondering:

  • Is Scratch safe for my child? Yes, it is. Scratch has an online moderation team to ensure that the community remains friendly and safe for all its users.
  • Will my child need prior coding experience? Absolutely not! Scratch is designed for beginners and uses a fun, interactive approach to teach coding from scratch!
  • For live expert guidance learning Scratch join Create & Learn's award-winning online free Scratch classes, designed by experts from Google, Stanford, and MIT for kids.
  • To begin learning right away after you create your free Scratch account, try these Scratch exercises and Scratch challenges, designed for kids new to the platform.

Watch this video for help setting up your free Scratch account and beginning to use the platform or enjoy this written guide to how to use Scratch:

2. Free Scratch Classes

Important Features: Free, Ages 8+, Live Online, Interactive

After you've explored the Scratch platform a little bit, join Create & Learn's award-winning Scratch classes. Our expert instructors will guide your child through hands-on projects, teaching them essential coding concepts while fostering their creativity and problem-solving skills through a proven inquiry-based method of learning. Your child will gain a solid foundation in programming, boost their logical thinking abilities, and develop a love for technology. Furthermore, our curriculum is designed by professionals from Google, Stanford, and MIT, and emphasizes real-world applications. Frequently asked questions include:

  • Do I need any prior coding experience to enroll my child in Create & Learn's Scratch classes? No prior coding experience is necessary for your child to join Create & Learn's Scratch classes. Our classes are beginner-friendly and cater to children with varying levels of familiarity with coding. Our experienced instructors will guide your child step-by-step with personalized feedback, providing them with a solid foundation in Scratch programming.
  • How are Create & Learn's Scratch classes conducted? Are they live or pre-recorded? Create & Learn's Scratch classes are conducted in a live, interactive online format. Your child will join a small class of students and engage with our expert instructors in real-time. This allows for personalized attention, immediate feedback, and the opportunity to collaborate with peers.

3. ScratchJr

Important Features: Free, Ages 5-7, App for iOS and Android, Interactive

Next up, we have ScratchJr, a simplified version of Scratch designed for younger children. It's a free app available for iOS and Android devices, and perfect for kiddos aged 5-7. Just like Scratch, kids can create their own interactive stories and games using drag-and-drop programming blocks. Parents frequently ask:

  • How does ScratchJr help my child? ScratchJr encourages kids to engage with technology in a creative way at an early age, which can improve problem-solving skills.
  • Can my child transition to Scratch easily after ScratchJr? Definitely! ScratchJr acts as a great introduction to the more complex Scratch platform.
  • For live expert guidance learning ScratchJr join Create & Learn's award-winning online Scratch Junior class and club, designed by experts from Google, Stanford, and MIT for kids.

4.’s Hour of Code

Important Features: Free, All Ages, Online, Variety of Tutorials

The 'Hour of Code' from offers free, one-hour tutorials in Scratch programming. The tutorials are suitable for all ages and come in a variety of themes, like creating a dance party or an arcade game. Parents often wonder:

  • What if my child finishes the hour of code, what’s next? The hour of code is just the beginning! offers a whole curriculum for K-12 students that progresses from block-based coding to text-based programming.
  • Does my child need supervision while using While younger kids might need help reading the instructions, older kids can often work independently.
  • Teachers can even request a free small group session Scratch Hour of Code activity class to be taught by a experienced Create & Learn teacher for their students (10 students or more) - chose from Minecraft Escape Estate, Mobile App Game Coding, and more.

5. ScratchEd

Important Features: Free, For Educators, Online, Resources and Community for Teachers

Last, but definitely not least, we have ScratchEd, an online resource for educators teaching Scratch. ScratchEd offers free, community-driven resources, strategies, and discussions to help educators integrate Scratch programming into their curriculum. Considerations include:

  • Can I use ScratchEd even if I'm not a teacher? Yes, you can! While it's aimed at educators, parents can also use the resources to guide their children's learning at home.
  • Does ScratchEd require any technical skills? No, it doesn't. ScratchEd is meant to help beginners, so it's perfect even if you're new to Scratch or coding in general.

Explore even more Scratch coding resources here.

Find Age-Appropriate Scratch Programming Activities

It's essential to have coding activities that are age-appropriate, so the learning process is fun and engaging. For younger learners (ages 5-7), ScratchJr is a simplified version of Scratch that uses a graphical interface to make coding more accessible. For older kids (ages 8 and up), the original Scratch platform provides a perfect blend of creativity and complexity. The Scratch website and ScratchEd offer a range of project ideas, lesson plans, and tutorials catered to different age groups, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable coding journey.

Uncover the Magic of Free Online Scratch Tutorials for Beginners

Scratch is like a magical sandbox where you can mold and shape your imagination into interactive games, animations, and stories! It's the ideal place for anyone to kick off their coding journey, and there are a plethora of free online tutorials available to help beginners. These tutorials guide users step-by-step through the process of creating Scratch projects, making learning a breeze.

For example, the Scratch website offers an 'Ideas' section which includes a variety of activity guides. The MIT's Scratch Team has also developed a series of video tutorials, called "Scratch Video Updates" which share new features, tips, and project ideas. Further, websites like Create & Learn offer free, easy-to-follow project guides, each introducing new programming concepts. Here's a beginner Scratch tutorial for kids that also has 12 others to try from making a Pacman game to a flappy bird game. So, dive in and get your hands dirty in the exciting world of coding with Scratch!

Discover Free Scratch Project Ideas to Fuel Your Child's Imagination

Nothing sparks creativity like an intriguing project idea! There are numerous free online resources that provide exciting Scratch project ideas for kids to get the creative juices flowing. From crafting an interactive story, building a simple game, to creating animations, these ideas encourage learners to apply and extend their coding skills. Scratch's own website is a treasure trove of ideas, with a constantly updated 'Explore' section showcasing what other members of the Scratch community have created. You might also want to check out resources like Super Scratch Programming Adventure! and Code Club World for project inspiration.

Explore Guides for Integrating Scratch Programming into Curriculum

When it comes to infusing coding into a curriculum, Scratch is a true game changer. There are several free resources available that can assist educators in seamlessly integrating Scratch into their lesson plans.

As mentioned before, ScratchEd, an initiative by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is an online hub with lesson plans, strategies, and resources to guide the use of Scratch in educational settings.

There are also numerous Scratch project books and curriculum guides available online, such as "Creative Computing" that provide a series of workshops, handouts, and activity guides.

Join the Community: Share, Discuss, and Collaborate on Scratch Projects

One of the most exciting aspects of Scratch is its vibrant community. The Scratch online platform has a feature-rich community section where users can share their projects, provide feedback, and collaborate. It's a fantastic place to see what others are creating, learn new tricks, and get inspired. Meanwhile, for educators, ScratchEd offers a community space where you can exchange strategies, share experiences, and ask questions. Remember, coding isn't a solitary pursuit - it's about building and sharing together!

Jump Right In: Unleash Your Child's Potential with Free Scratch Programming Resources

What an adventure we've had exploring the myriad of free resources that Scratch programming has to offer. Did you know that, according to, 90% of parents want their child to learn computer science, and Scratch is the preferred choice for millions of learners worldwide? So, it's time to take the plunge! Encourage your child to start with online tutorials, experiment with diverse project ideas, and interact with the Scratch community. Consider enrolling your child in a free online Scratch course like Scratch Ninja Intro, to solidify their foundation. Additionally, don't forget to read up on how to teach kids coding for more insights on this fascinating journey. Embrace the fun, creativity, and critical thinking that Scratch brings, and watch as it unfolds a world of infinite potential in front of your child!